My Vampire System Chapter 1339: Giving up!

Seeing that HE was here, Fex didn’t know what to do. Although the three of them weren’t considered weak. There was no chance in his mind that the three of them could ever defeat someone as powerful as the person in front of them.

Their only option was to escape, but how would they even do that? The leader of the punishers, the controller of shadows that went far beyond what Quinn could achieve. If they tried anything, he could stop their escape in a heartbeat.

“Who the hell is this guy?!” Agent 11 asked, readying his sword. He had dealt with plenty of V on the island, so what was so different about this one.

The next second, Arthur lifted his hand, and a shadow appeared directly behind the agent. His body was sucked in, and he was gone from the room they were in, just like that.

“I could tell he was going to be a little annoying,” Arthur said. “I thought it was best to get rid of him. You.” Arthur pointed towards Fex, making him jump back, thinking he was going to pull the same trick.

“You’re the boy that Quinn was trying to save that time.”

Not really knowing how to act or what to do, Fex felt like all he could do was nod, telling the truth, but something felt a little off to Fex.

‘Wait, what is Arthur even doing in a place like this? Doesn’t that mean he knows where the Dragon is located? How long has he known that for, and he talked about killing it? Then why hasn’t he killed the Dragon yet? Is there a reason why he can’t, or hasn’t?’

The group had learnt a lot about Arthur and perhaps the reasons for him going to the other side, but it was then that Fex realised something. Arthur had never turned up in the human world. He had to have been somewhere, had he been in the vampire world the whole time. If that was the case, perhaps he didn’t know. He didn’t know what had happened.

“Arthur…” Fex called out relatively weakly. Just saying his name was hard on Fex, but the fact that they hadn’t been outright attacked meant there was a chance.

Arthur hadn’t completely gone to the other side yet.

“Arthur…” Fex said again as he assured himself for a second time.

“Are you just going to keep saying his name over and over again, or are you actually going to say something,” Linda whispered from the side of her mouth.

“Art…I mean, we know why you made a deal with the Dalki. We met with Ruby. She’s with the Cursed faction now. Quinn is protecting her.” Fex paused, waiting to see a reaction from Arthur, but it was hard to tell since he just stood there, but seeing as he was doing nothing and was listening, Fex took it as a good sign.

“We know you wanted to protect them, so you made a deal with Jim and the Dalki, but the military and Quinn managed to save them. They can’t use their lives against you anymore.”

Arthur stayed where he was and looked like he was deep in thought. He didn’t draw his weapon, nor did he show signs of aggression and even placed his shadow away.

“You don’t understand.” He finally said. “I was the one that asked them for that deal. They weren’t using the Dalki to threaten their lives. I was the one that had asked them to protect them. They had no reason to listen to my request, yet they did, and I was the one that offered to help them in return.”

The pair couldn’t believe their ears, like Quinn, they too believed that Arthur had to have gone to the other side because they were using something against him, but now they found out it wasn’t true at all.

It made Fex wonder how Quinn would have reacted if he was to hear this.

“The humans will eventually all perish, and all I wanted in return was for them to live a full life. I also assume that Minny hasn’t been saved?”

This was the one thing Fex was worried about. Although Arthur claimed he had asked them for protection, why was Ruby’s daughter taken away? This was the real person they were using against Arthur. Clearly, by making the request for them to be protected, Jim knew that Arthur had grown to care for these people.

“I thought as much, but if what you said is true, that Ruby and the others are with the Cursed faction. Then their life will be short-lived. So it doesn’t matter anymore. My wish was for her to spend the rest of her life knowing love with her mother.

“In this war, the humans have always believed that it was them against the Dalki, and the vampires have ignored them. While that happened, the Dalki were able to grow into a force that no one can stop.”

“What do you mean?” Linda asked. “Is what we heard from Ruby true, that the Dalki are stronger than you?”

Arthur then nodded.

“I see my actions have pained the whole of the Cursed faction, so I should at least explain myself, and hopefully, you can pass this message onto Quinn. When I first met Jim, he had brought along with him two of the Dalki leaders.

“I was just looking around, trying to learn what happened to my people, when I saw him. He was there as if he predicted that I would be there. The Dalki I fought against were both four spikes. They were stronger than I imagined, but they still weren’t something that I, nor I thought the vampires needed to worry about.”

This was expected. Arthur was one of the strongest vampires, so the only ones that should have been able to give him trouble were the five spikes, and even then, Fex thought that the Punisher leader would win.

‘Unless, he said Jim was there, did Jim create…’

“A six spiked Dalki, did you face the six spikes?” Fex asked, thinking he had figured it out.

“You know about them as well. I shouldn’t have to go into too much detail about their power. They were there, or Jim certainly showed he had the power to change other Dalki into six spikes whenever he wished. Just witnessing this and seeing their strength was one of the reasons why I had been convinced that there was no way for the humans or the Vampires to win this war, but that wasn’t the only reason. The other was due to the Dalki I had faced.

“It was a strange Dalki, one that wore the clothing of a human. Facing him, I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so…weak. Perhaps when I was human and was told to go hunting as a child, meeting a grand bear.

“Facing that particular five spikes power was completely different to the others. That is the reason why I think that humans and vampires will lose the war.”

Hearing someone as great as Arthur talk this way, Fex couldn’t begin to imagine just how strong this Dalki could have been to scare Arthur away. They had fought against Slicer, but even then, Arthur’s power should have been greater in Fex’s head, so who was this Dalki. Still, he had given up, Arthur had given up….unlike someone else he knew.

“You…” Fex gritted his teeth. “Disappoint me, Arthur. Have you really given up? If you have, then why didn’t you just kill this Dragon already when you found it. Sure, you might want to hurt the vampire race or whatever, but you could have just as well done that and still have done what you wished.

“And I don’t know what your loss against that Dalki was like, but I’m sure I know someone else who felt the same way, and it was because of you. When you defeated Quinn, when you completely overpowered him and left him in that state after he looked up to you as a mentor, did he just give up?

“No, he continued fighting and continued to get stronger, and one of the reasons you thought the human race would lose, you said it was because of Jim, right? Well, it looks like you didn’t even know that Quin…Quinn killed Jim!” Fex shouted.

“…..Jim…is dead?” Arthur replied.


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