My Vampire System Chapter 1380: Double Quinn

While waiting for Shiro to arrive, Quinn was busy inspecting his other self floating inside the glass container. It was a different experience than looking into a mirror, where one couldn’t really imagine how they looked through other eyes, he was actually seeing another version of himself.

‘So this is how people see me huh?’ Quinn stared hard at certain details of his body, in particular he was admiring his face. He hadn’t actually been looking in a mirror much and after each evolution his body changed significantly.

“Not to toot my own horn, but I guess I am quite handsome. Looks like you’re in luck Vincent.” Quinn said out loud. A couple of chuckles were heard from behind, and when Quinn turned he could see Linda, and Shiro there. He could feel his cheeks heating up by the second.

“Don’t be shy Quinn. Honestly you’re right, with your looks you can make anyone blush. If it wasn’t for your position I’m sure you would have more than just those that were chasing after you already.” Linda teased him.

Quinn didn’t doubt her. The Vampire Lord had turned off his Charm ever since he had tested it out and the reporter Bonny had practically stolen his first kiss.

‘My Charm is at a 100 now, I wonder what would happen if I opened it up again?’ Quinn thought to himself. Perhaps he would test it one day, but not in front of people he knew like Linda, that would be a little too awkward.

“I see all the pieces are here now.” Logan spoke up, stepping forward as it was time for them all to get to work. The body was removed from the glass container full of liquid and was placed out onto what looked like a medical table. Now that they could see it in the flesh, the light around its chest became more visible.

“Are you sure there isn’t a consciousness already present inside this body?” Quinn asked to make sure.

“It was made from scratch and I can guarantee you that it’s brain dead. I didn’t want to put that weight on your shoulders.” Logan answered immediately. The question that was on all of their minds though, was just who did Quinn want to use the body for.

There were three beds laid out. Logan had made sure to make this experience as comfortable as possible. They looked like soft hospital beds, and Quinn wondered where and when he had got them from, or if he had just made them himself,

Shiro was placed in the middle, while the clone and Quinn were on either side lying down.

“You said this clone can live forever, but unlike Eno’s and Jim’s it can also learn abilities, right? What else do we know about it?” Quinn questioned, as he got into position.

“I’m not sure. My knowledge about this subject stems from Eno’s research and he had only been able to theorise about this process. By my predictions it should be identical to you, almost like another Peter. However, as for abilities, we will have to see, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful. I haven’t managed to figure that part out and neither have the others.” Logan replied, and headed towards Shiro. “When you’re ready, hold Quinn’s hand and the other one.”

For some reason, Shiro felt more nervous than the previous times. He had already done this a few times now, so it should be a walk in the park, but perhaps it was due to who he was helping out this time. He didn’t want to let Quinn down.

‘Not again, not after I failed to bring Oscar back… I will make it work this time!’ He hyped himself up.

Logan, and Linda stood by the computer, which was checking their vitals, brain activity and more. They didn’t know what went on when Shiro used his ability, and honestly, Linda had no clue what all the symbols and signs on the screen meant.

After a few minutes though, one of the screens that had shown nothing was finally active.

“It looks like it was a success. I guess we finally get to meet the person who took over Quinn’s body whenever he used that Demon tier Amulet, and if my guess is right, it’s the one that created his system.”

“System?” Linda repeated overhearing Logan.

Logan was one of the few people that actually knew Quinn had a system due to his own ability and his family’s involvement in helping create it in the first place.

Slowly all three of them got up from the bed, Shiro touching his head, feeling a bit weak because he had used his ability quite a bit. He smiled though looking over at the others who had gotten up as well.

The clone was touching his body all over, from head to toe moving around.

“You… you did it! I’m in my own body. Well…A body. I have control again.” Vincent announced.

Using the clone’s body wasn’t too hard for Vincent. He had already gotten used to moving around in Quinn’s body when the two of them had gone through training together. This one didn’t feel too different compared to it.

“I can finally, actually see you.” Quinn said, but saying those words to himself was a little strange.

Still he pushed through. “Thank you Vincent, thank you for all the help you have given me. There were so many times when I was lost and you put me on the right path.

“Honestly, I can’t even imagine some of the decisions I would have made without you or what would’ve happened if I didn’t have you. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted you out of that system, so I could actually see you in person.”

The others didn’t quite understand what was happening, but thought it was best to let them have their intimate moment with each other. That was when they could see the clone Quinn opening up his arms.

“Come here, I’ve been waiting to do this for a while. Watching you grow up was like looking after another son!” Vincent stated. Although it was embarrassing, how could he turn down an offer like that from Vincent? Quinn went in for the hug.

“It’s like seeing two hot twins hugging. This is really weird and somehow feels wrong. Sorry, I just had to get that out.” Linda commented, making the others break into laughter.

A little while after they caught up, some clothes and armour had been given to Vincent from Quinn’s dimensional space. He had prepared some things, but still kept the Blood set and the Blue Fang set for himself.

After that, everyone decided to head outside, into the inner castle area. The place was empty, since there were no longer any family members.

It was a wasted space for now, making Quinn think that maybe there was a better use for it later.

Right now though, he wanted to test Vincent’s abilities and what it was able to do. They began with an easy strength test by holding a simple arm wrestling match. Not holding back they both used all their strength, though Quinn abstained from using his Qi or anything else to support him, making the two of them dead even.

There were then a few light spars between the two, and this was where the difference in their fighting styles showed, as Vincent fought in a completely different way to Quinn. Lastly, there was the test of Blood powers. Vincent was able to use his Blood powers, but they were not on the same level as Quinn.

“Well the good news is my system is intact. Everything is working fine, there seems to be no changes.” Quinn shared.

“For me, your body is actually better than mine, but your Blood powers are lacking compared to what I had, I guess most of what you have now is due to the Absolute Blood Control.” Vincent replied.

The last test they held was to check if Vincent could learn an ability or not, but this one was a hard one to do, and Vincent wanted to head back to the castle to try and take his time re-learning the Equivalent Exchange ability to see if he could.

However, based on how he was feeling at the moment, it was unlikely even with his new special body.

“I guess, unlike Peter who gets stronger based on you, I will not, so it’s best for me to treat this body as my own. I should be able to improve its Blood control to a good standard soon.” Vincent explained.

“That’s good, which means you will be a match for the other leaders as well. Now we just need to somehow explain this to them, without having them freak out. Let’s head back to the castle, and change what you look like, it’s starting to creep even me out a little.” Quinn half-joked.

The group had decided to do just that, and Logan took all his new knowledge with him. He would have preferred to test several more things with the Nest Crystal. It was a shame that something like this had to be done, but in the future perhaps he could.

When they arrived at the castle, Vincent was busy familiarizing himself with his very old home, at the same time Quinn had called a certain someone. He needed to speak to them about something since Vincent wasn’t the only thing that he had to tell the leaders about.

“Yo, yo, yo!” Fex said, walking into the throne room with a hop in his step.

“You seem happy?” Quinn said.

“Why wouldn’t I be, my Blood brother is the King, and I’m his friend. Like you literally don’t understand how big this is!” Fex explained, coming over to him like he was about to throw his arm over his head like he usually would do but then stopped himself.

His vampire side was kicking in.

“Please, don’t treat me any differently, I actually called you over because I wanted to ask you something. What do you think about becoming one of my Royal Knights?” Quinn asked.


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