My Vampire System Chapter 1359: Not a Vampire

Erin and Leo had no time to help the others, for the foe in front of them were far more dangerous than any they had faced before. They just had to hope that the others would be able to deal with the second original.

If there was one person that Leo felt like he could trust, it was Paul. During his time while serving him, he was a man who was a great fighter and knew how to use people and abilities to their full potential. In some ways, he was even better than Leo when it came to things like that.

“Your sword is annoying!” Laxmus shouted as he dashed over to Erin. It was the person he deemed as a bigger threat out of the two of them.

Even before the fight, Erin’s hands were shaking but not because of fear. It was because the urge inside of her had grown ever since she had set her eyes on this person.

“Leo!” Erin called out.

She needed to do something and knew that her actions would leave her open, so she relied on her trusted teacher, who stood in the middle of her and Laxmus. Leo quickly placed the sword back in his sheath and took one step forward.

Then, concentrating, he waited for the right moment before pulling the sword out as fast as he could, dragging it out. A large line of red aura was seen that looked to even rip and cut the air itself as it was distorted to the outside viewers.

‘My fastest and strongest strike! I just hope it gave Erin some time.’ Leo thought.

However, the strike could be seen hitting Laxmus’ hand, and this time there was no wound at all.

“I admit I let my guard down for a second when you hit me before. Whatever you are doing causes problems for my healing, so I won’t let you hurt me again,” Laxmus said.

Where the strike had cut, the forearm of Laxmus was jet black. It looked like a strange material had grown on his arm, but this was simply a form of blood hardening, a stage that no one had ever reached before, apart from him.

‘I had enhanced my strength and even covered the strike with the second stage of Qi, yet it was still not enough to cause a cut on his arm…this person is beyond anyone I have seen before.’ Leo realized.

Still, he had done his duty, for Erin was finally ready. She was making preparations. Her large Demon tier sword was placed on her back, and she had drawn the Katana blade while also releasing the chains, so they were now only on her wrists.

The reason for doing this was quite simple. The strongest part of the Demon tier weapon was the stats they provided the user. With it on her back, she could still receive the energy from the sword. On top of that, two of the active skills had already been used.

In the current situation, the second active skill of the Demon tier weapon was useless since Laxmus didn’t seem to be using any armour or weapons. Which was why she had opted for the katana blade that she had more practice with in the first place.

‘First movement.’ Erin recalled in her head, as she spun her body and the chains ran across the floor, the first one wrapped around Laxmus’ left leg, and the second one was ready to wrap around his thigh.

However, before the second chain could touch him, Laxmus grabbed hold of it. He had planned to rip it apart, but when he pulled it, the chains didn’t break.

‘The chains are covered with the second stage of Qi. They won’t break so easily.’

Still, Laxmus’ power was greater than Erin’s, and she was seen being tugged through the air, but at the same time, while floating in the air, she had her sword pointed outward while with her other hand, her palm was on the back of it for support.

“You just helped me!” Erin said. She had never felt this way before, strangely new energy was rising in her, and it was completely different from the times in the past.

She couldn’t help it, and she could not control what was about to come out from within her. She didn’t know if it was because the suppression chains were off or if it was because of who she was facing, but her eyes started to glow yellow, and a yellow Aura could be seen over the sword.

As Erin prepared to strike from the front, Leo went from behind and prepared his one-strike slash again, placing it back in his sheath.

‘In this fight, I will be the support.’ Leo thought, as his attack was only meant to be a distraction.

Seeing the yellow Aura, Laxmus’ confident smile faded away, and instead, anger was building up in him. A vein appeared on his forehead.

“You let a Dhampir exist!” He shouted.

Laxmus’ skin turned redder, almost the same colour as blood itself. He no longer looked like he was human. Next, as Leo threw his one strike, it had stopped midway. When he looked up, it hadn’t hit his back, for instead, it had hit a pair of wings.

The black hardened blood covered the entire of Laxmus’ forearm and went up halfway to his bicep, producing something that looked similar to that of a flame pattern. His fingers elongated, becoming more boney while his nails grew, and his head also seemed to elongate as well.

No longer could anyone who looked at this being think they looked human or like a vampire. This was something more along the lines of a bloodsucker, only something far worse.

‘This was the white energy I could sense inside. It has mixed with the vampire self…this is not a vampire.’ Leo realized.

However, it was too late for him to do anything. Both of Laxmus’ wings flapped with such strength that it sent Leo flying across into the crowd. A few of them stepped to the side, while members of the tenth family who had trained under him had grabbed Leo.

They continued to skid across the floor, but these members were ones that had trained in Qi and had used whatever power they could to finally hold Leo.

“Are you okay, sir!” They asked.

Leo hadn’t replied but instead spat out some blood. With the flap of wings, a force that went through his Qi had struck him, hurting him. All he could think now was that Erin was in trouble. Lifting his hand, the yellow aura hit Laxmus’ open palm, but it looked like it did nothing.

The sword had done nothing. Erin tried to pull on the chains to reposition herself. She moved over to the side, but Laxmus grabbed both of the chains and pulled them apart this time. Despite them having been coated in the second stage, they had no trouble breaking as the links fell to the floor.

“You are getting stronger even now. You can not live!” Laxmus said, his voice much deeper than it was before. He opened his mouth, which stretched beyond what was humanly possible. The skin by the side of his mouth opened, allowing him to open it four times what a human could, and a red beam of aura energy could be seen gathering.

The next second it was unleashed.

“Please be ready!” Erin thought as she pulled her Demon tier weapon out from her back, and she could see the ring was no longer on cool down. She pointed out the sword activating the first skill. It shot out the ice tunnel directly towards Laxmus.

The two great powers hit. As the ice tunnel hit the red aura, it started to freeze over it, but the attack hadn’t stopped being produced from Laxmus’ mouth, and the ice was getting destroyed by the second. The red aura beam was winning. It continuingly struck the ice until it finally looked like it was about to reach Erin.

‘The Demon tier weapon lost out. His attack was stronger?’

“You did well, but it’s time you leave it for us.” A voice said, and as the red aura was about to touch Erin, a shadow could be seen rising. It smashed into the shadow and stayed there in place while someone grabbed Erin and moved to safety.

The shadow then moved, and the red beam was redirected into the sky. Lighting up the whole planet and had gone so far out through the sky that perhaps, those from other planets could see it.

“The shadow power, my power!” Laxmus said, turning around. That’s when he could see a man holding onto the opponent he was facing just seconds ago.

“Why..” Erin asked as she was gently let down. She didn’t understand, why of all people now, had Arthur decided to come and save them.

However, Arthur just looked towards the one in front of him and held his sword in his hand. At the same time, there was another by his side.

“The king, the king is here!” The people shouted.

Both Arthur and Bryce stood a few meters away from each other, looking towards the original king. By now, the fight with the Royal guards had ended, Paul and the others had defeated Tempus, and everyone had moved away to the edge of the vampire settlement.

“Wait, why are Arthur and Bryce here? What happened to Quinn?” Sunny wondered.

Arthur looked towards Bryce.

“You heard the boy. We just have to give him some time.”

Bryce scoffed and walked forward.

“I was never counting on him in the first place!” Bryce answered as he lifted his hands, summoning the hundred blood swords.


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