My Vampire System Chapter 1357: Laxmus' Strength

It was a struggle for them to gauge the strength of the vampire in front of them, but after they had seen him destroy so many vampires with a simple flick of his finger, they knew two things. One, he was powerful, and two, he didn’t care about the vampires’ lives at all and would do anything to get his way.

“Is it just me, or does it feel like the vampire settlement has been on its last legs a lot recently,” Jin commented as he pulled out his blood weapon, the blood shield.

“Indeed, but I remember a time when the leaders would complain that nothing would happen, that their powers were wasted, well here is your chance,” Lee replied.

Muka stepped forward out of the group of leaders.

“This is the vampire settlement. I know you may be one of the original vampires, but we have our own rules and ways of working. You recklessly just killed vampires under the settlement, you are not fit to be a king, and none of the council does not agree with your decision. We now have no choice but to attempt to forcefully remove you from your position.

Laxmus looked at the leaders in front of him and just started to laugh.

“There were a lot more of you last time. Do you really think that you can stop me? All of the originals only just, and there was that annoying Eno man before.”

Hearing this, the leaders were unsure if the new vampire was bluffing, but he was right about one thing. That the leader’s numbers had dwindled. Kazz hadn’t joined in, and Tempus was standing on the other side.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd families had no leader that could represent them in this fight, and it was similar with the 7th, 8th, 10th and 12th families. Either they had been disbanded, similar to Jill’s family or they just didn’t have a leader anymore.

Leaving the fight up to six leaders, Jin Talon, the fourth leader, Sunny Kent the fifth leader, Jake Muscat the 6th leader, Muka Fortuna the 9th leader, David Scutter, the 11th leader, and Lee Sanguinis, the 13th leader.

The vampires in the settlement stood to the side, watching the fight that was to occur in front of them. They believed that it was easy work for their leaders, while the leaders themselves did not. The first to make a move was David. He had strong hard fists that would only become more powerful with each hit.

It was a similar ability to Prima, but it relied on strength more so than speed. As he ran forward, all the other leaders followed in an Arrow formation, ready to make their attack at the right time.

David threw out his fist, which looked to be twice the size of a regular person. Laxmus looked to also be making his move, as he threw his own fist to match with Davids. This was exactly what David wanted, a head to head confrontation. It was where he was at his strongest, no blood powers and no fancy tricks.

Seeing the movment of the hand, Lee decided to use his blood strings to pull back the hand of Laxmus, so he was unable to punch, allowing David to make a clean hit, but at that moment, Laxmus wasn’t held back at all.

He moved his hand, and the strings didn’t break but had overpowered Lee, sending his face to the ground. The two fists collided, David’s fist was shattered in seconds, and his whole body went flying backwards.

That was when the settlement saw something they thought they would never see. The way the vampire treated them was similar to how they imagined a fight with a leader and a regular vampire would go.

“Do you really think someone who has been blessed with the gift from our god could be hurt by you fools!” Laxmus shouted, and a shield was seen coming his way. Grabbing onto the shield, he caught it.

Seconds later and several explosions went off. It used Jin’s blood activating on the spot. Jake was pretty sure that wouldn’t be enough to hurt the original and soon was placing his hands on several places in the ground, setting up traps wherever he could.

At the same time, both Muka, with his large spiked mace, and Sunny decided to attack from the side. Muka swung his mace with blood aura over it while Sunny was prepping for the attack known as blood canon.

The dust from the explosion had settled, and Laxmus was seen standing there.

“What an interesting shield,” Laxmus said, and using his finger, he gripped hard, crushing it and causing it to break with pieces crumbling to the floor.

Laxmus’ whole body started to turn slightly red. His entire skin was red, and it was something the leaders had never seen before. When the mace successfully hit from, Laxmus grabbed the weapon with his bare hands allowing the spikes to go through it, and using his strength, he pulled it from his hand, now holding the weapon for himself.

The blood cannon from Sunny had successfully hit Laxmus, but it didn’t even move him a few inches. Taking the spikes out of his hand, Laxmus held the mace and swung it hitting Muka, and smashing his black armour to pieces, he went falling to the floor.

Sunny started to use her blood powers one after another as she constantly kept moving, keeping her distance. Laxmus then dashed over towards her, but she had carefully made a note of where Jake had laid his traps.

It was then that one of them lit up, and Laxmus was unable to move. Seeing this, Jin made a cut on his arm and threw out his blood, attacking with everything he could, and Sunny and the other leaders had all done the same.

However, despite all of this, Laxmus’ red skin was still intact, and the only wound on him seemed to be from Muka’s mace that he had self-inflicted.

“The leaders…they can’t beat him…” the vampires thought.

They could see they had used great skills and their abilities, yet it was quite clear that the vampire was hardly injured. The vampires didn’t know what to do. If they were to run into their castles, it was quite possible that they would be attacked.

It felt like all they could do was watch as a new vampire king was forcefully selected.

“I was right. You guys are weaker than the ones before. Let me show you what a real blood attack looks like.” Laxmus said as he smiled.

Placing both his hands to the side, a red ball of aura could be seen gathering in both of them. Blood would spin constantly. It was then he threw it out that two beams of red energy shot out. It looked like whoever or whatever it touched would be destroyed.

The beam was too large for the leaders to avoid, so they all prepared blood cannons, firing it off into the red energy beam. Their own attacks had joined up, creating a powerful blood attack, but it was a dwarf compared to Laxmus’.

When it touched, it did nothing, and the leaders could see their lives flashing before their eyes, until a certain girl with black hair who they hadn’t seen before stood in front of them. She stabbed her large sword into the ground.

‘Third skill activated.’

Soon an ice wall started to appear, and the attack hit the ice wall, and it wasn’t breaking at all. It was then that the attack began to reflect back, and it was now heading for Laxmus himself. Seeing this, he had no choice and braced himself.

He gathered energy in his fists again and punched the energy upward, almost redirecting it into the air. Still, he wanted to hit it all away, but some of the energy had still hit his body.

Soon the ice barrier disappeared, and Laxmus could be seen, huffing and panting. His skin was partly hurt from his own Aura attack.

“What was that!” Laxmus shouted out. “Tempus!”

It was then, that a red blood swipe, faster than any of the vampires had seen, shot out from the side, Laxmus lifted up his arm trying to block it as if it was no deal, but it had cut through his arm and left a large cut on his skin, drawing even more blood.

The one that the leaders thought were invincible had just been hurt and damaged twice.

“It looks like the two of you took all the limelight,” Paul said.

“In a fight like this, that does not matter. We just need to win.” Leo replied.

As for where the two attacks had come from, the tenth family seeing them started to cheer.

“It’s the tenth family! The vampire knights and Erin.”

“Vampire knights,” Laxmus said, holding his arm, trying to figure out what this weird energy was. “Vampires from the tenth family hurt me, and they were knights at that!”

The leaders themselves couldn’t believe it. They didn’t understand what happened but knew it had come from these now standing in front of them. However, Erin had used her strongest skill and had the element of surprise using it at the perfect time, still Laxmus was not yet defeated.

To top things off, Tempus went to Laxmus’ side and placed his hand on him, and in front of all their eyes, Laxmus’ wounds that he had just received had healed.

“That is going to be a troublesome pair,” Paul said. “Looks like we need to get rid of him, first.”


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