My Vampire System Chapter 1344: A message to the settlement

It was safe to say that Bryce was beyond mad at the loss of Harlu Dawn. As soon as he saw his body lay there on the ground, the King no longer tried to conserve his energy in this fight. Bryce lifted his sword, and just like last time the blood that was out on the field started to wrap around it.

It wasn’t limited to vampire blood, even Dalki blood moved towards the sword. While Bryce was busy gathering the blood and staying in place, his Royal Knight, despite the loss of his family member, knew he had a job to do, so he was busy protecting his King.

His cape was capable of blocking nearly anything, and he was doing just that to prevent any of the attacks from getting through. This time there were no losses on the vampire side in the pooling area, as the Royal guards were able to fight in such a formation and way that allowed them to cover from each other.

It was completely different to how the other vampires would fight. It looked as if only the Royal guards had been trained to fight as one unit. While in the other castles it was more similar to a free for all.

As for Jill, she just continued to stay by Bryce’s side, standing there, watching the whole fight go on, until she muttered certain words.

“Maybe we deserve to die.” Jill muttered to herself.

Bryce was the only one close enough to have caught that. He looked at her from the corner of his eye. His large sword was complete but then he started to form smaller swords from the blood as well. Finally, they all moved outward, aimed at the remaining Dalki forces.

They went through the Dalki’s chest, killing them in one hit, but after piercing their initial target, they didn’t stop there. The swords continued to fly through the sky going through each and everyone of the Dalki.

The attack was so powerful that it was almost impossible for them to stop, even if they lifted up their hands to block, or strike the attack would end up piercing their hard scales, and if they tried to avoid the attack or run away, as their numbers lowered, eventually more swords could be used for the attack.

Some of the Dalki figured out that their only way out would be to kill off the one who controlled them. A task which should be easy in theory since he was staying still, but Kyle demonstrated how loyal a knight he was. In the end all of the Dalki fell under the power of the flying swords. The ten smaller ones surrounded the single large one that hovered in the air.

As soon as Bryce stopped using his powers, the blood swords fell to the ground leaving a blood mark in their place. The larger sword revealed Bryce’s trademark cane sword underneath, though the King left a small trace amount of blood on it as a precaution.

It flew at him with great speed, yet he effortlessly caught it in one hand.

The fight was over where they were but they could hear that the other castles were still in the midst of fending off the intruders. Kyle had decided to take his time to check up on Harlu, hoping to figure out what Arthur had done to him. He lovingly lifted his body from the ground and examined it. From what he could see there was only a hole in the chest of the deceased.

“It looks like he has granted you a swift death, my son. You lived a long life, but no parent should have to bury their child.” Kyle whispered, as he carried his body, hoping to take it back to the family castle.

It was then that Kyle was left frozen in place, for he couldn’t believe what he had seen. He had only turned away for a few seconds and now he could see that Bryce had stabbed his sword right through the back of Jill.

“I gave you a chance to live when I had the right to kill you for becoming a traitor. You said it yourself earlier, that we all deserve to die. It looks like I should have done this sooner, and now Arthur won’t have the pleasure of killing you himself.” Bryce said.

Jill’s hand was reaching out to Kyle who was in front of her. It looked like she wanted to say something but blood had already filled her mouth, and it seemed like she had accepted her death long ago. Something resembling a smile crept on her face.

That was when Jill herself realised that ever since her family had broken up, and she had been given this role, she had already lost her life. Everything after that point had only been Bryce using her like a puppet. She had hoped that serving the King might allow her to pay for her sins, but it had just added to them. That’s why she decided to do one last thing.

‘Everyone…the King has gone mad… Bryce Cain has been abducting people from your families…killing them…and has been sacrificing them against their will… against the leaders’ will to somehow beat Arthur….’

‘And now… he has killed me in cold blood…the real threat is not Arthur….we need to stop the-‘

At that moment, Jill had decided to use her ability of telepathy to send a message out to everyone in the vampire settlement. No matter where they were, or what they were doing. The only exception to this was the one person who had attacked her.

Jill wanted to say more. With her death so close at hand, why should she protect her killer’s secret? The former family leader had intended to reveal the existence of Arthur’s list and how the other vampires didn’t have to worry too much, and about the other horrifying things that the King had done, but the stab hadn’t been a simple stab.

Bryce had decided to kill her slowly. If he had wanted to finish her off quickly, he could have sliced her head off, yet he had deliberately chosen to stab her through the stomach and back to prolong the pain.

However, vampires were great healers and a stab wound eventually heal. That’s why King Bryce infused his blood powers into the sword that was still in her body to destroy her from the inside. It was incredibly painful. The pain had overwhelmed her, stopping her from sending out the rest of her message.

Jill passed away and fell to the ground. Pulling his sword out from Jill, Bryce used his Blood control to splatter the blood of his sword onto the ground. He then looked towards Kyle and the rest of the Royal guards, who were just as frozen.

“Now it is just me and you left on the list. If he is only going after the leaders behind that mess you know what that means, but I won’t let him.” Bryce said.

Right now, it was hard for Kyle to look into the eyes of Bryce, the King who he had vowed to follow, because even when he did, it looked like his ruler was never directly looking at him. After hearing the message Jill left, Kyle couldn’t imagine what this meant for Bryce.

Unless they would go against all the leaders who would try to get rid of him, then there was no chance that he would remain King. Unfortunately, as his associate, he wouldn’t come out unscathed either. It was impossible for someone like him who had allowed the other to do such things to be pardoned, Kyle himself no longer had any choice.

His only worry was whether Bryce would kill him next. This old man was more unstable than he had ever been. It wouldn’t even surprise him if he would sacrifice the guards who had been with them in the foreseeable future.

“We are going to finish this today!” Bryce shouted. “Go to the King’s castle, and retrieve them. Bring them here immediately!”

“Your Majesty.” Kyle replied but then stopped himself when Bryce seemingly ignored him. Before going to the King’s castle he wanted to go to his own family to check if they were safe and to make sure his boy’s bodies would be in safe hands.

“That bastard managed to kill your son, don’t worry we will pay him back. I should have done this in the first place. If he won’t reveal himself, we will just have to force him to come out. We will head to the fourteenth castle, and destroy all of it.”

“Everything that ever belonged to that Punisher, anything he ever touched, and any sign of that damned shadow. All of it will be purged from this universe!” Bryce shouted in anger.


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