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The first thing Quinn did was check his system screen while he laid there in bed. Everything that happened, it was hard to believe he had gone through it all, but checking the system confirmed it.

He still had all of the MC cells which had been given to him by Arthur, he still had a high level of Blood control due to Bryce passing him the Absolute Blood Control skill and lastly, Quinn could see that he still had an update to a particular Quest, waiting for him to confirm whether he wants to become the next King or not.

Fex had been coming to Quinn’s side frequently, after learning from Agent 11 about what happened, the vampire felt like he was even more indebted to his ‘blood brother’. He had saved the whole settlement from a great power, which included his own family members.

Having done nothing to help, Fex wanted to at least be there when he woke up, so he stayed by his side ever since. Today the other finally opened his eyes, allowing the vampire to update Quinn on the situation in the Vampire settlement, about how they hadn’t yet decided on a new King, the consensus seemingly being to wait for the tenth leader to tell them whether he accepts or not.

‘I guess that’s why the system still has the option of me accepting the role.’ Quinn thought.

“So there is no one in charge of the settlement? And the tenth family have just been able to do as they like?” Quinn asked.

“I mean if you put it like that, it almost sounds bad. However, think about it, Quinn, no one can really stop you now. You are stronger than any Punisher, or King that they could select instead of you. I know it’s your decision, but I wanted to say something about that.”

“You might not have been born a vampire, but you have done so much for the Vampire settlement, I trust your judgment and understand if you decide not to become King, but just because you reject that role, it will be hard to distance yourself away from all the vampires.”

“All the vampires recognise you as their saviour, especially those from the pooling area and if there is a problem they will come to seek you out. On top of that, if there is no one to control them that can be bad in its own way as well.”

“Maybe the vampires that believe that we should be in control of the humans will do as they wish, and there will need to be someone to stop them then as well, and then there’s the Original King.”

Of course Quinn knew this, but the truth was he had been thinking of his human life more so than his vampire life. He hardly had spent any time here, with these people. It was good to get the perspective of a vampire that was originally from the settlement, and Fex of course cared about them a lot.

“I haven’t made my decision yet, Fex. I just need more time to think. There are still things the Cursed faction needs to do after all.” Quinn replied.

When Fex left Quinn be, the Vampire Lord asked the other not to inform everyone that he was awake just yet. He wanted some time to himself to think about a few things. The tenth leader walked up to his window, and stared out of it. Here he could see everyone in the settlement working hard with each other.

Seeing them reminded him of the scene where all of them had bowed down to him out of respect. He would be lying if he claimed that he hadn’t enjoyed that feeling, yet that alone wasn’t enough to convince him to add to his responsibilities. Quinn then moved his hand a few times, as if he was getting used to his body, and that was because he was.

‘My body feels lighter, and stronger, even more so than when I fought against Laxmus.’ Quinn realised.

‘That’s because your body is still getting used to all that power, but I do have to warn you, Quinn. You’ve heard Arthur and you’ve experienced it, that Absolute Blood Control puts a lot of strain on your body. You have one of the strongest bodies a vampire has ever had.”

‘The reason for your exhaustion I believe was due to your last attack. All the vampires in the settlement gave you their blood, strengthening it. As powerful as that made you, I’m afraid if you do something like that again, then it could be a serious problem for yourself. Who knows how long you will need to rest the next time… ‘

He didn’t need Vincent to tell him twice, because he had felt it at the time.

‘Thanks for the advice, Vincent.’ Quinn replied. ‘I was thinking about what Fex said, about accepting the role of being King of this place. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Not just because I’m an outsider, but I don’t even feel like the leader of the Cursed faction. I don’t know what I would do with it, if not for Sam.

‘How am I supposed to lead all the vampires? I mean I barely spent any time in the Vampire World despite having become the leader of a family. Paul had taken care of all those matters for me, but I doubt they’ll just listen to me and now he’s gone… just like Kazz, Bryce and Arthur. I still find it hard to believe that all of them are gone now…’

Vincent didn’t reply, because he believed that nobody but Quinn could really understand what he was going through. The old vampire couldn’t imagine how in such a short amount of time, the ‘kid’ had managed to experience more in a couple of years than what one person would have been through in a hundred lifetimes.

No wonder it felt strange to him.


In the end, after a lot of thinking, Quinn decided to leave the castle, making everyone aware of the fact that he had woken up. This information spread like wildfire to the other families, and they all wished to meet him as soon as possible. It was clear what they wanted to talk about which was why Quinn had put it on hold for now, though he had a valid excuse.

The Vampire Lord stated that he was busy with organising a ceremony. One for all the vampires that had passed away, including the deceased King, Paul and the others who had fought in this war. The others agreed that this was important, and had decided to hold a ceremony in the pooling area for them all, which would allow the leaders to say a few words.

Quinn was aware that although they had agreed to this request they would most likely grab him right after, demanding an answer about him becoming their next King or not. Still, at least this had bought him peace and quiet until tomorrow when the ceremony would start.

Now, Quinn had returned to the throne room in the tenth castle and looked out of the large glass panel window again. It was here that Vincent had told him to look after the people, and having experienced his ancestor’s life he had begun to feel a connection with these.

‘Before I decide, I will need to know what is happening with the Cursed faction. Linda said that Sam would contact me when he needs to. Then I can make my decision, and of course I will need to see what they say and want me to do.’

‘Like Fex said, I guess I just haven’t realised that I am in a position where I can request whatever I want. However, will the vampires really listen to me?’

Just as Quinn had finished this thought, and before Vincent could answer him, another had come through the doors, and it was his only remaining Vampire knight, Leo.

“Quinn.” Leo greeted him by bowing down, but Quinn quickly gestured for him to raise his head. Leo was one the people who he had great respect for, and never wanted him to bow down his head to him, no matter who Quinn had become.

“Quinn, I have some news to tell you. Perhaps I should have mentioned it earlier, but at the time I didn’t want to trouble you and I thought that I perhaps knew best for them.” Leo said.

Quite surprised by what Leo had to say, the two of them sat down at a table in the room and Quinn listened to what the Blind Swordsman said. He would always have and make time for this person. Still regretting that it was Quinn’s fault he had been turned and chucked into this mess. Not once though, did Leo ever blame Quinn.

The news that Leo had to deliver was about Erin. He had informed the tenth leader about everything that had happened, and the struggles she had been facing, leading to her leaving out of her own volition.

“I see.” Quinn replied. “Leo, I don’t think anything you did was wrong. Honestly, I wouldn’t even know what to do if I was put in your situation. If Erin went through the teleporter then she should have appeared on the Cursed faction ship. When Sam contacts me, I will ask him where she has gone from there.

“After all, I was the one that turned her, so she is my responsibility, you have already done too much in that regard. Leo, you are free to do as you wish. I know you have business with Pure, let me worry about this.”

The two of them continued to have some light conversation, talking about what Leo had done on his journey and confirming a few things. Such as the fight Leo had with the Dalki along with Chris. Quinn figured that it was the same person that had trained him in Qi, and was actually quite happy that the two of them had fought together.

At the end of the day though, Chris was a member of Pure, which meant that it was likely that Quinn or the others would have to face him someday. After that, Leo stated that he would stay, at least until he knew that the tenth family would be able to run smoothly without him. He intended to help out in the war after that, before seeking out his own personal business with Pure.

After leaving, Quinn decides to ask Vincent a few questions.

‘Is there anything we can do to help Erin? I know you don’t know much about the Dhampir, but any little bit might help.” Quinn asked.

‘It is hard for me to say honestly.’ Vincent replied. ‘Stuck in this system there is only so much I can do. I’ve been thinking, maybe it is time for me to take you up on your offer, Quinn. Even if I was put into a clone body, it would do more good for me to be out there than to stay in here.

‘I could see what I could do to help you. After all, if you are King, you will have access to all the facilities, everything will be at your disposal, as long as the council agrees, though as Fex said, with your power, as long as it’s not too ridiculous it shouldn’t pose a problem.’

‘So…are you saying I should accept?’ Quinn asked.

‘I don’t think that would be the worst choice.’ Vincent replied.

At that moment, Quinn’s mask started to vibrate. The call he had been waiting for, came at the perfect time. He was eager to get an update on the situation with the Cursed faction.

Alas, it wasn’t good news.


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