My Vampire System Chapter 1368: The rain falls

The Blood drill was spinning faster than Quinn’s hand could heal. He didn’t know how long he could hold the drill for before he would lose his hand all together, and he noticed that there was another problem he hadn’t accounted for.

For the first time, since using the Absolute Blood Control, and controlling so much blood he could feel the strain on his body. The veins all over his body felt like they were about to explode. It was even worse than when he had absorbed the blood aura from the Punisher’s throne.

‘Is this what Arthur meant by the backlash of that ability? No wonder Bryce is no longer able to move. If my body hadn’t gone through that strengthening or I lacked Arthur’s Blood armour, I might have lost control far earlier.’ Quinn thought.

Still, holding his breath, and ignoring all the pain signs, the tenth leader ran forward as fast as he could. Keeping his concentration, the Blood drill increased in speed even more, just in time to punish Laxmus who had finished his transformation.

He looked at the Blood drill with his now completely red eyes, even his sclera had turned to a crimson tone. However, it was too late for Laxmus to fully react, as the large drill connected him.

Laxmus was now around 3 meters in height, making him practically a giant compared to normal humans, yet the Blood drill itself nearly matched him in size. Stretching out his black hands, Laxmus went to grab the drill. He was confident that his black hardening would save him, like it had done every single other time.

Unfortunately for Laxmus, his immense trust started to diminish. Just like Quinn, the spinning of the Blood drill was similar to thousands upon thousands of Blood swipes hitting his hands simultaneously in the span of a second. The black substance could be seen shedding off, then his flesh, and now his muscles were being ripped by the second.

“That’s not possible, I have the power of-“

“Oh will you just shut up and die!” Quinn interrupted him, he was sure that holding it any longer would permanently damage his hands. He couldn’t take it any more and pushed it forward, before letting go and falling to his knees. The Vampire Lord gasped for air deeply, only hearing the sound of destruction.

When Quinn looked up, he could no longer see Laxmus, but at the same time, the castle behind it, the King’s castle, now had a large hole through it that was bigger than the remaining building. Its top started to crumble bit by bit, then the whole place started to fall down.

Fortunately, there were no vampires close to the castle, but the King’s castle was no more.

‘Is it over? Is he finally dead? Quinn hoped. There was still more he could do after all. Although he wasn’t sure he could handle using the Absolute Blood Control anymore, the Vampire Lord still had the Shadow overload at his disposal. It was active even now and if necessary he could use another full restore to use his Blue Fang set.

“Quinn!” Jin called out, as a type of warning turning around, he could then see a smaller version of Laxmus. He was back to his Original Vampire form of when he had first awakened.

He no longer had any black parts of his body, but at the same time his entire body was free from injuries.

‘How…how was he able to survive that?’ Quinn asked.

‘I’m not sure, but there had to have been some price for him to pay. He has to be on his last legs.’ Vincent said. ‘Looks like all of his energy or borrowed power has disappeared, so now’s the best time to get rid of him completely!’

At the moment, though, Laxmus was standing by Bryce’s side, holding the Vampire King by his neck. His body looked limp, and that’s when Quinn could see that there was a giant hole in his chest.

“Your King has fallen, but it doesn’t look like he was the most troublesome one after all.” Laxmus stated. “I will remember this day. Curse your own fates for daring to betray the Great God Immortui!”

There was a reason why Laxmus had gone over to Bryce’s side, and it was because he had seen something very interesting on Bryce’s body. In his hand he now held the crystal that was filled with a Shadow power.

With it in his hand, it soon left the crystal and started to enter Laxmus’ body.

“I knew this would always come back to me someway!”

Quinn got up from the ground and ran, as fast as he could, but the second he took a step, Laxmus had turned into nothing but shadows, disappearing from the place.

The tenth leader looked around, waiting for him to attack. The other leaders also stayed vigilant, afraid that they might end up as his next target. Alas, no matter how much they concentrated on their senses, none of them could sense his presence at all.

‘He escaped… After all that!’ Quinn fell to his knees. He couldn’t believe it. After all the lives that had been lost, after all the power he had gained, the Original King must have been closer to death than even in his fight against the other Originals… and yet, he still had managed to escape.

‘Damn that crystal! Why did Bryce bring it with him?! Where did he even get it from in the first place?!’ Quinn let out a blood-chilling scream. A few seconds later, as if responding to his cries, rain started to fall on the settlement.

Quinn was left there on his own, with the destroyed King’s castle in the background, while the rain continued to pour on him, soaking his hair.

‘It is unfortunate, Quinn, but you did all you could.’ Vincent tried to offer him some solace. ‘The Original King was strong, and perhaps one day he will create an army of his own. returning to face you, but I believe that he realised something in that fight. We all saw that you had completely overpowered him.’

‘If he was to return now he would be foolish, for he would just suffer another loss. Everytime he comes back now, you will be able to stop him no matter what army he brings.’

Quinn felt that Vincent’s words weren’t empty. Through this fight alone, the Vampire Lord had obtained more power than he could have ever imagined. The Shadow overload skill had come to an end, and the draw back had brought him down by 10,000 MC points.


What would once have made him spit out blood out of shock, now seemed like a small price to pay. Quinn still had over a hundred thousand MC points, his blood control was still at ten thousand as well, and the blood aura he had gained could still be felt flowing through his body.

‘But at what cost…Paul, Kazz…even Bryce ended up dying.’

It was then that Quinn finally stood up to check if another man had managed to survive. He remembered that he had been losing a lot of blood, but he laid there on the ground. Alas, there was not a single heartbeat to be heard, only a silent smile plastered on the deceased’s face.

“You..taught me a lot.” Quinn said as he closed the Punisher’s open eyes.

‘You know Vincent, when I was a young boy my parents went off to war. They fought for five years before I learned of their death. I never had a father figure, and I guess I was imprinting it on the people around me, yet now even Arthur is gone…’

‘But I am still here, Quinn. As long as you have the system I will be with you.’

At that moment, all of the vampires started to come out from the castles. They all were wondering if the fight was over. All of them had watched Laxmus disappear, afraid that he would reappear but he seemed to be gone. They all had witnessed that a particular vampire had achieved an overwhelming victory, thereby saving them all.

The leaders stood out in front, stopping short of Bryce’s and Arthur’s body. Their knights came to stand behind them, until every single member of each of the families stood behind them on the open field, followed by the unaffiliated vampires.

“Despite all his shortcomings, we thank King Bryce, Arthur the Original Punisher as well as Quinn Talen, leader of the Cursed family for saving the lives of all of us in the vampire settlement!” Muka stated, speaking as a representative for all the vampires, before he went down on his knees, bowing down. The next moment, everyone else did the same, getting on their knees and they spoke in unison.

“We thank you for saving our lives.”

Quinn turned around, and could see everyone bowing down to him. Getting soaked by the rain. It was an amazing sight to behold. Thousands of vampires all bowed down to him, an outsider, a human who had been turned.

“Quinn!” Muka spoke as he lifted up his head. “You have saved us from this great threat! This is a challenging time for all of us vampires, but now more than anything we need a true leader. Which is why, right here, right now I hereby nominate you to become our next King!”

This suggestion earned the unanonymous support from all the leaders and no one voiced their objection, not a single vampire from any of the families or leaders.

“Wha…What, you want me to become…the Vampire King?”

[Update to Quest]

[Become the Vampire King?]

[The council and the people have decided to appoint you as their next Vampire King.]

[Do you accept?]


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