My Vampire System Chapter 1376: The settlement upgrade

When Quinn had first gotten the system, the first thought in his head was that it seemed to resemble the old games people used to play all the time when the earth was not in danger of being overrun by the Dalki. Unfortunately, using the system had never felt like a game to him, especially since it was his life on the line all the time and unlike those games there was no do over.

However, today he would have to change his mind about the game aspect of it all.

Looking at the Reputation shop Quinn could see a number of things he could do, so he immediately started to get to work. His finger was moving non stop placing things around the map without even looking at the cost of what he purchased. As long as the name of that thing sounded useful he clicked on it, placing it down.

However, that wasn’t the end of it. Most of the things he purchased could be further upgraded, leading him to spend even more of his Reputation points.

As Quinn continued to splurge, buildings, towers, and gargoyles were being built on the fly all over the settlement. The castle of every family seemed to be rumbling as more and more structures appeared out of nowhere as if they were magic.

“What is going on?!” One vampire shouted in confusion and fear, as they saw a tower being formed from the ground in front of their family area.

“Look over there as well!” Another one yelled, pointing towards a weird cannon that appeared in the middle of the wall. The vampires soon realised that the structures that they could see had a striking resemblance to the ones they had seen by the tenth family area.

“It must be the King! He has blessed us with another miracle!!!”

The noise from the pooling vampires and news about what was going on had soon spread to the vampire leaders. It hadn’t been long since they had left Quinn on his own, and it would be hard for them to miss what exactly was going on outside. As they stared outside their castle, they could see their castle walls being strengthened in front of their very eyes and other changes taking place.

‘Is this what he meant…when he was talking about making sure that the vampires weren’t to get scared?’ Sunny thought.

Eventually, the buildings and structures that had started constructing themselves out of nowhere had come to a halt. However, the Vampire settlement looked like a completely different place compared to just a few minutes ago.

The pooling area houses that had been destroyed during Arthur’s attack had been rebuilt and seemingly even improved. The black jagged surface that had been used to build the previous iteration of houses before was no more, and there was an improvement on the pavement and more.

Seeing this was simply frightening for many of the leaders. They had known Quinn to be powerful, but this ability was unbelievable, especially at this scope. Meanwhile, the one responsible for it all had the biggest smile on his face, because he too couldn’t believe his eyes.

In mere minutes, it was as if he had upgraded the settlement into a city.

‘This whole thing…it really feels like a game, but the structures there are real!’

After seeing how much he had done, Quinn was worried that he might have gone a bit crazy spending all of his Reputation points. However, now that he checked them out, he was left speechless for a completely different reason.

‘What’s going on? Why haven’t they gone down?’ Looking at it a little longer he soon could see that the number had not only not decreased but it had actually increased and was still going up at this very moment.

‘Is this some type of bug?’

Trying to figure out what was going on, Quinn could soon hear noise from the vampires in the settlement. Closing his eyes he tried to focus carefully on what they were saying. That’s when he understood what had happened.

“It has to be the new King! The tenth leader did the same to his own castle and now that he is King, he is improving the whole settlement!”

“I told you he was the best choice for King! Look, with these towers and gargoyles, we will be safe from any attack!”

“But how? Didn’t the tenth leader claim that he was born a human? How does he have the tenth family’s power if he has the shadow power?”

This was a question that many vampires wanted an answer to, but as long as it benefited them then why did they need to care so much. Quinn was on their side, and he was holding up his side of the deal to protect them.

Turning around looking behind him, now knowing that he hadn’t spent all of his points there was one more thing he was looking to do.

On the map itself, there was also the option to use points to repair structures, and although the King’sl Castle wasn’t a structure that had come from the system. Quinn was able to use around 50,000 reputation points for its repair.

“This should keep those leaders happy as well.” Quinn thought.

Selecting the repair option, the castle started to rebuild itself from the ground up. It looked as if someone had put a video in reverse. Then, the large hole he had made started to be filled with a strange glowing energy. Once the glow disappeared it was fully repaired.

‘This has to be due to your ability mixing with the system, right? Otherwise how is this possible?’ Quinn asked.

‘I’m thinking the same thing.’ Vincent replied.

It was strange to say, but Quinn didn’t feel tired at all. Nevertheless, he decided to rest in the tenth castle. He could see vampires already leaving the inner castle area to have a look at the improvements in the pooling area.

Rather than call the vampire soldiers to help him, Quinn opted to use his Shadow travel. He was afraid that if he encountered any of the pooling vampires, they would practically hop on him and never let him go.

Back at the castle, Quinn had received an update from Leo that the Dragon was all okay. He then decided to call in Xander and Timmy to have them share as much information about the vampires as they knew.

In the end, their information was severely limited due to their low position. If he wanted to know about everything the settlement had to offer, then there seemed to be no way around contacting Muka.

A little while later, and each of the leaders had decided to make an announcement to their own people about Quinn having accepted the role as being their official King. They could have guessed already, but the confirmation put a smile on their faces, making some of the leaders jealous.

The next day, Quinn requested for Muka to appear before him to give him the answers and questions he wanted. He seemed to be the most open compared to the other leaders. Always willing to talk and more than anything accepted the changes that were needed in the settlement.

At the moment, the two of them were having a type of tour, as Muka showed the map’s tunnels and explained details and history about the vampires. A lot of it was a bore through.

“The leaders will inform the people about what you have decided. It’s not wise to hastily tell the public that they will be going into another war after what happened, but right now you have a lot of momentum on your side.” Muka explained. “At the same time we will not wait too long, and I believe you won’t want to wait long either.”

Quinn had been getting frequent updates about the situation back with the humans. At the moment the fighting had come to a bit of a standstill, neither side seemingly willing to do a full push just yet. One side had already done that, the Dalki were clearly waiting for something, maybe for news from Arthur, but Quinn could use this time to get everything they needed.

Using the vampires would surely be a surprise, and when Quinn arrived with them, he wanted to give the Dalki a big push, so they would be unprepared for whatever was going to happen.

Muka had taken Quinn to the storage facility, showing them crystal weapons and more .He had then shown the King footage of the subclass that had been captured for use. They had a camera operating on each of the rooms.

The forces were even larger than Quinn had imagined, which was good news for a change, and afterwards he was finally being taken to the research lab. The building was located in the eighth family area. They had a big facility, yet ever since the family had been disbanded they were able to make it even bigger than before using the empty space.

Walking through its large halls, there was technology shown to Quinn that he had never seen before. He didn’t understand much of it, to him it just looked like cool gadgets, similar to Logan’s many rooms, but there was one person who was with him who was over the moon to see such things and wouldn’t shut up about it….Vincent.

“I wanted to ask, have you thought about the position of the Royal Knights and the tenth leader yet?” Muka asked. “Before we move out, it would be best to fill in those positions. Although you are a strong King, it is almost impossible to micromanage so many people. A leader needs to know how to delegate.”

“Yes… but there is something I still haven’t seen yet.” Quinn replied.

After looking around the research room, finally they had gone down to the basement floor. Here the doors had been sealed more so than the others. Walking through one set of doors, they shut behind, and now the two of them were in some type of metallic tube with another set of doors in front of them.

It reminded Quinn of the old spaceship designs.

“I’m sorry but this is necessary, if you wish to go here.” Muka apologised.

Quinn nodded, he was sure he wanted to go in here, in fact he was really only interested in three things. The vampire’s supplies, the dangerous subclasses and this. As soon as the second set of doors slid open, the waft of smell immediately hit his nose. He could smell it, the smell was so sweet that even he thought he was being affected by it slightly…it was the smell of blood.

“This is where we get our human blood from, the place you wished to see.” Muka said, bowing down nervously, for what Quinn might do about what he would find.


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