My Vampire System Chapter 1375 – The Power Of A King

It had been a long time since Quinn had received the quest. The quest to become the vampire king. It had arrived after the King before Bryce had decided to go into eternal slumber. At the time, Quinn thought that the system was just setting him up with an unachievable goal. The system had been known to do a few strange things, so why not this as well. Or at least he never thought it would be this soon that the quest would be complete.

Which was why he was expecting some pretty big rewards.

[You will now receive the following rewards]

[You have earned a new title]

[King of the vampire settlement]

[Summoning skill has been upgraded]

That was it. There weren’t many messages for a quest that had taken so long to complete, and there only seemed to be two rewards.

‘I have also stopped getting the instant level up reward as well. I didn’t get anything when facing Laxmus either. After Eno did a full unlock of the system, it seems to have become rather stingy these days.’

What Quinn was most disappointed after seeing the messages was that he still hadn’t completed the quest to become something beyond a vampire lord.

‘It would have felt like an impossible quest if I didn’t receive that notification for it not too long ago.’ Quinn thought but decided to look on the upside and check out his rewards.

[Title: King of the vampire settlement.]

[As King, the area under your control has increased. The King is able to select the area in which he controls. Moving it where he wishes. Reputation points can now be earned from all of those in the vampire settlement. Reputation points can also now be used within the territory]

After reading its effects, it looked like a better version of the leader title. Checking out the system, Quinn could see that the area he could now cover was a little larger than the whole settlement. A small space just outside where the castles were set, but it also covered the pooling area.

On the map, he could see that just like with his own family area, he could upgrade the castle itself, place towers, and there were even a few more options he didn’t have before.

‘I can make this whole settlement into an unstoppable fortress!’ Quinn thought. ‘But it says I can change the King’s area to a different place. Do I really want to set up such a place here? Maybe it’s better to set something like this on earth, or even one of the Cursed faction planets?’

‘I think there is no need to worry about that.’ Vincent replied. ‘Remember how I said the vampire settlement used to be on earth. Well, I think the reason why this place looks almost exactly as I remember it is because they moved it in some way.

‘Although I am not quite sure how they did it, I’m sure they will have a way to move it again. So if need be, you could still increase the strength of this place to move it at a later time.’

Knowing this, Quinn just needed to ask to make sure.

“If there was ever the need to move the settlement, is that possible?” Quinn asked.

The other leaders were still at the table. Now that Quinn was their King, it was rude for them to leave before he did, so they just sat there while he was deep in thought, not knowing what he was doing and too afraid to ask.

“Yes, there was a mechanism built into the castles and system,” Muka answered. “However, there are a few things that need to be done. For one, there are items that need to be placed in the area you wish to move the settlement too. The second thing is, it takes up a lot of energy and a while to transfer everything and everyone. A lot of crystals, to be more specific.

“After you move, the mechanism can’t be used again straight away. It will take a while to move again even if you have enough crystals.”

Once again, the vampire’s technology never ceased to fail in amazing Quinn. The things they had figured out how to do with beast crystal was almost magical to them.

“How long is a while?” Quinn asked.

“Around a week for the mechanism to cool down. If it was an emergency, I’m sure you could force it, but then there’s a chance that the mechanism would no longer work after that.”

Quinn had gotten his answer, and it looked like Vincent was right. He could upgrade the settlement as he wished for now, and if he wanted to move it in the future, he could. With his Title, he wasn’t restricted to just the land where they were either.

‘This title might be more helpful than I thought, but I guess that depends on the reputation points I have at the moment.’

[Current reputation points: 120,345]

‘Well, it looks like I won’t have any problems in that department. Has it been increasing while I was away every day, or is it just because of what I have done and how I’ve become King?’

Regardless, Quinn decided to check out his next reward, which was his summoning skill that had been upgraded. As the tenth leader Quinn was able to summon his vampire knights to his side, so he wondered what he could do with it now.

When seeing this message, he nearly choked on the air itself and started coughing; he was so surprised.

“Your majesty, is there something wrong!” Muka quickly offered to help Quinn.

“Everything is fine. You guys can leave. I’m just going to be making a few changes, so make sure that the vampires don’t get so alarmed.” Quinn said, giving his first order, and the others were ready to leave.

“Quinn,” Muka said before leaving. “There are still things we need to discuss, such as the Royal knights and when exactly you plan to do these things. Usually, your Royal knights would help you out with such tasks, or your old vampire knights, but you don’t have either or anyone that is knowledgeable enough.

“In the meantime, I will do my best to fill that role. So if there are any questions or help you need from me, then please go ahead and ask.”

Quinn was inclined to take up Muka on that offer because there were a lot of things he needed to know before he could move ahead. There was no Sam that could do that for him here.

“Also, I would suggest you start thinking about who would be the next leader of the tenth family as well.”

When all of the leaders finally left, Quinn looked at the system again to make sure he wasn’t imagining things.

‘How do I explain this to them?’ Quinn thought.

[Summon Upgraded: You are now able to summon any of the vampire family leaders to your side]

Looking at the list, Quinn could tell it was no joke as all of their names appeared. Quinn was tempted to use it on one of the leaders to test it out but had decided against it. The only downside was, it looked as if Quinn could no longer summon his vampire knights.

Still, being able to summon any of the leaders, and all of them at once if he wished, was definitely an upgrade in his eyes. The only thing was, he thought it would be best to warn them what they could suddenly get involved in if he was to do such a thing.

‘So…this is it, this is what it feels like to be king.’ Quinn said.

Getting up from the seat, Quinn left the room and walked out to the stage. He could see the pooling area hadn’t been rebuilt to what it was, some of the castles were damaged, and because of him, there wasn’t even much of a Royal castle itself, but now, all of this was Quinn’s to look after.

‘I guess it’s time to improve this place.’

[Title has been changed]

[Title: ‘King of the Vampire settlement’ Is now active]

‘Let us make some upgrades around here.’

[Reputation shop opened]


‘Vincent, you said you wanted to come back, right? how do you feel about becoming the tenth leader again?’


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