My Vampire System Chapter 1356: A Vampire God

In that instant, the leaders, the vampires in the settlement, and even Arthur, Quinn and Bryce could feel a strange energy suddenly enter the whole settlement. It was for a brief moment, but as it hit them, it caused all of their bodies to shudder. It was something that none of them could explain because it was something that they had never felt in their life before.

On top of that, Quinn could feel something reacting to it.

‘Is it in my dimensional space? The tablet is reacting to whatever that was just now.’ Quinn thought.

Still, the fight had to continue, and Quinn didn’t have much time to waste, as Bryce had gotten up and thrown the sword off to the side.

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you all!” Bryce shouted.

The leaders wished to stay and watch the outcome between the three of them, even though it seemed apparent now who would be the winner.

“Did you feel that?” Muka asked.

“I did. My heartbeat twice as fast for a few seconds there.” Sunny replied. “Has something happened in the settlement?”

“That would be my guess.” Said Jin. “I think it might be time for us to head back. Quinn has this under control, and we can tell him our plans after this.”

All of the leaders were concerned that something might have happened back at their own castles, so they decided it was best for them to check up on the situation.


At the king’s castle, the original king, the first that had been tasked with leading all of the vampires, had been awoken once more. He was a large muscular man who had a perfect V shape on his upper body. Broad shoulders and long black hair that went down to his collarbone. The most impressive thing about him was the muscles on his back. They were defined so well one could see them even when he simply walked.

The only thing he had on was a pair of trousers, so his top half was visible to all.

He looked to be in his late forties or so with his finely trimmed beard on his face. Just like other vampires, his eyes were red, but this one had a particular glow to them, a glow that was unseen in the other vampires as if a fire was constantly burning in them.

“From what I know, that is everything that has happened since your slumber,” Tempus reported. He had just given an update to the first king, the same way he had done when he was awoken. Telling him of the world of vampires and what each king had done after him, even explaining the punishers that were created after him.

“So that damned Eno first chooses the humans over Rex Immortui, the being who gifted us this power, to then give my own power away. My power was used as a chain the vampires from doing what they wished!” He shouted, slamming his foot on the ground.

Cracks started to appear on the floor, and the whole castle shook under his sheer power.

“Call all of the vampires, tell them to get out from their castles and meet in the centre. The new king, Laxmus…I shall give up my name to prove that I am a real follower of the dead god. I, Laxmus Immortui has given them their order.”

Giving a bow, Tempus had decided to go out of the room first, and Laxmus, the old king, had followed. Surprisingly they could see a bunch of the Royal guards present just outside.

At first, they had helped Kyle deliver the vehicles to the king, but halfway through their journey, they had second thoughts, stating that they could do this no longer and had decided to return to the castle.

Seeing them, Tempus was ready to talk to them, but they knew they would be hard to convince, but that’s when Laxmus had gone out before Tempus even reached them and looked into their eyes.

“This is an order. Tell all the vampires to come out from their castle areas and welcome me.” Laxmus said, and just like how the influence skill would work, their eyes started to fade.

The royal guards immediately went out, informing all of the families in the nearby area. Tempus couldn’t help but continually smile at the old king’s return. He had been part of those that had subdued the king in the past, but showing his tattoo proved that he was a faithful follower of Immortui, which was why the Laxmus hadn’t outright attacked him.

When they finally reached the pooling area, the place was a mess from the countless fights with Bryce and the Dalki. There wasn’t a single building that had been left standing. As the order was sent out, vampires started to leave their castles and enter the pooling area, at least what was left of it.

Even they were shocked by what they could see. The people came out confused. With no leaders present in the castle, they felt like they had no choice but to listen to the command of the Royal guards.

“What is happening, was Arthur dealt with?”

“I think they might be selecting a new king, or maybe a new king has been selected.”

Rumours started to spread, and eventually, everyone gathered in the pooling area from each of the castles. In the end, even Paul and the others had decided to follow the orders, not wanting to cause trouble and Kazz as well.

The reason for them coming out was the strange feeling they had felt not too long ago. Paul, Silver, and Erin had arrived; they were no longer wearing their disguises and now stood by Paul’s side.

“From the look on your faces, it seems like you guys might have a better idea of what is going on at the moment,” Paul asked.

“It would take a while to explain, and I’m not quite sure,” Leo replied. What was worrying him was the colour coming off from the vampire that was standing in the pooling area. Now that he was awake, he could see it clearly. Although his colour was purple like most of the vampires that Leo saw, he could also see a source of white light.

The Royal guards stood in order, as they would usually do in front of the king, only this time they weren’t standing in front of the king, and instead in front of a vampire none of them had seen before.

However, the vampires did recognise Tempus, who was by this person’s side. It looked like the new vampire was prepared to give a speech and that the leaders had returned from their little spectacle that was happening at the fourteenth castle.

They could see their families were all huddled outside of their castles and wondered what was happening.

“Excellent, it looks like everyone who needs to be here is finally here,” Tempus said. “Although, there is one person missing? Is he dead?”

“Greetings, everyone!” Laxmus shouted in a booming voice, it travelled easily through the air, and everyone could hear him clearly. “I am the vampire king, Laxmus Immortui. A servant of the one that bestowed this great gift to us all, and leader of you all.

“I, your rightful king, was betrayed a long time ago by all your family leaders, bashing me into an eternal slumber, but all I was trying to do was complete the task that our god asked us to do.

“To send more souls to the undead world. I was simply fulfilling his wish, and for some reason, they had decided to stop that. It was the reason why we exist and the reason why we were so different. Now that I am back, I plan to continue this conquest.

“We shall travel to earth and start the annihilation. Sending countless souls until Immortui’s belly is full!”

The other vampires listening to the speech were confused. They had no idea what this new vampire they had met for the first time was talking about. Some strange god that they served, none of them even believed in gods. They simply cared just about vampires and themselves, even those vampires that believed they were above humans.

Some of the older leaders knew a little bit about the old past and had a bad feeling about who this person was.

“Leo, what are we going to do?” Erin asked. “I know a lot of what that vampire said sounded crazy, but I’m pretty sure he just said that he was going to get rid of all humans.”

Leo was unsure what to do and was hoping that instead of them needing to act, that the other leaders would. But he feared something else even if they did act.

“It seems none of you sees me as your king. I gave an order, yet no one is moving. There were no cheers after I spoke. I see the vampire settlement has truly, truly fallen.” Lifting up his hand, Laxmus made a flicking gesture, he pointed it towards the crowd, and with a flick of his finger, a red beam of aura left it.

The next second, the entire row of vampires no longer had their heads and fell to the ground dead.

The vampires screamed as they ran around the settlement, trying to get back into their castles. These actions just seemed to annoy Laxmus more. Still, before he could do anything else, all of the leaders were now standing in front of him, including the Royal guard Kyle.

“Oh my, doesn’t this remind you of the past,” Tempus said with a smile, looking at all of them against the original king.


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