My Vampire System Chapter 1365: The Perfect Combination

It looked like Laxmus’ red beam attack was coming to an end, but a few seconds just before it faded, Quinn’s Shadow overload skill’s time had run out. The Vampire Lord knew that there would be a possibility of this happening, but he had seriously hoped that it could have occured at another time.

Since he had fought against Arthur and Bryce the time the Shadow overload skill would last had drastically decreased since his overall MC cells had lessened. He thought the same thing would happen this time, perhaps taking half of his MC points as a drawback, then he would simply use another full restore, but the drawback had taken away all of his MC points.

‘What do I do now? I can’t block the rest of this attack, I don’t have any more shadow!’ Quinn thought in a panic. It was strange but while looking at the system it looked like he couldn’t use any of his Shadow skills even those that required no MC points.

Quinn did the only thing he could do in this situation and covered himself with the second stage of Qi, praying that it might reduce the intensity of the attack. Meanwhile, Arthur, who was also being covered by Quinn’s shadow, started to get hit by the red beam of aura.

The Punisher gritted his teeth and held out his hand towards the tenth family leader, and the next second, Quinn was placed in the Shadow lock, appearing in a dark room, before Arthur joined him.

“Arthur!” Quinn called out as he saw how badly hurt the ancient vampire was. Unlike him, Arthur didn’t have the second stage of Qi to protect him.

“I wanted to use this earlier, but I refrained in case I needed to protect the people.” Arthur explained with a weak smile. “That attack of his is a nasty one, I don’t know how you managed to protect yourself, but I don’t even think blood can help me know.”

Arthur coughed and a wad of dark black blood came out pouring from his mouth. The blood armour set could be seen activating, but it didn’t look like it did anything to the wounds on his skin nor his internal wounds.

“Apparently this attack is more than just a ‘mere’ Blood aura attack.” Arthur tried to joke. “Quinn, it seems that this is where my journey ends, but I believe that there is a way for you to beat Laxmus. Your attacks from before, they were internal strikes, right? I think the reason why he resorted to an attack like that is because he is a lot more hurt than he wants us to realise.”

Quinn was wondering why Arthur was speaking in such a way, but soon he saw Arthur spewing out even more blood out.

“If I had known that I would have to save the vampire settlement I would have started healing myself a lot earlier. A big part of me must have wanted to die along with Bryce to end that ancient feud and so that I had an excuse not to complete the Dalki’s task.” Arthur mumbled. “Anyway, that Shadow body of yours that you used to hold both of us down should be the key to victory.”

“Arthur, I-I… I can’t use my Shadow powers anymore. That Shadow body has a massive downside and I didn’t stop because I wanted to, but because I had to pay the price. I don’t think I have a chance of winning without it.” Quinn explained dejectedly.

Hearing this, Arthur stood up and placed his hand on Quinn. Since he sensed that there was no ill intention this time, Quinn didn’t stop him. However, he remained vigilant, since the time he had lost so miserably against the Punisher had been in this exact room.

“Take my Blood armour, Quinn. Don’t refuse me, it’s obvious that I won’t be able to fight. What use is it to me in such a situation? You are the only one we can rely on in this fight. This particular set will grant you unlimited access to blood and also lessens the strain on the vampire’s body due to its effects.”

“However, Richard Eno or whatever his real name was, had decided to make a different set of blood armour for the King. He was afraid that such a dangerous combination would give them too much power.”

It did seem odd to Quinn. When he heard about its effects and the Absolute Blood Control he thought they were the perfect combination, but the thing was how would it help Quinn. He wasn’t the best when it came to Blood powers.

“Just take it, Quinn because after my next request you will understand.”

Quinn, used his shadow, to take the blood armour placing it in his dimensional space. He still had the blue fang set on, but could use shadow equip to change when he wished.

“Now… I have one last thing I want to give you. We don’t have much time, so let’s do this.” Suddenly, Arthur’s shadow started to appear from his back and moved over to his hands. It then prung from him, and entered Quinn’s body. The Punisher’s eyes filled up with darker shadow, and so did Quinn’s. Both of their bodies were lifted into the air as the shadow was being moved from one person to another.

[The will of the Punisher has started.]

[All powers are being transferred.]

Quinn had felt like he couldn’t do anything as the shadow had forcefully entered his body, but then it had eventually stopped.

[Transfer complete]

[50,526/112,345 MC cells]

Although Quinn had read the system message, what he was seeing didn’t make sense. Had Arthur really amassed over 100,000 MC cells? No, the even crazier thing was during his fight against Bryce, Quinn and the Original King he had merely used up half of his total.

‘Here I thought I was close to catching up to him with a measly 3,000 MC cells. I can see he has used a lot, blocking those attacks. Now I understand why the Shadow overload had run out of MC cells.’

“I have given you my power, now go-” Arthur ended up coughing a few times and the black blood started to stain part of his now armourless upper body. The room they were in also started to crumble breaking away.

It was then that Quinn and Arthur found themselves outside once again. As they looked around them, the scenery had completely changed. All the buildings in the pooling area had completely vanished and only the ground could be seen with small traces of rubble.

Looking in front of him, Quinn looked at Laxmus, who looked to have only just finished his attack, and he had fallen to the ground holding himself up with his arms.

‘That attack must have exhausted him greatly, but I’m no fool to attack him in his situation just because he looks weak.’

“You idiot!” Quinn could hear someone shout from the right. When turning around to look at what had happened he could see Bryce on his knees, yet seemingly unhurt.

‘That’s right, my Shadow overload skill ran out, so other than those that had run into the castles, Bryce was still around.’

That’s when Quinn could see that he was holding someone in his arms, the only female that could elicit any emotions in the King, Kazz Cane.

“You colossal fool of a daughter, who gave you permission to die?! How dare you disobey a direct order from your King, from your own FATHER!” Bryce continued to shout at the lifeless body, tears of blood running down his face.

It was a strange sight to see, for not too long ago, Paul had risked his own life to save Kazz, and yet still she had risked hers to save her father’s. It was clear that Bryce was weak and he had no way of continuing the fight, but looking at Laxmus he wanted to do everything in his power to end it, getting revenge for his daughter.

“Old man!” Arthur called out. “It looks like both of us are down for the count, but the young one can still fight. Don’t let your daughters’ sacrifice be in vain. You know what needs to be done!”

Quinn was wondering what Arthur was talking about, why was he trying to taunt Bryce now of all times. More importantly, he thought that the two of them should be getting out of there. Especially since Laxmus looked to be recovering, if not getting a second wind.

Bryce tried to stand up, he did so weakly and at the same time, Kazz’s body similar to Paul’s started to blow in the wind, turning into nothing but ashes.

“Kid, get over here!” The King shouted at him.

Quinn was confused, what was Bryce trying to do now of all times.

“I said get over here! I’m going to help you kill that bastard, so come over here!” Bryce shouted again and Quinn quickly did as he was told, going to his side. “I will see him dead, and if it’s the last thing I do!”

Bryce didn’t say anything, just placed his hand on Quinn.

“I…have done many stupid things, but the one thing I was proud of, was her…. I….I…always thought about myself, and even now, I am only doing this, for myself.”

[A source of energy is being infused into your body.]

[Your Blood control is increasing]

‘Quinn, this must be Bryce giving you his Absolute Blood Control powers!’ Vincent gasped in disbelief.


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