My Vampire System Chapter 1354: Better than them

[New quest received]

[Your fourteenth castle has become a battleground]

[You have been unsuccessful in getting either person to back down peacefully]

[Quest: Throw out the intruders!]

[Reward: ????]

‘Even now you’re still giving me quests?’ Quinn thought as he looked over the message. After receiving Eno’s little gift, he was no longer able to improve his normal stats since they had been maxed out, making him curious what type of reward the system would offer him. Not just that, but there was something else that he noticed with the system as well that had given him confidence.

‘So…you think I can do it, huh? You think I can take these two guys on. Not that I was going to back down in the first place.’

[Using your title’s effect, you have have consumed the shadows]

[Your maximum amount of MC cells has grown]

‘It’s strange to see shadow users here, something must be going on.’ Quinn concluded, but he didn’t have much time to think.

Arthur, now knowing that the Vampire Lord had decided to fight, was charging in, but rather than at Bryce it looked like he was aiming for Quinn instead. Still, something was up, why wasn’t Arthur using his shadow?

“I’m thankful you came! With those shadows gone, I can use you to speed up my attacks, Quinn! Let’s see how much you’ve learned since the last time!” Arthur called out his challenge, swinging his sword.

“I’m sorry, Arthur, I’m afraid I can’t allow you to touch me!” Quinn replied.

A large amount of Qi had been piled up in Quinn’s body ever since he had defeated the Pure’s Agent 2. By absorbing all those crystals in the Demi-god tier beast’s hideout, he had received a boost that his body simply hadn’t been able to handle… until Eno’s gift that was.

Now he could use more Qi than before, and he could utilise it. To top it off, the stats Quinn received made him faster than ever before.

At the right time, as the blade was swung down, Quinn moved and went to punch the blade by its side, but before his fist even touched the weapon, Arthur already felt the force in it being pushed. The blade continued to go forward and had hit the ground.

Quinn then went in for another punch but this time, Arthur moved out of the way.

“You think, I’ll allow that strange invisible force to hit me twice?” Arthur questioned, picking up the sword from the ground, and ready to slam it against Quinn.

Before that had occurred though, the flying Blood blades approached both of them from behind. Quinn could sense the incoming danger and immediately jumped out of the way, yet the Blood blades were still floating towards him.

‘Blood swipe!’ Quinn activated the skill, and aimed towards one of the large swords. After it left his hand, he could feel that his swipe was being controlled by something, causing his attack to miss.

‘Cindy wasn’t able to do that. Is Bryce’s absolute blood control so great that he can even control my blood skills? No wonder, Arthur has refrained from using his Blood skills!’

With part of the Blood blades going after Arthur and some going after him, Quinn needed to deal with them, and perhaps attack Bryce. That’s when he decided to activate his shadow, lifting it in place. The sword’s attacks were blocked, but he noticed something. After blocking the attack, Quinn attempted to move the shadow, but just like his Blood swipe he lost control over it.

‘Activate title effect!’ Quinn ordered and tried to regain control over the shadow. Alas, it refused to listen to him even then. Quinn followed the escaping shadow and saw it head towards Bryce like a dog happy to see its owner.

‘Is that why Arthur hasn’t been using his shadow? Just what is that crystal in his hand?’ Quinn wondered. It was strange, Quinn was supposed to control shadows even if they were controlled by others with his title effect.

He had believed Arthur hadn’t used his shadow because he knew that, but that didn’t seem to be the reason at all. The crystal seemed to be more powerful than what Quinn’s title allowed him to do, even though they were in the fourteenth castle area.

‘The shadow isn’t the only thing I can use!’ Quinn thought, dashing off the ground, and kicking the ground up as he left. Quinn was now even faster than Prima, the one that had been called the fastest vampire, and he ran past all the blood swords getting to Brcye’s position nearly instantly.

“Bryce, you lost to me once already! Do you think your fancy title will change anything now?!” Quinn taunted the other vampire. Getting ready to deliver a Hammer strike filled with third stage Qi directly to his opponent’s stomach. He had learned from fighting Cindy that it was important to not touch the armour, and with his improvement in Qi it should be easy enough.

“You brat, let’s see who will have the last laugh after this fight! I’ll make you grovel at my feet.” Bryce couldn’t see what Quinn had done but he could guess, and held out his palm. The King’s arm recoiled backwards, firing off a red raw beam of energy. It was the Blood cannon, only supercharged with power.

The two forces collided, sending ripples out, and Quinn knew he would be hurt, so he decided to use Shadow lock on himself. The attack continued going forward and had beaten out Quinn’s Qi strength but he was nowhere to be seen, instead Arthur was now following up from behind.

Arthur went and thrusted his sword forward, but Bryce had activated his ability. As the sword got within a certain range, it started to constantly be hit by some strange force, by then, Quinn had come out of his shadow lock, and appeared behind Arthur.

‘Crescent kick!’ Quinn went out, throwing a kick towards Arthur’s head as hard as he could. Seeing as there was no way for him to avoid the strike, the Punisher had no choice but to use his shadow to defend himself.

Seeing this though, Quinn smiled. His foot continued to travel, and as the shadow went to surround it, it was suddenly pushed out of the way.

‘I have to keep attacking after this!’ Quinn told himself.

His foot landed solid, connecting with Arthur’s head. He was confident in his shadow blocking the attack but no such thing had happened, and because of that, Quinn’s foot had successfully landed, hitting him to the side.

Straight away Quinn went to chase after Arthur, but a vortex of blood appeared in front of him. Destroying the ground and blocking his path.

“Damn it!” Quinn yelled in frustration, aware that this time Bryce was getting in the way.

The leaders watching the spectacle couldn’t believe it. Quinn wasn’t simply strong, but he was actually able to keep up with the other two supreme beings on the field. They were watching vampire history unfold in front of their very eyes.

“How did the boy get so strong so fast? He might even be doing better than them.” Sunny said.

“Quinn has gotten stronger, the situation is to his advantage.” Jin pointed out. “I don’t know if you noticed, but Arthur’s greatest weapon is his shadow, but the King’s crystal seems to stop him from being able to utilise it. To top that off, even when Arthur uses it, Quinn appears to have a way to get around that somehow.

“Quinn’s speed and strength is beyond that of any vampire I have ever seen.”

They were right, Quinn himself didn’t know what had happened to him, but ever since his system had been unlocked and the full potential in his body got unleashed he was able to keep up with them both.

‘This won’t do.’ Quinn thought. ‘I can keep up with them, but I can’t beat them like this. Without my shadow, I can’t utilise my full strength, but Bryce has his annoying crystal….maybe, there’s still a way.’

It was a risk, but it was the only thing Quinn could do. Right now all of the momentum of the fight was in his hands, and he needed to finish this before things changed.

[Soul weapon activated]

[Shadow overload]


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