My Vampire System Chapter 1367: Help the Tenth!

Those who had run into their inner castle areas had now crept back out to see how the fight was going. After all, they all knew that the current battle was the deciding factor of whether they lived or not.

If it wasn’t for the shadow powers in the first place, they all would have perished by the Laxmus’ attack. They wanted to see with their own eyes just what was going to happen to them, what their fate would be. Since they couldn’t change their fate themselves and it was in the hands of another, they might as well watch what was going to happen.

Now, they could see Quinn standing there, blood dripping from his arms, while Shadow covered his whole body.

Wrapped around his arms like chains was a type of weapon with razor-sharp edges that also were stuck deep into his forearms. The people could see this, as the shadow body couldn’t cover the area where the weapon had joined with his body. The gauntlets that would usually cover his arms had also been removed.

Laxmus, seeing this, thought that he had seen the same thing before. This was no different to what Quinn had used so far, and now he just had a pair of weapons in his hands, so what difference would this make.

He flew up in the air once again, giving him an advantage, but at that moment, Quinn swung his chains back, landing on the ground and then swinging them hard down in front of him. It looked like Quinn was trying to attack an invisible enemy.

Before the Twin tails hit the ground, a shadow portal appeared in front of him. At the same time as the weapons went through the shadows, it appeared behind Laxmus, and slammed onto his back, hitting both his wings. It was such a force that the small blade’s had dug and hooked onto his wings, causing Laxmus’ whole body to be thrown back down into the ground.

Due to how strong and faster Quinn could move his hands, the energy was also transferred into the Twin tails. It acted somewhat like a whip, giving even more strength to the blow, and for the first time, Laxmus could feel that his wings had been slightly damaged and worse than that, the wound on them wasn’t healing.

“Stay on the ground. Flying is annoying!” Quinn shouted.

The next second he started to swing both of the Twin tail’s chains rapidly. Out from them, red slashes of blood began to leave. From one swing alone, not just one blood swipe would leave his weapon. Multiple could be seen. Each bend on the weapons had produced multiple slashes of aura, and the attack looked like a wave.

Laxmus was preparing to defend himself from them, using his hands and wings.

‘I can still block these. I just have to be careful about the weapons themselves.’ Laxmus thought.

However, the attacks soon went into another set of shadow portals, and before Laxmus knew it, he could see several of the shadow portals surrounding him. There were hundreds of them, and the next second, red slashes of aura started to come through them all.

Laxmus needed to be on guard, using his full concentration and power, blocking them all, hitting them away, hit after hit.

“This is annoying!” Laxmus shouted. Opening his mouth and firing a red beam out, hitting some of the shadows above him, destroying them, but as quickly as they were destroyed, Quinn would make more. Slowly, he walked over to Laxmus, contumely moving his arms, swinging the tails out the red blood slashes.

[Shadow equip]

‘I can last a few seconds.’ Quinn thought to himself.

Changing his armour set from the red blood armour, Quinn had changed to Blue fang set.

[Nitro accelerate activated]

Laxmus was still defending himself from the attacks, that he didn’t see what was coming next. After boosting his speed, Quinn dragged the twin tails behind him and threw them as fast as he could, hitting Laxmus’ body from the side with them.

He felt great pain as the chains ripped through the side of his ribs. It had pierced his skin, and with Quinn pulling them towards him, each of the small blades grinded against his muscle and even his bone.

However, that was just one of the attacks, of the soon several that were to come. Swinging the chains like a mad man, Quinn continued hitting Laxmus over and over again, and the red aura didn’t stop there. They continued to pour through the Shadow.

“Those attacks, they’re not hitting him,” Bryce commented, seeing this. “Even while fighting him, he’s making sure that the red aura doesn’t distract him. He has already learnt how to control the blood so quickly….”

In front of his very eyes, Bryce was witnessing someone surpass him. Someone who knew how to use a power he had better than him. He felt like he had been defeated without even fighting.

Seeing that his blood had gone down by fifty percent, Quinn used the blood bank to restore himself and changed armour back to the red blood set. He no longer had the speed, but he had done enough damage to Laxmus, who was now bleeding all over.

Then, Laxmus decided to ignore the attacks, since the wounds weren’t great and opened his mouth, firing out another red laser from it. It was too fast of an attack for Quinn to prepare a shadow to redirect it, but he could easily create a shadow to stop it with his body of shadows.

“You know, to hurt you, I don’t even have to hit you!” Quinn called out, as he swung both of the twin tails into Laxmus’ Shadow. Hitting the centre of his Shadow, and that was when Laxmus noticed the wound appear on his body and a great pain inside him.

“What sorcery is this!” Laxmus screamed.

One of the twin tails wrapped around Laxmus’ arm, piercing his skin. He could feel the weapon draining blood from him and wrapping tighter. Quinn then pulled himself forward while swinging another one of the chains above, and when it swung down, it pierced right between Laxmus’ neck and shoulder. He pulled on it, ripping through his skin, digging deeper and further, and when he was on top of Laxmus, jumping through the air. Quinn made a fist, forming the blood drill once again.

Laxmus opened his mouth, prepared to fire a beam, but Quinn’s whole fist had gone right through Laxmus’ mouth before he could fire an attack. The blood drill continued to spin, ripping his mouth to pieces.

Having no choice, Laxmus used all of his strength to break free, pushing back and allowing for both of the twin tail chains to rip through his skin more. Eventually, he fell back, and the bottom half of his jaw could be seen missing from the attack.

“Arghh!” Laxmus screamed, but with the bottom part of his jaw missing, no words he spoke would make sense even if he tried to speak.

‘I am a servant of the great Immortui. He has granted me power, the power of a god, and I can’t defeat a single vampire! Please, Immortui, if you are watching, grant me more power as your faithful servant so I can get rid of this person!’ Laxmus thought.

Surprisingly, his prayers were answered. Laxmus could feel a sudden surge of power growing in him. The black hardened substance started to spread from his arms and now was covering his whole body.

Now, Laxmus allowed the red aura strikes that he had blocked until this point to hit his body, having no effect on it whatsoever. They were useless. Even the wounds that Quinn had created had sealed up. It was as if his insides were made from the hard black substance.

While Laxmus was in the middle of his change, Quinn, using the Twin chains, threw them towards his Shadow, but upon hitting it, he could only hear a clang not harming him at all.

‘My attack is too weak.’

Still, it looked like Laxmus was in the middle of a change himself, his body still growing, and two horns could be seen slowly growing from his head.

‘I have to create a bigger attack, an attack that can pierce his skin still!’

Taking a few steps back, Quinn felt that there was only one thing he could do. He started to gather his own blood, blood from the field and those who were dead and injured and started to form it in the air above him.

He cancelled the item soul weapon, as he needed to focus. The blood started to gather and continued to spin. As it looked like Quinn was creating a giant lance. The only difference was the blood continued to spin like a drill.

“Quinn is putting all of his power into this attack, but do you think it will be enough?” Sunny worriedly said. She could feel the pressure of the weapon Quinn was creating but was worried about what Laxmus would turn into.

“It might not be,” Jin commented,” but we can make it enough!” Jin then ran out into the centre of the field. It was a risk, but it was the only thing he thought he could do to help. He grabbed a blade and cut his wrist, drawing blood. Jin then started to make wounds all over his body, and the blood could be seen adding to what Quinn was gathering.

“Everyone, the tenth leader needs your help! Help him gather as much blood as possible! You’ve seen his skill, how hard he has fought for us. If he can’t kill this creature! Then no one else can, so help him now!” Jin pleaded.

Through Jin’s actions, everyone knew what he was saying. Using their hands, their sharp nails and claws, all the vampires started to inflict wounds on themselves, drawing blood, all adding to Quinn’s power.

As Laxmus’ body was seen changing, Quinn’s drill was seen growing and soon the size stopped.

‘It can’t just be big. I have to condense it. So it’s stronger, and I need it to be faster!’ Quinn thought.

In Quinn’s own body, the red aura was being used as a source to compress the power. It felt like at any second it could explode, destroying the whole settlement.

He needed to contain it no matter what, and sweat was dripping down his face as he used all the power he had.

‘Now…I need to use the blood control to make it spin faster…faster…faster!’

The speed of the blood in the drill could be seen moving faster, so fast that everyone could hear a high pitched ringing.

“Quinn, kill that thing!” Silver shouted out.

“Kill him! Kill that bastard!”

“Tenth leader, please save us! take my blood!”

The whole settlement soon started to shout Quinn’s name, supporting him not only with their words but with their blood as well.

“I hear you…I hear you all!!!” Quinn shouted, as all the blood had been gathered, and Quinn now was ready. Moving his hands down, the giant blood drill fell down. Quinn had formed a type of handle, but using all of his concentration of his blood control, he was using it to keep the shape of the weapon and spin the blood, including the handle. Grabbing onto it, the speed of it spinning was ripping into his own skin and flesh.

The red armour was activated, healing him at the same time, but it wasn’t quick enough to heal his skin in time. The drill could be felt tearing the muscles in his bare hand.

“This pain is nothing!” Quinn shouted, holding on tight to the weapon.


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