My Vampire System Chapter 1341: What my powers can do

As soon as the dark shadow appeared above them, all of the vampires started to panic. However, this time, they were more prepared. None of the pooling vampires could match up to the Masked or the Dalki and would most likely just add to the body count, so they had been told to stay in their homes in each of the castles.

However, they were also told to be prepared to fight for their lives if necessary. In a fight against their enemy, numbers didn’t mean much. The actual castle vampires and the original castle vampires were the ones who were to do battle.

This was how it had been set up, through most of the families. Apart from one, who had decided to have all the pooling vampires stay in the castle instead. These were those from the thirteenth family.

The vampires belonging to the family castle, and the inner castle vampires would go out to face the enemy, while the pooling vampires would bunker up in the castle, with a few vampires left behind to protect them. The main reason for this was because Lee wanted to prevent anyone finding out about the thirteenth family’s secret for as long as possible.

The leader had been surprised that after using the inner blood weapons last time, nobody had reported them, but had eventually accepted that due to the chaos of the situation nobody might have cared, but when the whole thing was to blow over, it could mean serious repercussions for the thirteenth family.

The Dalki, and the Masked started to fall from the large black shadow in the sky just like last time. Not understanding the skill or how someone was able to do such a thing, the only thing the castles could do was wait till they landed, but there was one, odd fellow that was falling through the sky with them.

“What the heck is going on? Why am I suddenly falling?!” Agent 11’s face was flapping as the wind hit his mouth and the ground was getting closer to him by the second. One moment he had been in a strange lab, and the next in a dark space.

While in the dark space, the Pure agent had been on his own, wandering around trying to find someone or something to get him out. He assumed that it was the ability of the man they had met earlier. Every ability should have a weakness, so Agent 11 assumed he just needed to figure it out.

However, after a few hours, he found himself in the position he was in now, falling through the sky. There was a Dalki, next to him but it was too far away from him to reach. Looking down again, Agent 11 knew that using Qi wouldn’t help him much in this situation. At best it might prevent his immediate death, but he would still suffer fatal injuries.

Panicking and thinking of what he could possibly do, he noticed that Fex still had his strings attached to him via the needle; they were nearly impossible to see, but they had remained in Agent 11’s body when he was taken to the dark room.

Reaching around the back of his neck he pulled out one of the needles.

‘Damn it, I hope this works.’ Agent 11 ran his finger down from the needle and could feel the string until he reached the end holding it firmly in place, then with the needle, he started to concentrate. He circulated the first stage of Qi through his muscles, and the second stage of Qi, through the needle to make it sharper.

At the right time, he threw it at the Dalki, managing to hit it in the shoulder, the needle piercing right through. Then pulling the string, he pulled his body towards the Dalki. Agent 11’s body was approaching the creature, and with his legs charging in first he kicked off the Masked who had been riding on top.

“Phew, looks like I’m sa-“

A bang was heard and a dust cloud was lifted, for seconds after the Dalki had landed on the ground. Agent 11 quickly jumped off from the Dalki to see where he was, only to find himself in a strange area, full of mansions, but more importantly there was clearly what looked like a war going on.

A Blood swipe was thrown out from behind almost hitting the Pure agent, but before it did, a strong black horned rabbit jumped on his shoulder, and powering its horn fired off a lightning attack hitting the aura and saving Agent 11’s life.

“What are you doing just standing there?!” A vampire who came running over yelled at him, and soon the black rabbit hopped back onto the shoulder of the vampire.

“That Rabbit saved my life, does it belong to you?” Agent 11 asked in confusion.

“I’m Rokene, a castle vampire from the fifth family, listen to my order and either fight, or get in one of the houses!” Rokene shouted.

It was then that the Dalki that Agent 11 had landed on, had almost come to, turning around and looking at the two of them.

Agent 11 was still confused about how they had come to this world, and even the Cursed faction he was with were cautious of the V. He didn’t quite know what was going on or whose side he was even supposed to be. Still, he was sure about one thing. Dalki were humanity’s enemy, this kid had just saved his life and he wasn’t someone who didn’t repay favours.

Agent 11 grabbed his sword and charged towards the Dalki, avoiding its strikes and cutting it in certain places. He hated to admit it, but with the fighting style Fex had utilised while controlling him, he himself had managed to further improve his swordsmanship.

Rokene, seeing how skilled the Pure agent was, felt that with the two of them and with his familiar, they could easily take on the Dalki.


At the tenth castle, Paul ran towards his balcony, as soon as the shadow had appeared.

“Remember your training everyone! The Dalki blood empowers us, so get ready to put it to good use!!!” Paul shouted.

Those that had flasks started to consume it immediately, the others were a bit cautious but when a few of them started to praise the new energy they could feel inside of them, they all started to drink the packs of green blood that had been handed out.

“This, I actually feel so invigorated and it tastes sweeter than human blood. What is happening to us?”

“I thought we couldn’t consume blood of beasts, so why are we able to consume their blood?”

It didn’t make sense to a lot of the vampires, but it didn’t have to either.

With the power of the green blood, the gargoyles and towers, Paul was going to make sure that the tenth family came out of this whole thing with the least amount of casualties.


Bryce had decided it was time to go out to the pooling area once more, only this time he wasn’t going there alone. Alongside him was Kyle Dawn, his remaining Royal Knight, as well as some Royal guards. Additionally he had made Jill and Harlu Dawn, the current 7th leader, tag along.

Just like last time, the force that was composed of mostly Dalki landed in the pooling area, but Bryce was confident. He could tell that Arthur was going after all those who had gone on that expedition, so those that were most important on the Punisher’s hit list were currently gathered in this place.

If Arthur wanted to take a single one of them out, he would need to bring the fight here.

The battle started and with the Royal guards and everyone else there, the fighting was much easier than the last time. King Bryce hardly had to do anything himself.

“You have no clue what my powers can do.” Arthur’s voice suddenly resounded in the open place.

The voice was heard by everyone there, but no matter how much Bryce and the others turned around, Arthur was nowhere to be seen.

“Where is Harlu?!” Kyle eventually shouted, as he used his cape to block the attack of a Dalki, and pierced through its head with its hand soon after. “I can’t find him anywhere.”

Jill searched, the Royal guards searched but they could see nothing, and a few seconds later, they saw a shadow open up, only for a familiar looking body to fall to the ground.

“Another one off the list.”

The body was none other than the new twelfth leader Harlu Dawn. Harlu had only been a few meters away from Bryce, yet the King had been unable to save him from the Punisher.


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