My Vampire System Chapter 1378: A Proposal

Once again, Muka was left staring at his King as he just looked into space. Being around Quinn for a while now he noticed that he did this quite often and was wondering what on earth he was doing.

Right now, it didn’t seem like he was looking at the crystal but was looking at something else entirely.

‘Maybe this is the secret to his great strength? I should just observe.’ Muka decided.

Right now, Quinn was looking for some type of answer from his system, to try to figure out what exactly this upgrade would be. The last time this happened, Vincent had been introduced to him so he thought maybe Vincent would know something about it. As usual, the system didn’t actually expand on anything, so his only hope was his ancestor.

‘I’m sorry Quinn, but I don’t know much either. I hate that I can’t give you answers.’ Vincent replied with a sigh. ‘The system has evolved way beyond my comprehension. Still, I think it’s a good thing. This is the first Quest it has given you ever since you received Eno’s gift.

‘I can only guess that this will help you become something beyond that of a vampire lord, or perhaps the system will allow you to get even stronger than what Richard Eno had intended. Maybe you’re not at your limit after all.’

There was only one way to find out, and that was to consume the crystal as the Quest demanded. The name itself didn’t make it sound like there could be any downsides, but the Vampire Lord did remember the horrible feeling he had gone through when absorbing the energy from the fourteenth castle.

‘I can’t use this Nest crystal, at least not until I find a replacement for them.’

“Do you have any more of these Nest Crystals?” Quinn asked.

“Unfortunately not. Finding this one alone was pure coincidence, and there wasn’t really much need for a replacement. As you might know, our exploration these days has dwindled down. If you wish, we could gather a team to explore the beast planets. This way we can deal with two of your tasks. One to look for another nest crystal, and two, to gather crystals for the human forces.”

It certainly was a good idea, and doing something like this also wouldn’t alarm the vampires. If Quinn just stated he needed to gather crystals.

“Great, please select a family that is best suited for this role… Hang on. Actually, relay my wish of wanting to explore the beast planets in hopes of finding such a crystal to all of the families apart from yours. I wish to see which one is more keen for the job.” Quinn ordered. “I’ll be using this lab a lot more in the foreseeable future and will also bring some members of the Cursed faction over. Don’t worry I won’t be doing anything to disrupt what you currently have going on.”

Muka bowed, understanding that to be his cue to leave. He gave Quinn the passcodes to doors and was on his way to talk to the others. Overall, things had gone relatively well. He especially appreciated the new King merely stating his request, while allowing the council to decide things between themselves.

‘Why did you make that request?’ Vincent asked.

‘About letting them choose a family?’ Quinn clarified. ‘Well, I thought it would be best to find out which of the leaders are keen to impress me at the moment. The pooling and castle vampires may accept me as their King but the ones that hold the real power in this settlement are still the leaders. They have no choice but to accept me, so I just want a clear image of who might choose to turn on me.

‘After all, for all we know Laxmus might already be in the midst of creating his own vampire settlement. If they really hated being under my rule that much, they would have the chance to defect over to him. There’s also the problem with all the other Originals that are still underground. Who knows what their agenda is.’

‘You’re learning Quinn.’ Vincent said, putting a smile on the other’s face.

‘Now there is something else I need to do.’ Quinn stated and soon his body turned into nothing but shadows. The next place he appeared from was in front of the Demon tier beast, the Dragon. Linda and Leo were currently present acting as guards, yet now the King finally had time to sort out this problem.

“Has there been any trouble?” Quinn asked.

Getting up from the ground Leo walked over towards him.

“No, there hasn’t been anything. So much so that I even decided to scout the mountain area nearby. Not too far away from here was where me and Erin first discovered the Dalki. I assume they were looking for this place, but Arthur must have already known about it.

“It makes me wonder whether they know about it or not.”

And that was exactly the reason why Quinn needed to solve this problem. The Dragon here had always been in a strange state. Looking at it, it reminded Quinn of the bodies that he had just seen not too long ago. It was as if it was alive but was lacking a consciousness.

“I hope this works.” Quinn thought, lifting up his arm.

The next second, a large shadow was cast over the dragon, and could be seen being pulled into it. It disappeared and was successfully placed in the Shadow space.

“What if you need the shadow for your fight?” Linda asked. She knew a bit more about the Shadow ever since learning how to use the ability as well.

Hearing this question, Quinn put a smile on his face.

“It’s okay, it didn’t take that many MC points.”

What he said was true because to contain the whole Dragon, it had taken around 2,000 of Quinn’s MC points. It was just a small drop compared to what he had at the moment. The problem would have been, whether or not he would be able to contain the Dragon.

If it had been the other half they had seen on Blade Island, he was sure it would have taken a lot of his MC points to contain it from breaking out, but this one remained as lethargic in the Shadow space as it had done outside.

‘I wonder if anyone knows more information about the Dragon. Some of the leaders had fought against it to bring it in. So they must have had a way. If it comes down to it, maybe there is a need to wake up some of the Originals and rely on their strength… If we can trust them that is.’


A little while later, and in the tenth castle, two people could be seen appearing through the teleporter that stayed in the throne room. Their was no reason to move it to the royal castle, and ever since it had been rebuilt it was empty. Muka had informed him they were waiting for him to select the royal guard and Royal knights for them.

As for the two people that entered, one was shorter than the other, and the other male wasn’t too much taller. Surprisingly, the taller one was the older of the two. These two were Logan and Shiro.

“I can’t believe it, I’m in a castle looking at everything here!” Shiro gasped in shock, twisting and turning his head. “This is crazy, like I know Quinn is a vampire but for there to be an entire world of vampires and stuff.”

“I see you two made it over safely. I’m glad to see that you seem well and are unhurt.” Linda greeted the two of them. She had returned along with Leo since there was no longer any need for them to look after the Dragon.

When hearing these words from Linda though, the happy expression that Shiro had borne, disappeared.

“Come on, I’ll give you a little tour of this place.” Linda offered as the atmosphere had turned awkward. “And then we’ll go ahead and meet Quinn.”

Shiro’s excitement soon returned as everything was a new experience for him. The castle had a design that looked like things he had only seen in history books, then at the same time there were new technologies that he had never seen before. It was a strange mixture to say the least.

Meanwhile, Logan was excited to get to work, because Quinn had already informed him of why the two of them had been called beforehand, and he had also brought along his little gift he had received from Eno for completing the trial, the Nest Crystal.

After the tour was over, Linda escorted the two of them to a special lab, and here they could see Quinn waiting for the two of them.

‘So, how long do you think you’re going to need?’ Quinn asked.

“I already have the knowledge to do everything up here. I can get started straight away, are there any special requirements that you might have?” Logan replied with a confident grin.

Thinking about it, there was a proposal that Quinn had been thinking about.

“Yeah, see if you can create a permanent clone, and…what about making a clone of me?”


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