My Vampire System Chapter 1349: Blood swords

Arthur could see that the blood was moving from the other castles and heading towards Bryce from a distance. It was all of the blood spilt from the vampires, the masked and the Dalki in the area. Controlling more blood was troublesome, and even now, Bryce had plenty of blood to play with.

This was apparent by how much destruction he had caused with just the amount of blood he had now. This was why Arthur decided to not hold back. Quickly using the shadow equip skill, his blood armour was shown, and Arthur held his great sword in his hand.

At the same time, the large shadow started to form on his back, giving him two gigantic wings made from shadow. On Bryce’s side, he had formed the ten large swords of blood that were hovering in the air, and it was time for the clash to begin.

The largest of the blood blades was sent out first. This was the blade that continued Bryce’s true sword inside as well.

Seeing this, Arthur moved his large shadow wing to block the attack. The two hit, sending out waves of energy in all directions. Pulses could be seen due to how much power was in both of these objects. The sword stayed hovering for a few seconds.

Regardless, the sword also could be seen being moved from the shadow easily and going to attack again. It was hard to tell if the effect of the shadow slowing down objects was working on the blood sword or not, for how quick it could move even after touching the shadow.

Controlling them all, Bryce tried to find a way to attack using all the swords, moving them in different areas looking for an opening. At the same time, the shadow on the wings was reacting to each of the attacks just as fast. Changing shape slightly and being able to move freely.

Eventually, Bryce split one of the blood swords into two at the right moment and went straight for Arthur’s head. Before it could reach him, Arthur was able to swing his sword down, slashing it directly in half.

“Did you forget that I was once classed as one of the greatest swordsmen in human history, and I had even more time than you to polish my skills,” Arthur said.

Now that his little warm-up was over, it was time for him to attack.


Leo and the others had left the library in the king’s castle and were slowly heading through the floors. While Tempus still had a hold on Silver. Although Leo had requested that Silver be changed back to her form before he would help her, he had a feeling that Tempus was not the type to comply.

In almost an instant, he started to make it so Silver was even younger, and now she was about the size of a five-year-old girl. Thankfully the large robe they were wearing was long enough to cover everything on their body. Still, now that she was far smaller, her mask had fallen off, revealing her face.

It was hard for anyone, including Tempus, who wasn’t even alive back then, to know who this cute little girl was. It was almost impossible to match it up with the Silver that they knew of.

“Why are we walking?” Tempus asked. “Surely your ability can scan this whole castle. You should know where the tomb is?”

“My ability doesn’t work like that.” Leo lied. “I’m guessing you noticed me using it before, but it has a short range and is less accurate. Depending on the situation, it is harder for me to see as well. Fast movements can also cause problems.

“I assure you, I don’t want anything to happen to my fellow colleagues, and you know that my castle is in trouble, so I would not be taking this lightly.”

Of course, everything that Leo said was a lie, and he and Erin already knew where the tomb was. Leo was just trying to buy time, to figure a way out of this without complying with Tempus’ order.

The problem was, how would they revert Silver back? It seemed like the only way was to listen and awaken the first king. Perhaps Leo was just delaying the inevitable in the end.


Now that the others had left, Kyle Dawn was free to do his duty. The bodies were being piled up on a large type of storage vehicle. The royal guards were helping with the duty, but some of them didn’t seem to be enthusiastic about moving the bodies.

“Hurry, we have no time to waste. Can’t you feel it? The battle with the king and Arthur has already started.” Kyle said.

Still, even with these words, the Royal guards just felt like this was wrong. They had played no part in Bryce’s schemes, they knew nothing about this, so they were processing what he had done just as much as any vampire was.

However, their duty, which had been ingrained in them, was taking over, and they were following orders from the Royal knight. Eventually, all of the bodies had been placed on three vehicles, and it was time to move out.


Running forward the flying blood blades continued to attack Arthur’s back, but they were unable to touch or keep up with him. His large wings of shadow started to expand and grow, chasing after the sword blocking them each time they even came close to him.

Arthur readied his sword and was ready to go straight for Bryce, that was until he could suddenly see ten more blood blades appear, hovering over Bryce’s head. For a second, Arthur thought the attack behind him had stopped, but they were still there.

‘He’s been able to gather more blood, and as time goes on, he will be able to summon more of those blades. With absolute blood control, using my own blood attacks will be ineffective against him, he could even use his powers to stop them, so I will just have to attack the old fashioned way.’

As the swords came towards him, Arthur swung his own blade effortlessly despite its large size, whacking them away and even destroying some of them with such strength. Still, Bryce was able to use the blood again, reforming them into hardened swords the second they were destroyed.

“I see the shadow was something I really didn’t have to worry about much at all. Eventually, your time will be up as I gather more power.” Bryce said.

“Do you really believe that?” Arthur said as he continued to swing his sword, moving his shadow blocking all twenty of the flying blood blades. Then Arthur took a step forward, not just one, but he continued to step forward, blocking them all.

“Do you not remember the reason why I exist? I am the punisher, and my power is meant to be so great, that even if the king is to break a crime, then I am to punish them as well.”

Arthur seemingly ignored some of the blood blades now. There was no need to block all of them, and he let a few of them hit his blood armour. Because when they did, it did absolutely nothing.

Although Arthur couldn’t use his sword’s abilities from a distance, he could still use them on impact. Finally, getting within range of Bryce. Arthur swung his sword down, and Bryce quickly moved his cane covered in blood to his hand. Lifting it, blocking the blow.

An explosion was set off at the same time from the sword’s power, causing Bryce’s knees to buckle under the strength, bending slightly.

“You might have better blood control than me. You might be able to do all of this, but it doesn’t help you in the strength department, nor make up for your lack of skills!’ Arthur shouted, kicking Bryce in the stomach sending him flying through the air.

Arthur quickly followed, swinging his sword hitting Bryce in the stomach and sending him to the ground. The blood swords were trying to keep up, but Arthur’s shadow wasn’t letting up. He was able to control it at a speed beyond what others had seen before.

Not just that, but with each successful hit, Arthur was getting faster due to one of the abilities contained in the sword. After Bryce had recovered, he was being hit with the great sword, again and again, thrown like a rag doll, each time making his movements faster. Bryce could do nothing but protect his head from the devastating blows.

His armour was what was keeping him alive at the moment, but if he didn’t do something, Arthur would only get stronger. Out of rage, the blood armour he was wearing started to light up. Its active skill was activating.

And a flash of red, a great power of aura, was unleashed onto Arthur, who was right next to him. When the flash red disappeared, Bryce could tell that the attacks had stopped, but his opponent had covered his entire body with the shadow wings and was still completely fine.

“You…” Arthur said as he slowly opened his wings. “Even as king and borrowed power are so weak. I can’t believe you did that to them. If only I was there!”

However, Bryce hadn’t just been doing nothing while suffering abuse from Arthur. Now around him, all the blood had been gathered from the settlement. Hovering above him were over a hundred blood swords.

“You dealt with twenty, but let’s see you deal with this!” Bryce said, sending them all out at once.


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