My Vampire System Chapter 1382: Making an entrance

At a glance, the leaders could tell that what had been summoned was indeed a Blood weapon. The question was, how was Fex able to do such a thing. They had seen him pull it out of nowhere, and only a small glow appeared from his chest.

The name Inner would suggest that it had come from inside him, but they all just wondered how. Still, one family already knew the answer to this, and they wondered what exactly the new king was planning to do.

“This here is something that will change the vampires’ lives,” Quinn said. “I know that creating blood weapons is banned. This was because you didn’t wish for vampires to kill each other just for the pursuit of stronger weapons, but these blood weapons belong to you in the first place.

“Created from the crystal inside your body. I think it’s essential that we teach all of the vampires this skill. It will be a boost in their strength. I don’t know if you realised, but the Dalki blood acts similar to human blood no…it actually is even better than human blood. The inner blood weapons when fighting against them will be our biggest asset.

“This is one of the many reasons why I think Fex deserves to be a Royal Knight. The information was discovered by himself, with a pursuit of getting stronger. He had no time to inform all of you since things have been hectic since we arrived. He will be passing on knowledge that not only improves his family lives but all of the settlement. He is loyal to me and originally not from the tenth family.”

Some of the leaders initially wanted to dispute Fex becoming his vampire knight, but this discovery was too significant for them all. They wondered if Fex didn’t become a Royal knight if he would still share these skills. It was almost as if Quinn was stating, this is why you can’t disagree with my decision. And with how close he was to the king, they sure couldn’t force this information out of him.

There seemed to be no objections, and looking around, Fex could just see the biggest smile he had ever seen on his fathers face. Seeing that made it one of the happiest moments in Fex’s life. A moment that he would treasure forever.

“Can we ask, what about the second Royal knight position, and have you decided what to do with the Royal guards?” Jim asked.

“Guards?” Quinn replied, knowing that this question would come up. “I believe there is no longer a need for Royal guards. As I stated with my condition before, we will be working to save the humans. I have the whole Cursed faction and trustworthy people there that will be willing to help me. The guards were originally vampires loyal to the king, so they will feel the same to me.

“If I was even to take members from other families, there is no telling if they would even be loyal to me. It makes no sense in my eyes.”

For a lot of leaders, they didn’t mind this, for they didn’t want to weaken their own power. The guards were vampires meant to be at knight level, so they would be giving away their most potential candidates just for someone else to use.

After figuring out that Quinn could also use his summon skill on Royal guards, he wanted to make use of it with one of his own people. Perhaps someone like Layla, but at the end of the day, this relationship needed to be two ways.

Quinn had already been pushing and pushing the vampires. Perhaps he could get away with everything he wanted, but that would just leave a bad taste in the other leaders’ mouths, more likely to cause a problem in the future.

“Muka,” Quinn said. “Honestly, I feel like he has always cared about this settlement. Trying to figure out what was happening before anyone else did. Even if I was to do wrong, I know he would try and figure out a way to get rid of me.

“Honestly, I don’t see that as a bad thing, as long as he accepts, of course.”

In an instant, Muka stood up from his seat and bowed down.

“Yes, your majesty.”

If one was to look at him, it would be hard to tell whether or not he was happy about this due to the fact he always had a helmet on his face, but they could tell he was delighted. However, at that moment, he did something that was more shocking.

Placing both hands on the top of his head, he lifted up his helmet, revealing his face. Which simply stunned the leaders.

“Oh…have I been wrong this whole time. I’m sorry.” Quinn quickly apologised.

“You’re a…a girl!” Fex shouted what everyone was thinking. “But I thought you were a guy. Everyone thought you were a guy. Why didn’t you correct us when we call you he?”

Long flowing back hair could be seen going along the back of her armour, and a perfect, almost egg-shaped face could be seen. All the leaders were stunned by her beauty and couldn’t stop staring, including Sunny.

Quickly noticing this, Muka placed the helmet back on her head.

“Ah, I feel much more comfortable with the helmet back on. I thought at least your majesty should know what the person who was selected as your knight knows what I look like.”

“But I don’t understand when we were younger. I was sure you had short hair and your face.” Sunny continued to say.

“I was just a kid back then,” Muka replied. “The short hair was just less troublesome to deal with, and you think my father would really let me play with boys around that age. It was why I frequently visited you.”

Seeing how the focus of the meeting was starting to move, Muka herself thought it was best if she kept them all on track and clapped her hand once to silence everyone.

“I believe his majesty still has more to say.”

At this moment, Vincent was getting a little tired of standing and decided to walk over and sit down in the tenth’s seat. He didn’t ask Quinn, nor did he greet the others on his way down.

“Please, what are you all looking at?” Vincent asked.

“Forgive us,” David spoke. “But it will certainly take some getting used to. Having you returned after all these years. I hope that we could actually have a little catch-up.”

The truth was that Vincent didn’t have a bad relationship with many leaders before he left, which was why his sudden actions hurt them even more. Still, Vincent, on the other hand, did have.

They had sent counterless vampires after him and his family members for years after leaving the settlement.

“Sure, but let’s hear what the king has to say first.” Vincent replied.

Thankfully, Quinn started to speak again.

“You all know that my goal is to help the humans in this war to join them. I wish for all of you to learn how to use your inner blood weapons before we go out. When I say this, I am referring to the leaders.

“I expect that since you are leaders, you should be talented and learn this before all the others. Once we have learnt this, then the rest of the leaders and I will make our first move.”

“Only us?” Jake asked.

“Yes,” Quinn replied. “At the moment, the human race is cautious against vampires. They had learnt of our existence, but at the time, there were Jim’s clones as well as the vampire spies that had been taken over. They have already been hurt by vampires.

“If we were to turn up, it would make things difficult, which is why I decided that we would need a special type of entrance. I plan to move the settlement, eventually into the beast planet solar system, but we need a safe planet to do that. I will be the first to move, and then I will bring you all with me later.

We need to show the whole world our power and just how much we can help in this war, and that’s where we all will come in.” Quinn smiled.


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