My Vampire System Chapter 1361: Quest Update

[You will receive your reward in the fourteenth castle]

[Please proceed to the throne room]

‘This is different?’ Quinn thought.

In the past, he had received rewards from the system itself. The only time Quinn remembered something somewhat similar happening, was when he had entered the tower that Arthur was in. Still, Quinn was happy to take whatever gifts he would receive in order to make himself stronger.

Right now, Quinn wasn’t only thinking about this fight that would happen soon but also about the battles that would take place after. After all, the Dalki even at this moment, were still at war with the humans.

‘I’ll have to head there straight away.’ Quinn thought as he ran towards the castle.

While going through the floors, there was something else that Quinn was curious about.

‘Vincent, do you have any idea what that Crystal that Bryce had was. It was able to absorb the shadow from Arthur and me. It even created those shadow people. Not even I can do that with my shadow. At least not yet anyway.’ Quinn asked.

Hearing this question, Quinn could have sworn he heard Vincent sigh.

‘It seems these days that I am less of a genius than I imagined. In the past, I thought I had uncovered a lot about the secrets of this world, but you… Someone who hasn’t even tried has discovered things that people will never know about.

‘It is the same with this crystal. I have never heard of a crystal that was able to stop powers. It also seemed to only work for the shadow but….’ It was then that a thought had hit Vincent.

Going through all the things Quinn had been told about abilities, he remembered that a certain someone had said something that stood out.

‘Do you remember when your ancestor spoke to you about the different abilities coming from himself? I mean, Ray was it? Well, he stated that not all of the abilities we know today did come from him, just most, and that included your shadow power.

‘If we take this into account, then perhaps your power had come from something similar to the crystal. If that is true, then it would make sense why he could store powers into the crystal in the first place.’

After hearing Vincent’s explanation, he had a horrible thought. At the moment, Bryce still had the crystal. Quinn was sure that if he had asked to take the crystal off him, he would have fought to the death with both him and Arthur there and then.

It was his biggest advantage over Arthur in the first place.

‘ can store shadows and give shadow powers to those dead bodies, doesn’t mean that a certain someone could get the powers again. Someone who had the powers once before?’ Quinn asked.

Now Vincent himself realised what Quinn’s worry was.

‘Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Truedream took his power, so he shouldn’t be able to learn a new one, but as I said, I am learning new things every day, and if this thing can give powers, we have to expect the worst.’

Quinn had finally entered the throne room. Here he could see the throne made from blood crystals in front of him and the hole in the wall behind it that contained the techniques of the shadow.

[You have successfully reached the throne room]

[You will now receive your first reward]

‘First reward?’ Quinn’s inner self was smiling.

[Full restore x3]

[This reward will allow you to reset the whole system to full recovery every time you use it. It will restore MC points, all skill cooldowns of weapons, as well as abilities and skills. However, it will not heal the user or restore blood. Each use only lasts one time, so be careful.]

‘This…is just what I need. If I use a full restore now, the hour cooldown on my armour, and my MC points will go back to normal. I can fight again. I should try and not use all three. This can be a really big trump card in the middle of a fight.

‘I would be able to use Nitro acceleration twice in a row, and Shadow overload twice as well!’ Quinn was excited, and the best part yet was the rewards weren’t over.

[Please head over to the throne]

Doing as the system said, Quinn was ready for another reward. The system was the answer, the answer and help he needed to beat all his enemies. When reaching the throne, nothing happened, even after Quinn touched it.

So he did what one would naturally do if they came across a throne, and sat down on it.

[The power of the blood crystals can be felt through the throne]

[It has chosen you as the castle leader. This power now belongs to you]

[Would you like to absorb the blood crystal and power within the throne?]

The whole throne was made of blood crystals that looked to have been mashed up together. Quinn couldn’t imagine how many vampires crystals had been used to create such a throne.

Now he was finding out that just like with his gauntlet that allowed him to consume beast crystals, he could consume the crystal from the throne itself.

‘Does this mean I will get more blood control or more blood aura in my body?’ Quinn wondered. Regardless he couldn’t see it as a bad thing and selected the only option in his mind.


The throne started to light up, and a few seconds later, Quinn could feel the chair channelling energy through him. It was strange. Rather than one’s energy being sapped, it was as if someone was force feeding power into him.

At first, he felt a rush of energy better than ever. The feeling was greater than when he had consumed blood for the first time. But soon, he realised that his body seemed full, as if it was hitting its limit.

‘Damn it, I didn’t think the system would give me a reward that my body couldn’t handle. I have to control this somehow.’ Quinn thought.

The only thing he could think of was controlling the power as he had done with his Qi. He closed his eyes. At the moment, he had more Qi energy than blood energy, but with all this extra red aura inside him, he needed to make room.

He emptied out the Qi in his body. Using the second stage as much as possible to keep it on the outside, he would be able to move it back in when the process was over.

Then, he allowed the red energy to flow into his centre. However, he also needed to make sure to not fill it. If he did, that’s what would change his body into his Bloodsucker form. So he needed to spread the aura all around his body.

After flowing it around him for a while, he could feel his body getting used to the power. The strain wasn’t there as much anymore as his body tried its best to adapt. Then he slowly could enter the Qi back in again.

It felt like he was scratching his body, and he could stretch it a bit more bit by bit each time. Eventually, the glow on the throne had come to an end. All of the energy from the blood crystals had entered his body, and Quinn opened his eyes.

He stood up and looked at the palm of his hands.

‘Haha, I can’t believe it. One moment I’m struggling with the amount of Qi, that’s In my body, and the next, I’m now overflowing with the red aura. Will my body ever be in balance?’ was Quinn’s thought, but he couldn’t complain.

Having too much of one or the other didn’t make him weaker. It was just if he wanted to combine the two, he would have to make one output weaker, which took a little getting used to.

Checking his system, Quinn wanted to see if his blood control had improved. It still showed the same number, which meant although he had more red aura and power to play with, his blood attacks would be stronger, but he wouldn’t be able to control it better or do things similar to what Bryce could do with blood.

The messages from the system didn’t stop there, and Quinn had gotten a surprise message from a quest that he hadn’t seen in a long time.

[Update of quest]

[Become something beyond a vampire lord]

[Update: Your getting closer]

After levlling up to level 70 Quinn had resvied no such messge. After unlocking the full power of the system, nothing had come up. Finally, after absorbing the blood crystals, Quinn had been given a hint to the quest.

‘Does it mean I have to increase my blood power even more? Will that finally complete the quest?’ At that moment, Quinn gulped. ‘Do I even want to find out what is beyond a vampire lord? What if it’s something like the Bloodsucker form, and I can’t change back. Right now, I can still live an ordinary life.’

‘Quinn!’ Vincent called out.

‘I don’t know if you know this, but you were absorbing that energy for quite a while. You need to hurry and help the others now!’ Vincent warned.


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