My Vampire System Chapter 1385 – The Upset Leader

A large sphere spaceship the same size of a small planet was slowly drifting through the Beast solar system. Given its massive size it was unable to move as fast as regular ships yet it was the one place the Dalki called home, consisting of land mass taken from the many beast planets they had conquered.

One side of the gigantic spaceship held a base, stationing many of the Dalki motherships that were ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Right now, one of those ships was in the middle of docking into the large spaceship.

The motherships that were sent out would usually stay on the conquered planets and become the Dalki fortresses that would be used to station their troops. This was done for a few reasons, the most important one being that the ships themselves contained the jammers that would prevent humanity from teleporting onto the planet.

Another reason was their durability. Until the recent outlier, they had never managed to breach or destroy them. This was mainly due to the force fields they were able to produce with the large amount of crystals on board.

For this reason, it was strange to see one return, especially since it didn’t seem to have suffered any major damage. Nevertheless, the Dalki on the spaceship hurried to welcome those on the mothership.

The Dalki were a very hard working race. They had to be given that they used the knowledge that was passed on to them when making new things, yet they were a hard race to control. All of them had the inner desire to improve and get stronger, to prove that they had the right to be the leader and command their fellow Dalki.

As such, the only way to control this race, to get them to focus on certain tasks aside from fighting, was for there to be an absolute leader among them. Someone who was far stronger than the rest of them, making the rest submit to him.

And that exact person was the first to exit the mothership. The Dalki who had taken a liking to wearing human clothes, descended down the ramp. Unexpectedly, he had a deep frown on his face. The thought of all the Dalki looking at this, knew this to be a rare sight to behold.

‘Something must have happened during the attack.’

‘Something definitely happened, he seems furious.’

Those were the common thoughts shared among them. Now that Graham had gotten closer to them, they could make out that the clothes on him were burnt, full of holes, and there was even green blood that covered his entire body.

“Why is he so angry?” One of them whispered to the Dalki next to him. “I heard that he successfully took over the planet.”

“I heard that those humans put up more of a resistance than we had expected. Looking at his clothing and the blood, it seems to be true. Do you think he had to do ‘that’?” The other asked.

Before the first one had a chance to answer, one of the higher spiked Dalki behind the two of them, kicked the back of their legs, reminding them to be quiet. There had been one time he had seen Graham as irritable as now and it hadn’t been a pretty sight.

The Dalki stood by the side creating a path for him. At the very end there was a small ship waiting for him. He would then take this small ship to head to the castle or the lab to do whatever he wished to do next.

In front of the small ship there was a one spiked Dalki who was nervously holding a neatly folded set of clothes for the Dalki leader, next to a clone that looked identical to Jim. As he walked through the path, Graham pulled at his damaged clothing, ripping them off his body, throwing them on the ground without saying a word.

The one spiked Dalki took that as his cue and sprinted towards Graham, getting on his knees as he presented the items to the other. Graham didn’t even acknowledge him as he grabbed the clothes and proceeded to put on the plain white top shirt.

However, before he could even try on the black trousers, a problem manifested itself. The moment the Dalki put his arm through the sleeve, it ripped. The clothes appeared to be a couple sizes too small for him.

“What is this?” Graham asked in clear annoyance. “I personally go out to battle and all I expect in return is for a pair of decent clothes to be prepared upon my return. Is that really too much to ask for?”

Graham looked around, as if he was waiting for someone to answer, but no one dared to say anything. Graham was the calm Dalki leader that talked things through, some who had never seen him act like this before were just wondering what was going on.

“The clothes aren’t the problem.” The clone let out a derisive laughter. “They were made based on the latest measurements taken. You must have gotten a little fatter while away.”

Everyone else gulped hard, none of them daring to state such a truth, yet the clone didn’t look scared or frightened like the rest of them. Instead it was more like it didn’t care about what was going to happen next, as it saw a fist heading towards its head. It was a punch that completely tore the clone’s head from his body, and the next second it smashed into the spaceship behind it, exploding on impact.

There was a dent left on the outer spaceship. Seeing this, the one spiked Dalki who had still been kneeling in front of Graham got scared and turned around, which was the worst decision it could have made, yet also his last. Before it could take more than one step, Graham opened its mouth wide, and the Dalki’s whole head ended in his jaws.

The next second it clamped down, crushing the other’s head. Green blood spewed out from his mouth as the other’s lifeless body fell to the floor. Swallowing whatever bits it had left in its mouth, Graham seemed to be somewhat satisfied as he entered the small ship.

“He…he just killed a Dalki… for nothing?” One of them pointed out, “He didn’t even challenge him to a fight, or say anything. I mean, it was normal for One Horn or Slicer to act like this but I have never seen Graham do something like that. Just what happened to disturb him this much?” One of them asked as they could see a ship floating in the air ready to set off.

“I’m not sure, we will just have to wait for the reports from his fight.” The other replied, as they all headed back to work.


Left on his own, Graham was still reviewing his last fight, trying to understand when things had started to go wrong.

‘Those girls, how could they do that? How was it possible for them to give me so much trouble?!’ The Dalki leader clenched his fist. ‘They even forced me to reveal my trump card, when I thought there would never be a need to! Well it’s clear that means that I have to just get stronger.’

The ship eventually landed just outside the lab, where multiple Dalki awaited him outside, but the one giving the orders looked to be a three spike. When the ship landed Graham immediately got off and stood in front of the three spikes, still with a frown on his face, with fresh blood still sticking on his body.

“How is the creation process going?’ Graham asked.

“It’s going great, sir. We imported the information from Jim’s lab as you have asked, and we have been able to narrow down which ones are more likely to produce bad results, so our output of higher spiked Dalki has increased exponentially.” The Dalki reported, doing his best to ignore the other’s outer appearance.

This was something that Logan had found out as well upon accessing information from Richard. Not all of the Dalki had been completely created from scratch. Instead, later generations had been fused with different Human DNA from different people, and in turn when mixing with the Demon tier beast this would produce different results depending who the human was.

However, when raiding Jim’s lab, they had found some mutant DNA strands that didn’t seem to be quite human nor vampire. They didn’t know what they were, yet their success rate ended up being incredibly low.

It had been pure luck that the first experiment with one had succeeded, as the subsequent ones had demonstrated how hard it was to create one. Nevertheless, the reason why they had tried again and again was that that particular strain had produced the highest spiked Dalki compared to any of the others.

Through trial and error they also found other types of special human DNA, information gathered from ancient fossils, that seemed to be mixed with beasts that would produce good results as well.

“That’s great, the Dragon still isn’t low on energy either. We’ll be able to create plenty more, and it doesn’t seem like the humans are able to put up much of a fight. We will lose even less than I predicted. Send all the newly created three spikes and above over to me.

“They will be put to great use in making me stronger.” Graham ordered, already walking away. Leaving the three spiked worried about just what Graham was going to do with these newborn Dalki.


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