My Vampire System Chapter 1379: A Collection

After specifying his request all Quinn could see was a big smile on Logan’s face. After acquiring a few samples of the Vampire Lord’s blood, along with a few other things, Logan started to go to work.

He claimed that the whole process could take a while. Just making some clones would be easy enough, but actually improving one to make it ‘complete’ was a bigger task. The scientist would first have to run some tests on the Nest Crystal.

He was after all, attempting to do something that not even Richard had done, but would use the information to help him.

That was when Quinn found out that Logan had his own Nest Crystal, now there were two. One that made the human clones for human blood and the one Logan had. However, he stated that it was needed to create a better clone.

“It looks like you have confidence then, but I was actually wondering if we should use the Nest Crystal to create multiple clones? That’s how Richard and Jim were able to create their army, right?” Quinn asked.

While Logan was typing information away and looking at certain numbers he was replying to Quinn, but Shiro was left bored not really doing anything.

“Humans have never lacked in numbers. There’s far more of us than the Dalki, and with the Vampires’ help we will have even more. Unfortunately, our numbers matter little to them. Quinn, the problem is that the Dalki are getting stronger far faster than us.

“You heard Sam’s report, right? When looking at Jim and Richard’s clones they were nowhere near the strength of the original, but I plan to change that. What we need more than anything is power.”

Quinn wanted to ask more, but he stopped himself from talking about the incidents that happened on Earth while he was away.

‘I guess there will just have to be an order to these things. First create a body for you, then if we find another Nest Crystal on one of those beast planets, upgrade the system and finally use the last one to create more clones. I understand what Logan is saying, but if we can even stop one more person from having to die, then it’s worth it in my eyes.’ Quinn thought.

Since Logan said it would take him a long time, possibly a few days even, Quinn decided that there were other things he could attend to. Before leaving though, he had taken Shiro with him, and told Linda to escort him around the settlement, to silently look after him.

Then there was a certain place that Quinn wanted to visit. He had found out that a certain family had claimed a weapon that he didn’t feel like belonged to them.

Soon, Quinn found himself in front of the 1st family castle. As he walked through the doors, the vampires all bowed as there was no need for the King to make an appointment. The vampires were actually happy to see him.

Another perk about being the Vampire King was nobody would ever dare to jump on Quinn, even though some of them clearly wanted to. Instead, they just stayed there, respectively bowing until he passed them.

Eventually, Quinn made it to the person he was looking for, a young leader who was in his room being served by four vampire servants, all female. Each one was dressed skimpily, their clothes leaving little to the imagination, and they were in the midst of putting on clothes on a young man.

“Can you not even dress yourself?” Quinn announced his presence with a light chuckle.

The female vampires straight away bowed down to the King, stopping what they were doing, leaving Nicu with a half unbuttoned shirt revealing the top half of his chest. Eventually, Nicu bowed down as well, hiding his disgruntled look.

“Your Majesty, there was no need for you to come here, if you had only called I would have arrived in a heartbeat.” Nicu claimed.

“Oh, it’s no bother, really. I don’t plan to stay long. I merely came because it came to my ears that the first family has laid claim not only to Bryce’s cain sword, but also Arthur’s Blood Sword. While I won’t deny you your heritage, Arthur was a friend of mine, and as the only remaining Punisher, I would just like what is rightfully mine.” Quinn saw no need to talk around the topic. He wasn’t requesting the sword back, he was telling Nicu to return what belonged to him.

“But Your Majesty!” Nicu protested nervously, worried that he might be hit again. Their last meeting had left some fear in his heart for this outlier. “The first family has suffered immensely during that last attack. A lot of the leaders and families no longer have power that they did before.

“I have never seen Your Majesty use a sword. Wouldn’t you agree that such a fine sword deserves to be used?”

“On that I fully agree.” Quinn nodded, surprising the young leader. “However, it will be up to me as for who I deem to be that worthy someone. Now tell me where it is, or do you wish to make your King look for it himself?”

Nicu couldn’t hold back his anger again. He had been trained by his father to follow the vampires’ traditions, all of the families had heirs who had been trained from birth, and this outsider who knew nothing about vampires had suddenly become King didn’t even know he was walking lightly over them all.

If he was to get hit again, then so be it.

“You are just abusing your power! Didn’t you claim you wanted to be different from the other Kings?!” Nicu shouted at him in frustration. Quinn paused for a second, while the female vampires by Nicu’s carefully stepped away from him, worried about what might happen next.

“Of all the surviving families, your’s is the one who has the least right to complain about how I do things.” Quinn stared down at him with immense anger. “In case you’ve forgotten, it was due to YOUR father that Arthur attacked the settlement.

“Just as it was under YOUR father that the lives of innocent vampires had been sacrificed and that includes my family as well as your own. Imagine, if you were taken, told to sacrifice your life. Just because you were born his son, it never happened to you, you have lived your life with no fear.

“Imagine if Bryce was still King and one of the other leaders had done the same things he did. Now look me in the eyes and tell me whether you believe YOUR father would allow such a family to exist for even a day after discovering such a heinous crime! We both know, he would have claimed that all the vampires in the family were at fault for not stopping their leader.

“Yet I haven’t punished any of you.”

Quinn then moved his hand outward and spread his fingers. Nicu was waiting for something to happen, and a short while later they could hear noise. Suddenly something crashed through the floor and what appeared in his hands was the large greatsword.

“Good thing there was still a bit of blood on the sword. Seems like I didn’t really need your help, after all.” Quinn stated, turning away, but stopped just when half of him had disappeared into a shadow.

“Your sister was a good person, Nicu. She followed the rules, and cared about her family no matter what. I hope that in the future you can become more like Kazz rather than Bryce. Instead of just caring about the first family, why not try to see all the leaders as part of your family?”

With that Quinn left, and placed the Blood sword in his dimensional space.

Still, Quinn did wonder what would be the best thing to do with the sword. Despite his young age, he did have a point. He wasn’t a swordsman, but the Blood sword and its powers went well with the Blood armour he wore.

‘It’s as if fate is trying to coerce me into learning proper swordsmanship with all the swords I keep collecting.’ Quinn thought with amusement.

He then soon received a call from Logan. It hadn’t been long, only a few hours, so he was worried something had gone wrong. However, arriving at the lab, he could see that there was good news awaiting him.

Floating in one of the glass tubes, was a person that looked identical to himself.

“Maybe we should give him a different hairstyle or another hair colour so we can differentiate between the two of us? I’ve always wondered what I would look like with cyan or green hair.”

On a closer look he noticed a difference. There was a small marking around the clone’s chest, which stuck out slightly. Quinn was sure that underneath was where the Nest Crystal had been placed.

‘Amazing, Logan has managed to use the Nest Crystal itself to create a perfect clone. With its unlimited energy it means the clone can live for almost forever!’ Vincent explained excitedly.

‘Well, I hope you’ll like it. After all, it’s going to be your body from now on. Let’s call Shiro over and do this!’


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