My Vampire System Chapter 1366: My way

Just like a moment ago, Quinn could feel something strange happening to him, but it wasn’t just a feeling this time, it was almost as if knowledge was also being implanted into his head. At the same time, his system informed him that his Blood control was going up.

‘Did you just say Absolute Blood Control? You mean the power that only Kings are allowed to use. He’s passing it on to me?’ Quinn questioned.

‘Exactly. It’s supposed to be in a special book, but the King is the one that is meant to transfer the knowledge and power out from himself and pass it onto the book for his successor. However, Bryce has decided to pass this power onto you.’ Vincent explained.

Quinn could feel it, and it wasn’t like the raw energy he had gotten from the tower. This was different, what the Vampire Lord was obtaining right now more than anything was knowledge. He was understanding how the power of the vampires worked, how they were able to use the red aura and how they were able to control blood.

‘But if he is giving up this power, doesn’t that mean he has also given up on revenge? He won’t be as strong as he was before and there is no chance for him to fight against Arthur?’ Quinn thought.

It was then that Quinn realised something, his conversation that he had with Arthur not too long ago. When he had given him his blood armour set he had talked about it being the perfect combination.

Arthur couldn’t’ have known that Kazz had died while the two of them were in the shadow space, but it was as if he knew that Bryce would make this choice in the end. The transfer had been complete and Bryce, fell to the floor once more, finally having some sort of rest in this fight.

“Don’t disappoint me… Quinn.” Bryce .

[Blood control: 10,000]

Before Quinn blood control was near the 200 hundreds but after obtaining the Absolute Blood Control he could control every aspect of it. Shadows quickly covered Quinn’s body and replaced the blue armour fang set for Arthur’s red Blood armour.

“This is just bloody brilliant!” Laxmus bellowed out in scorn. “You, this generation’s King were unable to defeat me, your so-called Punisher couldn’t beat me, and I already beat that kid once. Have you gone completely insane to think that someone who hasn’t even lived a fraction of my life is going to best me?! You’re unable to do anything against me, so you’ve chosen to insult me?!”

In his palm he had a ball of red aura. It was the same one that he had used before and they all saw it expanding in size.

‘I can feel it, I can feel the Blood energy from it? But why didn’t Bryce just…’ Quinn then held out both of his hands. The aura suddenly stopped, before it started to get smaller.

“What are we witnessing right now?” Muka asked as he couldn’t believe his eyes. The leaders understood that Bryce had given the Absolute Blood Control powers to Quinn, but what they couldn’t understand was how Quinn was able to do things that Bryce was not, especially in such a short time frame.

The dark red aura had been condensed and was now the same size as a small ball. The same size as it was when it was initially when it was in Laxmus’ hands, and it had come to a complete stop now being held in Quinn’s hand.

‘I can control it, I can feel the energy of all of it, but why can I do this and Bryce didn’t?’

Vincent, who was able to witness everything Quinn had done so far, only had one explanation. Quinns blood power must be far greater than Bryce’s. The Absolute Blood Control book did give Blood energy to the new King, but it was mainly a technique on how to control it.

However, Quinn had obtained a mass amount of energy from the fourteenth castle, and he also had his own after going through so many different experiences. Holding it in his hand, the Vampire Lord ran forward and threw it out back towards Laxmus, but the Original King was unafraid and instead charged forward as well. The ball started to expand, but with his special hardened black hands he held onto the aura, and threw it up in the air, for it to slowly diperese.

“So what if my Blood powers won’t work on you? I will just have to personally beat you to death!” Laxmus shouted.

Quinn’s blood armour started to charge up. He got ready to throw out a swipe towards Laxmus. It was larger and more powerful than any of his previous ones and the best part about it was that it hadn’t taken any Health due to the armour’s effect.

Still, Laxmus seeing this, just knocked the swipe away.

‘His power… he is still stronger than my own Blood power.’ Quinn noticed.

‘Using the Blood power in the same way as Bryce did won’t help me. According to his imparted knowledge, every user had their own way to control it. And I feel that for me to use it most efficiently… is like this..’ Quinn thought, as he avoided swing from Laxmus’ clawed hand, and threw a punch towards his open side.

As his hand was moving, Quinn had gathered blood around it, creating a drill-like shape. The speed of the drill was spinning faster than anything else thanks to Quinn’s control. When it hit Laxmus, it continued to spin, piercing the side of his skin.

Blood splattered out in all directions.

‘This attack is the same as that Eno bastard!’ Laxmus thought, remembering the old days. ‘How is this person managing to hurt me! I have received more power than before. I was stronger than when I last thought about them!’

Laxmus had no choice but to move away from Quinn using his wings. Escaping into the air, but as he did he soon found himself losing his enemy’s position, only to find him appearing behind him in the air, with another Blood drill.

This time, Laxmus was able to cover himself with his wing, but he was still hit and sent through the air. Quinn then could be seen in the air with a pair of wings on his back, using the shadow to allow him temporary flight.

Annoyed by this Laxmus opened his mouth once more, shooting out a small beam of red energy. Quinn then proceeded to do the same, covering himself with the shadow wings.

[-3,420 MC]

‘That red beam was smaller than the other, no wonder Arthur didn’t block too many of those attacks even with this many MC points.’ Quinn realised.

The attacks that would come from Laxmus’s mouth were too fast for Quinn to stop even with the Absolute Blood Control on, and the others quickly picked up on that. He started to fly about in the air constantly using the red beam attacks over and over.

Each time Quinn would use his shadow to block the attack, but he was struggling to get Laxmus.

‘Without Shadow overload I can’t just make the shadow appear weather I want, and i’m still trying to figure out how to use this blood power I just got.’ Quinn thought.

‘Quinn, you said it yourself, you’re neither Arthur, nor Bryce. Both of them fought differently than you with their powers. Why are you so hung up on trying to fight like them, when you have your own style?’

‘Fight in your own way, and use their powers to help you.’ Vincent advised.

Thinking about Vincent’s words, that’s when it hit Quinn. He now knew what he could do that he wasn’t able to do before.

‘I’ll fight him with everything I got!’ Quinn hyped himself up as he fell to the ground and protected himself with his wings covering his whole body.

Laxmus seeing this, decided to take more time to power up a bigger charge with his mouth to fire it out at Quinn. The beam was unleashed and it continued to hit the shadow.

[-4,536 MC]

[-2,302 MC]

Notifications kept appearing that Quinn’s MC points were going down, but he knew that Laxmus had to have been using energy while doing this, and then the Vampire Lord could finally see that it had stopped.

“That shadow, I know you can’t use it for much longer!” Laxmus shouted.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Quinn replied.

[Full restore activated]

[112,345/ 112,345 MC cells]

Quinn was refreshed, but that wasn’t the end of it.

[Shadow overload activated]

Activating his shadow overload he had complete control of all of his shadow being able to cast them where he wanted, but now having the blood armour with him, there was something else he could use as well.

[Soul weapon activated]

Now standing there, with the Shadow wings covering his back, and his body covered with shadows, Quinn also had the two twin chains running down his arms. They had pierced his forearms causing him to drip with blood.

Quinn had activated both his soul item type soul weapon as well as his enhancement type soul weapon at the same time. Usually Quinn could only use his item type, when he was fighting multiple opponents, but thanks to the red Blood armour having the same effect as consuming blood, Quinn was free to use it for as long as his armour stayed intact.

“I will defeat you my way!”


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