My Vampire System Chapter 1381: Much Change

Fex was at a loss for words. He literally had his mouth open wide and had no clue what to say as he looked at Quinn. He was trying to see some sign, to see if he was joking or not, but it didn’t seem to be the case at all.

“Wait Quinn, I know you weren’t a vampire, so maybe you don’t know, but not just anyone can become a Royal Knight!” Fex tried to explain. “The Royal Knights are selected from the leaders. The Kings’ left and right-hand men. I’m not a leader, and I’m not even a knight. Don’t you remember I was also banished from my own family!”

Quinn nodded along and placed his hand on Fex’s shoulder. Hoping that it would calm him in some way.

“I do know, but that was under the old rule. Look, me becoming King, it wasn’t exactly due to regular circumstances, and think of it this way. You were so loyal to me that you were even about to be executed, for my sake.

“I can’t think of someone better than you. Perhaps the vampires could argue somewhat if I had chosen someone that I turned, but I won’t back down from this. Unless you have a good reason to refuse, I intend to make you my Royal Knight.”

It was something Fex never imagined. Becoming a Royal Knight was a top honour. It was even above becoming a leader of a family. If the King asked you to be his knight, they would have to leave their position and accept, and now knowing Quinn was serious, almost immediately, Fex got down on one knee.

“I, Fex Sanguinis, pledge my loyalty to King, Quinn Talen of the tenth family. I will do everything in my power until my last breath to help you!” Fex yelled at the top of his lungs, and a few seconds later, tears started to fall from his face.

Quinn didn’t quite understand why Fex was acting like this. He thought he would be happy, or maybe even annoyed that he had ‘made’ him do such a thing. As for the new Royal Knight, the reason for his happiness was because his life had been changed at this moment.

There were times while Fex was in the tenth family that he thought he could never rise to a higher position, that maybe his family members would look down on him. He also didn’t like how he had ruined his family’s reputation, but this single gesture from Quinn would restore it all again.

As soon as Fex had accepted the role, Quinn saw an adjustment in his system. He saw that now he could also summon Fex using the Summon skill whenever he wished.

‘That’s quite handy to have. Maybe I should make someone from the Cursed faction my Royal Knight after all. The Summon skill can be used as a protection as well as a helpful tool for myself.’ Quinn thought.

Another interesting thing Quinn noticed was that it didn’t matter if the council had accepted Fex or not. It seemed like his system had already agreed. Which was a different matter for someone else.

“Actually, Quinn, I know it might not be my place to speak about this, but I wanted to suggest something….” Fex said.

Fex talked about the suggestion he wanted to make, and Quinn thought it was a good idea.

“That great, I’ll call a meeting now, and we can meet in the new castle together. We can make that announcement now.”

A gulping sound was heard, as Fex didn’t realise that things would be moving so quickly. He should have realised that when Quinn said he was going to do things, he meant it.

The two of them began to walk around the castle, and he had already asked Timmy to contact the other leaders and tell them all to meet in the new council room. That it was an order from the King.

In the meantime, Fex wondered what they were still doing in the tenth castle and eventually found themselves heading to the lab in the castle. A place where Logan would usually be. When entering, Fex could see the back of someone he didn’t quite recognise, and as soon as he turned around, his mouth was left wide open, and he was at a loss for words for the second time today.

“But… he’…you…” Fex continually looked back and forth at the two people, not entirely understanding what was going on. There was an identical copy of Quinn…almost. There was one change and it was the hairstyle.

While Quinn now had his shortened hair and spiked it up a little bit, Vincent had decided to put his fringe down and to the side.

“Is it a transformation ability?’ Fex asked.

“Almost, that’s the new tenth leader of the castle…I guess I should explain a few things to you while we are at the King’s castle.” Quinn said, patting him on the back.

While on the walk, Quinn explained that he had found Vincent, one of the old tenth leaders, conciseness deep within him. It was left with him through a book. There is no point for Quinn to explain the part about the system, but he thought this was close enough to the truth in the first place.

The consciousness that was always with him was why Quinn had knowledge about the vampire world, even though he had never been there before.

When arriving at the new Royale castle, Fex was surprised to see that there had been some changes inside as well as outside. This was all due to Quinn. He not only had rebuilt it, but the system had also influenced it to suit more of his style. Modernising the hallways.

Although, it did make everything look a bit plain, boring and white. It wasn’t to Fex’s liking at all. Eventually, they had reached the council room. Upon entering, he had both Vincent, and Fex by his side, and all of the leaders were already present in the room.

The leaders stood up and bowed, but they couldn’t help but stare at the person who was by his side, who resembled Quinn greatly.

“If you would like, I could do the honours of taking over the meeting,” Vincent said. “I have been to many of these things in the past after all.”

Quinn nodded because even though he had attended meetings like this before, it really wasn’t something he was used to as a king.

“Alright, everyone here. Today our majesty has a few things that he would like to announce and discuss with you all. Listen to what he has to say.” Vincent said and folded his arms, having completed what he wanted to say.

Seeing how informal he spoke to the leaders and their angry expressions, Quinn didn’t think he had done a good job and might have worsened matters.

‘I guess Vincent disliked this whole system nearly as much as I did.’ Quinn thought sitting down, in his seat while the two continued to stand by his side.

“First, I would like to announce to you all that I have selected the new leader for the tenth family. His name is Vincent Eno.”

Some of the leaders twitched slightly hearing that name, wondering why it sounded familiar, but the first name Vincent wasn’t too uncommon, so they decided to ignore it.

“As you can see, I and Vincent look quite similar, and that’s because we are. Right now, he is using a body that is identical to mine. This is also true in terms of strength as well. If any of you wish to test him, then feel free to do so.

“My reason for selecting Vincent is because he is a knowledgeable vampire from our family. I also don’t plan to hide anything from you all. He is the ex-leader, who at one point and time, escaped from this settlement.

“Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want any of you to complain when you find out later or have decided to do some digging. Anyway, Vincent has great knowledge and is someone who looks after people. Are there any objections?” Quinn asked.

The room was silent for a while until Sunny was the first to speak.

“Vincent has been a while, hasn’t it.” She said, looking at him. “Your majesty, I don’t know how much you know about the tenth people’s past, but…there are many vampires that hated Vincent because he left them. He was the reason why your family-”

“And most of them are dead,” Quinn replied. “Do you not remember, most of the tenth family inner castle members had been killed, including Edward, who was most loyal to Vincent in an attack. An attack by the second family. Now the tenth family is full of Pooling vampires who don’t know better, and most of my own people from earth apart from a few students here and there.”

Since Quinn had quickly shut down Sunny and reminded them how the tenth family had lost a lot, none of them said anything further.

“And finally, I have selected my new Royal knight.”

The other leaders sat up more straight, and it looked like Muka was ready to move from his seat, but that’s when they could all see that Quinn was pointing to someone by his side.

Smiling, Fex waved at them all, nervous.

“This is…this is too much,” Jake said. Too many changes were happening in the settlement, and they were happening far too fast.

“Now, before you all jump the gun, there is a good reason why I have selected Fex as the Royal knight. Why don’t you show them.” Quinn said.

Nervously, Fex looked at them all. He closed his eyes, concentrating, trying to form it as he always did. A glow started to appear from his chest, and a large single black needle was revealed.

“What I have here is what is known as an Inner Blood weapon, and as the Royal knight, I wish to teach all vampires this skill!” Fex almost shouted.


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