My Vampire System Chapter 1362: The strongest form

Erin had been placed out of the way over to the side with the other vampires, and now both Arthur and Bryce were walking towards Laxmus. Arthur no longer looked exhausted. This was because he had decided to use the effect of the Blood armour to heal himself, consuming blood for the first time in a while.

‘I did promise not to consume human blood, but this can be considered a work around, can’t it?’ Arthur thought.

Seeing this, Erin wanted to charge in as well. She had strong weapons and the skills to back them up, but there was one person who stopped her before she could move, grabbing onto her wrist.

“Don’t.” Leo shook his head. Looking at him, Erin could see that he wasn’t in the best of conditions. The Blind Swordsman had been hurt pretty badly internally and that was just after suffering a single hit of Laxmus’ wings.

After spitting out a little more blood, Leo was able to speak clearly.

“That being is something beyond a normal vampire, I fear that even if all three of you went up against it, you wouldn’t survive. Even if you did, you need to consider your own situation.

“All vampires, including their leaders, have seen you use that yellow Aura. We can no longer hide what you are. Out of gratitude they might let you go today, but eventually vampires will start coming after you, fearing what you are.

“If you help them fight, I guarantee that you will not be able to get out of there intact or with your strength. Head back to the tenth castle, wait there and I promise…I promise if we survive this thing that I will be there.”

Erin looked around the area, and all of the vampire’s eyes were on the battle that was about to begin at any moment. Ultimately, she listened to her teacher, and decided to escape to the tenth area while no one else was paying her any attention.

“I’ll help block anyone from seeing you.” Timmy offered as he had the power of mist, making such a thing an easy task. With that the two of them were gone, while the rest of the settlement weren’t safe at all.

“I don’t know why these two have suddenly chosen to cooperate, but now’s not the time to ask any questions. Their strength is exactly what we need. I have hope.” Muka said.

At that moment, the Blood swords floating in the air headed straight towards Laxmus.

While this was taking place, Arthur quickly moved over to Bryce’s side using the shadow, and he had the shadow power constantly on his back, ready to use.

“I felt a bit of his power when I blocked that attack just now. Thank you for not using that strange power of yours, but I fear if I take a few more of those attacks, even my shadow won’t be enough.”

“Take this.” Arthur said, grabbing the other’s hand before the King could react, placing it on his armour. Bryce could feel that an energy surging through him, similar to when he consumed blood.

“What are you doing?!” Bryce swung his cane sword, yet Arthur was able to block it in time with his own.

The leaders seeing this wanted to slap their hands against their faces, at a time like this the two of them still couldn’t get on.

“Arghh!” Laxmus shouted, and out of his body, a red aura expanded. The blood swords that Bryce had created fell in an instant, all hundred of them.

“I think you’re going to need a lot stronger of an attack then those swords old man!” Arthur explained, as he himself condensed his shadow into a shield again and charged in.

‘That beam of power, it takes a few seconds to charge up, so I will have to face him in close quarter combat instead. Still it looks like it packs quite a punch.’ Arthur thought.

Before Arthur could set up an attack, he could see Laxmus, suddenly dash forward and throw a punch of his own. This speed, it reminded him of someone he had recently thought. Just in time, Arthur lifted the shield. He could feel the other’s strength through that hit alone, sending him back a few feet with each hit.

Arthur couldn’t find the right time to retaliate, but he didn’t need to because he wasn’t the only one fighting. From behind, Bryce had gotten in a perfect position and his regular sword was now covered in a vortex of blood. He thrust it forward towards Laxmus’ back.

Aware of the situation, Laxmus stopped his attack on Arthur, and curled up into a ball by making his wings cover his entire body. A clang was heard as Bryce’s Blood sword hit the wings, yet the vortex continued.

It was unleashed and had trapped not only Laxmus but Arthur as well. The only way Arthur could get out was by using Shadow travel to get him out of the area. The vortex of blood went up ten meters high, it was the same as experiencing thousands of Blood slashes at once.

When the vortex started to fade, they could see Laxmus still tied up in his ball-like shape. Arthur, seeing this, charged back in.

‘He didn’t get hurt by any of that, his wings must be one of the strongest parts of his body!’ Arthur realised.

At that moment, Laxmus released his wings and a red aura could be seen slashing from all directions. Arthur blocked it with his Shadow shield and continued moving forward, while Bryce was able to control the blood moving it away from himself.

However, the attacks continued to where the people were, and the leaders had to jump in. At first they used Blood slash of their own, but it did nothing against Laxmus’ strike. Knowing this, all they could do was help clear a path.

The swipe that had come off from Laxmus had hit a few stray vampires who were unable to move in time, while also tearing the ground apart.

‘Is he really that strong to contend against Arthur and the King?’ Sunny thought.

Arthur continually charged in, and blocked an attack with the shield again, another claw, then when the second hand was ready to move, the shield expanded from a round one, into one that was large and square shaped blocking the view of Arthur himself.

He then jumped, somersaulting over Laxmus’ arge body, leaving the shadow behind, and swung out the sword with the string as hard as he could, looking for an open spot. He wanted to hit anything but Laxmus’ black covered hands and wings, as those seemed to be the hard parts on the body. The winged creature managed to turn around and grab onto the sword.

‘That’s perfect.’ Arthur thought, activating one of the abilities, he caused a large explosion. This time, the explosion was far larger than when Arthur had faced Bryce or Quinn. It had sent him flying backwards as he was hit by the recoil despite him using it with the string ability.

Arthur was quite hurt by the explosion. He had never used it at this level before, but now he was using the armour to heal himself. Still, Arthur could soon see that Laxmus was completely fine. Once again, the wings had wrapped around the front of himself.

‘What is the man doing?’ Arthur thought, but could see that for some reason, Bryce hadn’t moved. The vortex had taken a lot out of him, and to top things off it hadn’t injured Laxmus at all due to the strange ball form he had taken.

‘I need to somehow get past those wings, or past that armour!’ Arthur thought.

As if someone could hear his thoughts, an object could be seen coming from the sky. It was small but as it got closer they could see it more clearly, and finally it had landed in the middle of the field, crashing down and shaking the ground beneath them.

“It’s… a Bloodsucker?” Arthur thought, looking at it strangely.

The next second, it moved, and was instantly where Laxmus was, a punch was thrown and it was avoided by the Bloodsucker. A puch that Arthur could barely block. The Bloodsucker jumped on its back, and pulled on the large wings holding it in place.

It looked like Laxmus was struggling to move them, as all the muscles in the Bloodsucker’s body were used.

“Now, attack him with everything you got!” The Bloodsucker hurried them.

‘A Bloodsucker that can speak? It’s so fast and can overpower the strange being?’ Arthur was confused about the situation, but still did as he was told.

“That’s Quinn!” Muka shouted, recognising the other. The tenth leader had done something similar in the past, only this time he seemed to be far stronger than before.


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