My Vampire System Chapter 1353: No point fighting

The other leaders were beyond shocked to see the tenth leader of all people suddenly appear in the middle of the fight between King Bryce and the Punisher Arthur. Where had he come from? How did he know about this fight? And most importantly, what had he just done to knock both of these supreme beings off their feet?

Nobody doubted his strength, after all he had been the one who had defeated the previous Queen. Although not crowned for long, Cindy had learned the Absolute blood control skill and had even stolen the Blood armour, yet he had still somehow been able to beat her.

Nevertheless, this fight was a tier above that.

Unlike his predecessor, Bryce had had ample time to familiarise himself with the King’s exclusive skill. What’s more, he hadn’t been considered the strongest leader out of all of them despite his advanced age for nothing. Then there was Arthur, a being that none of them understood, yet all feared no matter how strong they got.

“What did he use against them? I didn’t see anything come out of his hands?” Sunny asked, watching carefully.

Unfortunately, nobody else had been able to make it out, because it was something none of the vampires had seen before. Quinn had used the third stage of Qi. He had tested it out on the space beings, and had only recently come across it, but it was also the only thing he had believed would be able to surprise the two of them on initial impact.

Any blood attack they would have simply avoided, his shadow abilities would have fared no better,

yet they couldn’t block an attack they were unable to see. It turned out that it had worked far better than even Quinn had anticipated.

A short while later, after the tenth leader had landed on the ground, the ship could be seen crashing off in the distance. Now it made sense to them why Quinn had suddenly appeared out of the sky.

Of course, during Quinn’s flight all he had been doing was preparing himself, watching out for any situation where he might be needed. The second his eyes latched onto Arthur, he had decided to descend.

‘I have to…I have to speak to them all…all of this fighting is pointless.’ Quinn thought to himself.

“Listen!” Quinn shouted, while the two were still getting off the floor. “Stop fighting, neither one of you should have a real reason to fight against each other.”

The second Bryce saw who it was, his anger wasn’t unsettled.

‘How did this boy even get here? Even as a King he dares defy me!!!’ Bryce was practically fuming.

Still, due to what had just happened moments ago, the vampire wasn’t going to act until he knew how Quinn had done it. The tenth leader always seemed to have tricks up his sleeve and there was a chance what had just happened was the same.

Bryce could feel his insides hurt from the strange force, and his body wasn’t healing well from it. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him from holding back his tongue.

“How dare you?!” Bryce questioned him. “You ignored an official order from your King himself and what’s more you tried to harm me? Do you know the consequences your actions will have?”

“Shut up!” Quinn yelled back, immediately directing it at Bryce. “You aren’t fit to be King, not that I ever regarded you as one. You’ve attacked the fourteenth castle, and I already know what you have been doing to all those missing people from the other families!”

While on his way here, Paul hadn’t stopped updating Sam on the situation, who in turn would relay that information to Quinn as well.

“Both of you need to hear the truth! Once you realise how stupid this whole thing is, hopefully you will end this madness!” Quinn pleaded.

Arthur for one, decided to not attack and let the boy speak.

“I shall listen to you, Quinn. I owe you that much at least, though I doubt it will change anything.” Arthur said and stared at Bryce. His gaze made it clear that he would resume the fight if the other vampire wouldn’t follow suit. The King didn’t mind the chance to have a breather, especially since it would grant him time to get rid of the strange energy.

Bryce just scoffed, but he didn’t give off any signs that he would attack. Knowing him this was the best he could get. Not wanting to waste any time, Quinn started to speak, hoping it might quell the situation somehow.

“Look, I understand Bryce, I know about your past! I saw the room and I know what really happened to the knights.” Quinn began.

Suddenly, Bryce became far more intrigued to hear what the tenth leader had to say.

“The Boneclaw, Richard Eno’s old familiar, is now with me. I saw what really happened. I know your grandfather was the person who was against the Punishers. So it was easy for them to put the blame on him, but he wasn’t the one that harmed them. The one that harmed them is the familiar that is now with me.”

When telling his tale, the other leaders were also able to hear, but they could only guess what Quinn was referring to.

“The truth is, Richard Eno, the first king, was the one that had ordered the attack on Arthur’s knights. He did so hoping that Arthur would take his role more seriously. He needed someone powerful to pin the blame on, so the vampires would believe there was a need for Punishers.”

“Don’t you understand? The one that orchestrated this entire situation, the one who tricked both of you was none other than Richard Eno, the First King. He is the one behind all of this!” Quinn explained. “Bryce, he caused your grandfather’s death, not Arthur! Arthur was just as much a victim in all of this.”

“I know!” Bryce suddenly shouted. “Don’t you think I didn’t know that, but that doesn’t change the fact that he and all the vampires still agreed to put them to death! No one stopped anything.”

“Even if I said this fact, would anyone believe me, could they bring him back! No, by then everyone was praising the Punisher’s existence, and you tell me to blame Eno? I’ve blamed him every single day since I found out, but where is he now? Don’t you think I should blame all the vampires that also agreed to the whole settlement in the first place!”

Hearing Bryce speak his mind like this, he and the other leaders actually got a good look at Bryce’s true feelings. He didn’t just hate the Punishers, he also hated the vampires that had allowed the Punishers to exist. No wonder, he had been able to so easily claim their lives to achieve his personal goal.

“Do you not care what happens to the settlement, as long as you get what you want?” Quinn asked. “What crap are you talking about? The majority of vampires making up the settlement weren’t even alive when your Grandfather died! Why should they be punished for crimes they didn’t commit?!”

It was at that moment that Arthur let out a big sigh.

“I told you, Quinn, that no matter what you had to say it wouldn’t change anything. Where even is Richard? He’s not in his tomb, he escaped, right?”

Quinn was waiting for this as well., if he couldn’t convince Bryce then maybe Arthur.

“Arthur, Richard is…I think he’s dead.” Quinn replied. “However, he’s not the only one. I can at least promise you that Jim died. The Dalki were being controlled by him, you don’t have to…”

Arthur shook his head as Quinn was saying these words.

“I already know about Jim’s death. Your friend Fex told me, but this doesn’t change anything. Even without him, the Dalki will still win this war. Before I pass on, I WILL exact my revenge!”

“Knowing that we were both tricked, doesn’t change the fact that Bryce killed my friends and their families. I can’t forgive him for that. The Dalki sacrificed their people to allow me to get my revenge, so I will still kill the Dragon to repay them… unless you can stop me, Quinn.”

Hearing Arthur say this, Quinn knew that there was only one way out now. Still, he had one question on his mind before trying to stop the Punisher.

“Where are Linda and Fex?” Quinn said.

“Defeat me and you will find out, but I think you will soon join them.” Arthur replied confidently.

At that moment, the shadow people that were under Bryce’ control, charged in towards Arthur and Quinn. Bryce pushed himself off the ground, and went far away from the boy.

“I will get rid of both of you!” Bryce shouted.

However, Quinn just stood there, his fist tensed up.

‘Arthur, are you saying you…killed them!’

The shadow creatures came towards him and Arhur, they then suddenly collapsed, falling on the ground. Bryce stopped for a second, wondering what had happened. He looked over at his crystal, yet it was still dark in colour, not having changed in the least and yet the shadows out there were no longer listening to them.

[Title placed]

[Leader of the Punishers]

[You now have control of the shadows in this area]

All of the shadows lifted from their bodies, revealing their true selves. Arthur could see some of the wounds he had created with his sword, the bodies now laid there on the floor, and the shadow went and joined with Quinn, adding to his own.

‘The castle….it selected him.’ Arthur realised.

“If you don’t want to listen to reason, I’ll just have to beat the both of you!” Quinn shouted in anger.


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