My Vampire System Chapter 1347: Back to a baby

Inside Arthur’s throne room, the group was getting ready to move out when the message was heard on Leo’s mask. It was heard by everyone in the room since they had enhanced hearing and that included the likes of the second leader.

“Oh, it looks like your little family might be in trouble and needs your help. Although, I believe we had an agreement first.” Tempus said. “Don’t tell me you’re planning to leave after getting that message?”

Too many things were happening at once for Leo to make an accurate decision on the spot. For one, there were those in the castle, and now he could see that they were moving the bodies, placing them on some strange device in the library.

There was then the annoying leader, who was trying to summon the original King from the Ryanb, and now his family seemed to be calling for some type of help. The truth was, that the family wasn’t in urgent need of Leo, but they wanted to ask Leo what was going on, on his end, and if they had seen Fex and Linda before letting Quinn make his decision.

However, without the chance to talk to them Leo was unaware of that.

“No, let’s head to the library quickly. We’re in a rush.” Leo answered, walking out the door, and the two women quickly followed behind.

Tempus noticed that as the group got closer to the library two people in particular had slowed down. He found it strange, for he had recently come up through all the floors and knew that there was no one on this floor when he had arrived.

He also noticed that one of the masked kept looking at the other two for confirmation.

‘Are the other two able to sense something? Something that not even my vampire senses can sense? That is certainly interesting.’ Tempus noted.

Entering the library, Silver caught on that they weren’t there to look for a book to help out Tempus but it was because of another reason. Entering the room it was filled with around ten Royal guards.

Two stationed on the bottom floor, who could hear that the others had entered.

‘This is bad, each Royal guard has the strength on the level of a Vampire knight, and there are ten of them. What are they doing here… could it be?’ Frozen in her thought, Silver was too slow to act, but Leo and Erin were not, both quickly heading out.

However, they weren’t easy opponents. The Royal guard were able to react by firing off a red slash of aura. Leo had an easy time avoiding it, ducking before the aura came his way, then getting in position, he avoided a punch and got right up behind the Royal guard using the back of his sword to knock him out. It was quick, strong and had Qi energy infused into it.

‘They certainly are skilful, it looks like I made the right decision not to fight them.’ Tempus thought, but he could see that the single attack had already caught the attention of the other Royal guards on the other floors.

Erin had used the suppression chains to try and silence her enemy, wrapping it around their head, but midway she had learned they had been caught and because of this. She decided to wrap one of the other chains around the vampire’s legs, and swung him, hurling it towards the other floors.

She had succeeded but the only problem was the Royal guard was able to make a recovery, as he spun and landed perfectly fine on the second floor. Seeing this, Erin kissed her teeth tutting.

“These aren’t your average vampires. Going easy on them isn’t an option, not unless you’re as skilled as that person.” Tempus chuckled looking towards the masked Leo. For some reason, this comment rubbed Erin the wrong way. She felt like the Original insinuated that she was below him.

Hearing the commotion, rushing out from the pit room, was Kyle Dawn. He ran to the balcony and could see the others down below.

“Tempus, what the hell are you doing here?! The King hasn’t granted you permission to come here!” Kyle shouted.

“Do you think that really matters at this point?” Tempus shrugged.

One of the Royal guards jumped from the balcony and was too eager to charge in. Silver was thinking of helping, but Leo grabbed her before she could. The Blind Swordsman wanted to see something, just exactly how strong was this original or what could they exactly do.

The Royal guard had used Blood hardening covering both his hands and was pinning them together as it rushed towards Tempus, but the second family leader just gave a yawn as if the whole thing was just tiring.

“Did you not see the countless bodies of the other Royal guards from the first floor? I didn’t realise that they started to allow anyone into the Royal guards.” The second the guard got too close before he even could attack, Tempus had knocked both of his fists from above and suddenly the guard’s hands were planted into the ground.

The guard tried to get up quickly but before he could, Tempus had already stepped on the guard’s back and pushed him into the ground further.

“Whatever happened to respecting your seniors? You know what, I think everyone should learn a lesson for attacking an Original, what do you say?” Tempus asked, not waiting for an answer.

Watching everything going on, Silver also was trying to gauge the Original’s strength, yet it was incredibly hard for her to do. It was clear he was stronger than a typical Vampire knight, and it didn’t seem like he would struggle against most leaders, but how would he fare against the King?

Tempus picked up the Royal guard from the floor, but something strange was happening as the Original placed his other hand on his back. It looked like his body was shrinking in front of their very eyes. The wrinkles on the guard’s face were disappearing and the appearance of the person was getting younger.

‘What is going on, is it…the second family’s ability, but I’ve never heard of it being so strong! Is he actually reversing his age!’ Silver thought seeing this.

Eventually, the former Royal guard turned into a crying baby and only then did Tempus let go of him, gently placing him on the floor.

“You should thank me, you’ll now get to experience life once again as a newborn.” A smile was on his face, proud of his work, while all the other guards were now frightened to move.

Even Kyle was worried about what this would mean for them now. “Tempus, have you lost your mind? Stop interfering and I promise to not mention this to the King. You know what Bryce needs these people for. He’s our only chance to stop Arthur. You can stay here, just let us do as we wish!”

As someone who wanted to do everything the easiest way possible, Tempus liked this suggestion.

“It’s a deal.” He shouted.

For Silver and the others they knew that they couldn’t let Kyle finish what he was doing, and this was when the deal needed to be cut off.

Silver was ready to act, but once again someone stopped her. She felt something grabbing her around the back of her neck, and Tempus who was a few meters away was now suddenly behind her.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Tempus spoke to the other two masked, who had their weapons pointed towards him. “I might not know who you are, but it’s clear that you guys seem to care for each other far more than your average vampire does. On top of that, you tricked me.”

“You brought me to this place knowing that they were here. I can tell that you two have some type of ability that allows you to sense them or see them. If you’re lying about that, then perhaps the two of you are lying about where the tomb is as well.”

Pressing his hand against Silver’s back, slowly the same thing that happened to the other guard started to happen to her. Silver’s appearance started to change, and her body sunk down, until she was just in her top that now covered her entire body.

“Wait.” Leo shouted. “Stop! Turn her back and we’ll tell you what you want to know. We’ll tell you the location of the tomb!”


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