My Vampire System Chapter 1387 – Project Utopia

Surrounded by nothing but metal, and somewhere in the dark deep blue sea, was the submarine that was used for the base of Pure. Currently, an important experiment was taking place. There were a large number of test rooms on the submarine itself, and in one of them, there was a certain agent with a tablet in his hand recording all the information he could see.

This agent had quite long spiked hair that went down past his shoulders. It was ragged and unkept. On top of that, he had glasses on his face that would constantly slip down. It was a strange sight to see since nearly everyone these days got corrective surgery to fix their eyesight.

Only those that didn’t have the money to afford such a surgery would wear glasses. Still, for this person, their reasoning was different. He wouldn’t take the risk, even if the chances were minuscule of losing his eyesight.

This person was known as Agent four, and the large number on the back of his white robe showed it.

“I have never seen armour like this before. It doesn’t act like any type of beast armour. Nor does it seem to be made from beast crystals, yet the only reaction we have seen so far from it is with blood.

“This is, without a doubt, from them.” Agent 4 smiled, quickly typing away all of the details he had seen so far.

Right now, what Agent four had in front of him, was blood armour. It wasn’t a single part, but lying out on a table, was what was thought to be a full set, which had gone through countless different experiments. It was his job to find out what it could do, among other things in Pure.

The sound of the door sliding open was heard behind him, but agent four chose to ignore it.

“Agent 0 is asking for your report. He says you have been here too long.” The voice said from behind. The next second, the said person was standing by his side.

A person who hardly wore a top, always displaying his large body with battle scars to show. The one known as Agent 1, and also known as Chris.

“It was a lot more tricky than I thought, and the ability of this armour is impressive, but it will be troublesome. If blood is the only way to activate it, then how can one use it correctly in battle. The armour seems inefficient if that was to be the case.

“Vampires themselves have their own blood, but just like humans, it takes a certain amount of time before their body can recreate it. Of course, you could get blood from your victims, but then the active effect seems almost useless.”

Chris wasn’t really listening to what agent four was saying. He never really cared about all this stuff, so he just said the first thing that came to his mind.

“Maybe something is missing?” Chris replied. “You know, I mean, I know it looks like a full set, but perhaps there was a helmet or something with it?”

Agent four placed his finger on his chin, tapping it away as he thought. It was an interesting thought. He couldn’t believe that whoever owned this armour would allow for such a big downside to it.

‘Maybe what Chris said was right.’

“Anyway, you can work on this later. There is a meeting to take place, and I’m in charge of it. Nearly everyone is there.” Chris said.

Usually, agent four would have decided to ignore the calls for a meeting. He felt his work was far more critical than the discussion the others would talk about. His research would help the whole group advance as a whole.

Regardless, because he knew what this meeting was concerning, he had decided to attend. Walking along with Chris in the main hall, they eventually found themselves in a nice area. Rather than the usual metal halls, they would see this area was carpeted grey and had clear glass in several places.

It was more like an office of the old. They had several seats out looking towards a particular wall facing the same way, with numbers 1 to 25 written on the back. All of the top members were told to attend this meeting, and Chris made his way to the empty space.

When everyone came in, Chris was ready to speak. Agent 0 wasn’t present, and some of the seats were empty, but that wasn’t because they had chosen not to attend or couldn’t make it, but because they were dead.

There was a rule that had been set by agent 0. Although rankings could move up and down in the top 5, their positions wouldn’t be filled, and two seats were empty at the front. Agent 5’s and Agent 2s. It reminded them all that the group had failed in some way.

If they were to lose all of their leaders, then the Pure deserved to fall apart.

“I’m glad to see that most of you made it back safely, although we can’t say the same for everyone or those that are still out there on the other planets.” Chris started the speech. He stood there with his arms folded, and there was no need for him to use Qi to amplify his voice. It was plenty loud already.

“0 has been patient, carefully binding his time and waiting for the right opportunity. The Dalki have pushed and pushed, and it looks like the Earthborn group has had to send most of its forces to help them.

“The Graylash group, although having dealt with the threat well, are in no position to come back. As reports of a new wave of Dalki are hitting them, and as for the Cursed faction, they have had one of the biggest blows out of all the groups so far.

“Which means they are far too occupied to deal with us. Our movement begins now. All those who are ready with their squads and are in positions, please raise their hand.”

Everyone in the room raised their hand at that moment.

“Then I give you permission to execute project Utopia now,” Chris said.

All of them cheered in the room at that moment. They stood up from their seats, ready to move out. Seconds later, and nearly everyone on the Pure Sub started to move. Entering teleporters, some exciting from small pods in the submarine out in the water.

Pure was in full motion as if the group themselves was planning for war. Pure had decided to not take part in the fight so far. Not helping any of the other groups, seeing the outcome, but they finally chose to make their move.

Hours after Chris had made his announcement, countless submarines all over earth had remained a distance away from the land that was still left. Some of these cities would usually have top tier protection. Provided by the Earthborn group or their respective factions, but at the moment, they were mostly filled with high-class Civilians.

Those that had good backgrounds and chose no longer to fight or hunt, after all, living on earth was expensive. However, due to the current war, many of those that would be protecting them and the Travellers they paid for protection had gone out to fight.

The people understood. The Dalki were the threat, not humans. If they didn’t win this war, then no money in the world could help them, but this left them unprotected at the same time.

Each group was stationed nearby these cities. The Pure members were geared up, ready for their order. The receiver of each group made a few crackles, and the order was given out.

The voice wasn’t that of agent 1, but it was from the original creator of the Pure organisation, agent 0.

“Everyone, it is time for Pure to take over the government, the military and everything that is wrong with the world. When they come back, they will be in for a surprise to see that what they have been fighting for all this time has been lost. It’s time for us to take over earth!”


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