My Vampire System Chapter 1355: An Eye With Wings

Using Shadow overload in a situation like this seemed quite crazy but Quinn had his plans. He didn’t know how long Bryce or Arthur had been fighting for, but both of them were physically wounded and not at their best. There wouldn’t be a better situation to subdue the two of them then at this moment now. Quinn needed to finish it.

With Arthur unable to use his shadow due to the strange crystal, Quinn thought he would have a nice surprise for them both.

[Shadow overload activated]

The shadows started to pour out from Quinn and soon covered his body giving him the shadow body he would usually get. He was waiting to see if his shadow body would be consumed by the crystal but it didn’t seem to be the case.

Then, letting out a slight flicker of Shadow control, Quinn could see it heading for the crystal. Although the shadows on his body weren’t influenced by the crystal, whatever he would use would be.

‘At least this means I can still use the shadow, and while I’m in this form I have unlimited MC cell’s to use the shadow as much as I like!’ Quinn thought. ‘Two minutes that’s all I have.’

[Nitro accelerate activated]

Quinn’s already fast body sped up even more. There was a reason why the Vampire Lord had kept this armour set in particular, instead of exchanging it for ones at a higher tier and it was all because of this active skill.

Perhaps in the hands of a human, it would have only done so much, but on a vampire with 100 Agility, the boost from this active skill was all he Quinn needed.

Bryce’s Blood swords went out towards Quinn. Seeing this, the most common comparison one could make when seeing such a sight, would be that it was like raindrops. Something impossible to avoid, but Quinn could see each and every one of the individual swords.

He ran forward, moving past each one as if they were in slow motion. They missed and slowly turned around, but every single one of them couldn’t touch Quinn even for a second.

“Impossible!” Were the words coming out from Bryce’s mouth, a sentiment that everyone else present would agree with.

Seeing this, the King prepared to use his blood in a different way from the swords, ready for the close combat battle that would soon come, but Quinn would interrupt any idea he had of this.

Two Shadow portals appeared in front of Quinn. He empowered his hands with just the first stage of Qi and punched forward as hard as he could. Bryce was confused by these actions because Quinn was nowhere near close enough to do damage, even with his strange powers.

At the same time though, as Quinn’s hands went through the shadow, they came out from two shadow portals behind Bryce’s back, hitting him from behind. The force was so great that it threw Bryce through the air, towards the tenth leader.

Quinn had actually lost control over the Shadow portals the moment they had finished forming, but he didn’t care. They had served their purpose and in his current form he could do it as many times as he wanted.

Bryce was approaching him, but he had already adapted to the situation, creating two Blood swords in his hands, while he placed the crystal around his waist.

“Sorry but I’m not the one you’re going to be fighting.” Quinn smirked, lifting his hand, and dropping Arthur in the middle of it. Arthur was suddenly thrown into an awkward situation appearing from a shadow portal, and had no choice to once again use his sword to cause a giant explosion destroying the Blood sword but also hurting both of them in the process.

The two of them tried to recover quickly but were still hurt from their fight from before.

“Quinn…you. What is that?” Arthur asked, looking at his strange shadow body which was something Arthur was even unable to do with the shadow.

“This is you not knowing a goddamn thing about me, Arthur!!” Quinn answered, as he ran forward towards him, the blade was swung down, and Quinn had summoned his own sword himself. He swung it as hard as he could, and Arthur was getting ready to swing back.

Quinn’s swordsman ship screamed immature, but what did it matter when the strength, speed and Qi behind was beyond anything that Arthur had seen before? The second the two swords made impact, Arthur could feel his strength losing out.

“I fought against Cindy using this to save the settlement! I fought against countless Dalki and more. All with the image of you in my head!” Quinn revealed.

Arthur, seeing that he would lose out in strength, decided to cause yet another explosion, but his hands were still damaged and it had started to pile up. Still, he could see no other way to get Quinn’s sword off him.

A big explosion occurred and Arthur was hurt but neither had moved from their place, Quinn was unhurt. His shadow body had protected him and his sword was in perfect condition unharmed.

“This was a gift from a human! He gave this to me because he wanted me to live, to get stronger and to help save the human race! So why? Why couldn’t you do the same?” Quinn bellowed, kicking Arthur’s sword, sending him to the ground.

It was then that Quinn could feel something coming from behind, as he turned he could see two large vortexes of blood heading his way.

“Don’t interfere!” Quinn shouted.

He started to swing the sword like a mad man, but each time it would let out stages of the third Qi, when it would touch part of the Blood vortex it would disappear and disperse. With this, Quinn created countless sword slashes, going through the air hitting the vortex until it was no more, and followed behind it was the sword itself.

Bryce had no clue this was coming. The sword went through his barrier ability of a thousand strikes. Everything that got within a certain range of the user would be struck by an invisible force that was similar to that of a sword, controlled by the person’s ability. Of course how many strikes in a certain amount of time was determined by the user, and the strength of the ability itself was also dependent on the user.

This could be used in an offensive as well as defensive way but despite his ability, the sword went through without faltering and hit Bryce in the centre of the chest so hard it caused him to fall onto the floor. The sword had even slightly dented the armour as it stayed there in place.

“Arthur, I don’t understand!” Quinn turned his attention back to the Punisher, now unleashing Shadow portals all over the area, he started to throw out Blood swipes, Blood disks and more into each of the shadow portals. On top of that, Quinn would create new ones so the attacks would be directed coming from a different place.

Arthur picked up his sword and started swinging, blocking a lot of the attacks, but eventually there was one person that would be there as well, Quinn himself. He threw out a knee that was blocked by the sword, but then a Blood swipe hit Arthur from behind.

Quinn delivered a strong thigh kick, this time Arthur used part of his shadow to block, but seeing this the tenth leader used the third stage of Qi to break through it. It also broke through his own shadow body, but once the kick was delivered to Arthur’s thigh almost shattering his bone inside the Shadow body returned.

“Do you remember when you beat me silly before? Well I haven’t forgotten it, but let’s see you try that again!!” Quinn didn’t hold back his spite, suddenly sinking into the ground and appearing from behind. The Vampire Lord kicked his target into the air, and then sunk into another shadow below appearing directly above Arthur and gave a punch full of pain straight on to his chest slamming him into the ground.

Arthur landed, creating a crater, leaving Quinn standing in front of him.

“Did…Quinn just… win?” Jake asked, still not believing what his eyes had seen.

It was at that moment, that all the shadows that Quinn had used in the fight, including the one Arthur had used, headed towards Bryce.

“Get up.” Quinn ordered. “I’m not done.”


At the same time, inside the king’s castle. Leo had finally gotten Tempus to revert Silver back to her original appearance. The Original cared so little about them that he didn’t even take the chance to verify who had actually infiltrated the castle and just handed her back after he was done.

Blood was already dripping onto Tempus’ hand and had fallen into the chamber.

“Should we stop him now?” Erin asked.

“No.” Silver shook her hand, placing her mask back on her face. “It’s already too late.”

“We have to get out of here!” Leo answered, and the three of them started to run out of the castle immediately, but who would they warn, who could they warn and what could they do.

The chamber slowly started to lift from the ground, this one slightly larger than all the others in the other tombs. Then slowly as the blood dripped onto the body inside, it started to energize them.

“Awaken, once again my old friend!” Tempus called out.

The chamber slowly started to open, and the one who had been asleep for the longest time, took a step out. There was a look of confusion as the one looked down to his hands and checked his surroundings.

“What…happened.” Those were his first words, directed at Tempus as he was the closest one to him. The next moment memories of the events of everything before he had been placed in the chamber filled his head.

“ARGHHHH!” The being screamed with anger, as he walked forward and a special marking could be seen on his back. A single eye with wings.

“You have woken up, my friend! You, the first REAL King of the vampires, the only King we should have ever had! Now come and let me help you claim what’s rightfully yours!” Tempus explained, with clear fanaticism as he tore off the sleeve on his shirt, revealing the same marking as the other, a single eye with wings.


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