My Vampire System Chapter 1372: A Decision Made

Picking up the call, Quinn was quite happy to hear the sound of Sam’s voice on the other end. He had no clue what had happened while he was away and wanted to ask about Logan and Mona, who had decided to head back to the Cursed ship while he headed to the vampire world.

However, the news that was delivered was nothing that Quinn had expected at all. He could tell it was hard for Sam to deliver the news. His voice cracked multiple times, Sam couldn’t stop apologising on the other end for making the wrong decision. With each piece of new information, Quinn was starting to think whether or not he had made the right decision coming to this place.

Eventually, the call had ended, and there was no need for Quinn to head back to the Cursed faction planets or the ship immediately. That was the worst part of it all. It was because the time had already passed for Quinn to do anything.

Quinn stood there, in the throne room, in silence. He had his head held down and was frozen in place. He was like a statue and didn’t know how long he had been there for, in the same position.

Eventually, he did something different. Both his fists were clenched, and a red aura started to surround the outside of his body. The red aura mixed with Qi, as Quinn wanted to let out every part of power inside him.

If one was to look closely, one could see that items on the table were shaking due to the sheer power that Quinn was summoning right now.

“ARGHHH!” Quinn shouted at the top of his lungs, his veins showing from his neck, and at the same time, red aura was released out from his body all around him.

As the aura hit the items on the table, they fell off, and at that moment, everyone in the castle could feel that the whole place was shaking. Those who were outside could even see the castle shaking and stopped to look.

“What’s going on? Is there a fight going on in there!”

“Has that person returned, or maybe the tenth leader is in trouble!” The people panicked.

Seconds later, Timmy and Xander had to come out from the castle, along with the vampire soldiers, to calm down the situation.

“It is no trouble, people. Please go back to what you were doing. The tenth leader was just practising a new technique. As you can see, not even the mighty castle can hold his power.” Xander reported.

This news satisfied the people, but everyone close to Quinn was worried about what had actually occurred.

‘Why..why is this happening..why can’t I ever seem to make the right decision.’ Quinn thought back in his room.

There was no one to talk to. No one had entered, perhaps because they felt like Quinn just needed to take a break, but at least one person was with him.

‘Quinn, I don’t think you made the wrong decision. It’s impossible to tell. Who knows what could’ve happened here if you weren’t here and the ripple effect that would have.’ Vincent replied. ‘Trust me, in my lifetime, I constantly thought about what if I was to do things this way or that, but at the end of the day, we can’t go into the past.

‘What I would say is, do what you can now, with the position you are in.’

For some reason, the last words that Vincent said, was like an epiphany for Quinn. He still hadn’t recovered from the news that he had received, but it was no time for him to be feeling sorry.

“I need a list.”


A short while later, Leo had been called into the throne room. The look on his face wanted to ask Quinn what had happened. He felt the energy more than anyone due to his ability. Still, with the look that Leo could see now, he thought that perhaps there was no worry at all. Quinn’s mind was clear with what he needed to do.

“Leo, I would like you to do me a favour. Head off with Linda towards the dragon in the lab. Once I’m done here, I’ll travel to Linda and take the dragon with me. There’s a chance that the Dalki could still attack this place.

“It might only be a matter of time until they find out that Arthur has failed his task.”

Leo nodded and didn’t ask any questions. He preferred leadership this way that was decisive and straight away went to inform Linda of their task.


The next day, the preparations for the ceremony in the pooling area were complete. The leaders dealt with the schedule, the temporary building of structures and more, and had sent some information to Quinn.

They had given him a time slot for when he would speak to the people, which was at the very end of the ceremony. Based on what he heard from those in the tenth castle, it was unavoidable for Quinn to do a speech. Everyone, not just those in the tenth family, was looking forward to it.

It was strange, but Quinn had been told that when he was to walk out the castle, that the vampire soldiers, which everyone referred to them as now, now that Paul was gone, were to escort him.

When Quinn left the castle to go to the pooling area, they had practically surrounded him, making it so no one could get close. It was only then since it was the first time Quinn had left the castle, he realised why this was needed.

“It’s the tenth leader, the legendary vampire!”

“He was the one that saved us all. The shadow stopped the attack from hitting us in time.”

“Tenth leader, please look my way, give me a wink!”

“Please let me thank you!”

The vampires were simply crazy. It reminded Quinn of those celebrities that would be hounded on the street.

‘Look at all these people you helped, Quinn, and how appreciative they are of you. If it wasn’t for you, they would be unable to put this type of smile on their face.’ Vincent said.


As usual, Quinn was impressed by the work the vampires did. The pooling area was just a vast empty wasteland the last time he had seen it. Now, they had managed to set it up well, creating a large stage at the end just in front of the king’s castle and places for the vampire leaders and new leaders to be placed.

Then, there were also coffins spread out in front of the stage. Inside, those with the bodies of all those that had died. Even though some didn’t have a body to place in the coffin, they still made one out of respect.

The people from each of the families were made to stand as if they were attending a concert, and a wall was made of the black material just between the stage and the others. Not that the wall would stop the vampires if they wanted to, but it was to know where the vampires were allowed to be.

Then, all those Vampire knights and higher ranking vampires, including Quinn’s large escort group was In the room behind the stage waiting for their turn.

At the moment, Sunny seemed to be a type of host to the event. Welcoming everyone and talking to them all.

What Quinn found impressive was there were crystals that were projecting her image and replicating it like a large tv to everyone all around. It was a reminder to Quinn that vampire technology was quite advanced.

They also had so many resources and secrets that they could use, but they just never chose to, always hiding here. All of the leaders were introduced and had time to talk. Quinn listened to them all.

The speeches sounded like they were mostly there to calm the people, to tell them everything was alright and that an event like this would never happen again.

Which just didn’t sit quite right with Quinn.

“And now, everyone, the tenth leader would like to talk to you all. Our saviour of the vampire settlement.” Sunny announced.

Quinn walked up to the stage, and the sound was thunderous coming from the crowd. The whole stage shook. It was unlike when any of the other leaders stood where Quinn was. Eventually, though, their leaders looked at them, emitting some sort of pressure that quickly got all the vampires to calm down.

Quinn stood there looking out at them all again, every single one of them listening to his words right now.

“The vampires that we lost in this fight. I was close to a lot of them. I’m not just talking about my vampire knight Paul either.” Quinn said. “I knew Kazz, I knew Arthur, and I even knew Bryce through his good and bad. I hear a lot of you are calling me a hero.

“But honestly, these people who were willing to sacrifice their lives, they were the ones that should be called heroes. Without hesitation, they risked their lives to save each other. The settlement and people they cared for.

“They did something that I can’t do. Bob, Tilart, Fiona, Lucas, Brian…”

The others were wondering what Quinn was doing at the moment as he went on to list a bunch of names. It lasted for about ten minutes. By then, some of the vampires in the settlement realised what Quinn had done, and their eyes started to tear up.

“These are the names of every single vampire that lost their lives in this fight. Let me tell you, this was no accident what happened today. You were attacked, and there is a good chance you could be attacked again, now or in the future, and I think some of you know that.

“But as long as we have people, people like those names I have said today, then we will be okay. I will not forget a single one of their names. As I take every single one of them with me, until the day I die. I will remember them and everyone after them.”

The vampires didn’t cheer after Quinn’s speech. Instead, they were deep in thought. They didn’t even understand why they had been attacked or what the fight was about. They knew nothing, and even now, the vampire leaders hadn’t explained to them.

The tenth leader was the only one that had told them a partial truth, and they wanted to thank Quinn for that. To know the cause and the reason why their fellow vampires had died.

“I have one more thing to say to you all. Your leaders and all of you had bowed your heads down in front of me that day, and you asked me a question. Whether I would become your vampire king.

“And I have your answer for that now…”


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