My Vampire System Chapter 1338: He's everywhere

Almost immediately after the sound of the watch going off was heard. Several growls came quickly after. The Mouth spitters could be seen entering the tunnel with which they had come from. The three of them were already running as fast as they could back in.

“Are you trying to get us killed?!” Fex shouted at Agent 11.

“You were the one who told me to spray myself with the bottle after every three hours! Excuse me for actually deciding to listen to you!” Agent 11 shouted and ducked down as one of the Mouth spitters leapt over the top of them and landed in front, blocking their way.

There was one thing about these creatures that they hadn’t noticed since they had dealt with the first creature so fast. They were fast. Fex was a vampire with great speed, and Agent 11 was able to power his legs with Qi to allow him to run faster. However, the group needed to slow down for one person in particular, which was Linda.

Still, she was a great help to the group since whenever they would catch up, she would turn around with her monstrous strength, slamming the Mouth splitters and knocking them back a few steps. All of the creatures were so desperate to get the trio that they were tumbling over each other, and some were even stuck in the tunnel trying to get through the gaps.

“I need to borrow you!” Fex said.

Quickly, he threw out his needles with the strings and attached it to agent 11’s back. Agent 11 knew what this meant and allowed this body to go limp, leaving Fex in control, but still keeping up the power of his Qi.

As Agent 11 charged in, Fex skilfully mastered his puppet to avoid the strikes of the creature in front of them, cutting up its legs and soon, rolling underneath it to stab its head from underneath.

“Linda, how are you holding up!” Fex asked.

“We need to keep moving. My strength in this form is not enough. I can’t transform in this place. It’s too small. If I do move, I might hit the ceiling and make this whole place cave in on us.” Linda shouted back.

Hearing this had given Fex an idea. He quickly tied up Linda with his strings and pulled her underneath his arm, carrying her and did the same with Agent 11.

Right now, all he wanted to do was focus on running as fast as he could to get out of the tunnel. The sad truth was that the two of them were slowing him down in this aspect, and with his vampire strength, it was hardly any weight for him to carry, even if they did have weapons and armour on.

Fex was able to outrun the Mouth spitters, and a short while later, they returned to the area where the lab that Logan had sent them to was based.

“Linda, do what you said before, just smash this tunnel down. It shouldn’t affect this area. Especially since the facility was built here, I don’t think they would have made it so fragile.” Fex tried to explain as fast as possible, but he wasn’t making much sense, but there was another problem.

“I…I…” Linda said, her face turning red, it was clear that there was some type of issue, but their lives were on the line.

“Just smash it!” Agent 11 shouted, hearing the growls on the beast.

The next second, Linda could be seen her body changing in size, but something was wrong. As her body grew larger the armour that she was wearing, she started to take it off.

“Wait a second.” Fex realised. “The armour! Did you never get another set made for your other form!”

Realising that Linda had no choice but to take off or break her armour, Fex went to cover agent 11’s eyes and closed his.

“Linda, we aren’t looking. Just do it!” Fex shouted.

They couldn’t see anything, but they could feel the vibrations, the loud bangs, and the sound of the rocks falling. It was unsure whether the whole tunnel had collapsed, crushing the creatures inside them. Still, they were no longer making any noises, and it didn’t look like they would be using the tunnel that was made any time soon.

“Hey, can you get off me!” Agent 11 complained while struggling, but Fex made sure to keep a tight hand on agent 11’s eyes.

“Just keep them shut until-”

“You can open them again,” Linda said.

Letting go, the two of them could see Linda, and they couldn’t help but look her way. She was back in her armour and had the club attached to her back. Her face was clearly still red.

“Thank you for what you did,” Linda said as she turned around and decided to head into the facility first.

“Hey, she’s kinda cute when she acts like that.” Agent 11 commented.

Fex scowled at Agent 11.

“She’s off limits!” he said and turned back around, chasing after Linda. “Hey wait, what if there are more creatures in there? Maybe the other types created a tunnel into the facility.”

Fex, moving his fingers, Agent 11 soon felt his legs moving with them as well.

“Get these strings off of me!” Agent 11 complained.

The three had entered the facility, and they were half expecting it to look destroyed like the other one they had seen, but it was kept intact. They walked through and could see countless of the glass containers all set up empty.

The dividing pathways in the lab led to the different rooms, and if Linda remembered correctly, one of them led to the dragon. She retook the lead but what she wasn’t expecting was for the doors to be open.

Seeing this, Fex and Linda were getting slightly worried that maybe something had happened to the Demon tier dragon already.

However, when they entered a particular room, they could see the demon tier dragon attached with several large cables and devices all over the dragon’s body. Setting their eyes on it, all of them shivered for some reason.

As for Agent 11, he had dropped to the floor.

“What, you scared you of this thing?” Fex asked.

Agent 11, couldn’t explain. It was as if his body was having some type of strange reaction to seeing the Demon tier beast.

“I seem to remember that we all reacted in a similar way when we first saw the demon tier beast,” Linda replied, making Fex’s smug face look a little silly now.

Eventually, Agent 11 started to get used to the pressure. His Qi output was helping him. As time went on, he was able to slowly lessen the Qi to the point where he could withstand being in front of the demon tier beast.

“What do we know? We have confirmed that the Demon tier beast is still here, but aren’t the Dalki after it?” Linda asked. “If we leave it here, there is a chance that they will find it. Imagine if someone was doing a routine check-up in that facility. I know the tunnel was a long one, but if they followed it, it would have led them to this place.”

Fex thought about it for a while. Linda was right, but how were the Dalki expecting to find the dragon in the first place, or were they just relying on Arthur to deal with the problem. Although Fex thought it was important if they stayed where they were, at the same time, he still desperately wanted to check on his family, but the one thing he didn’t think was right of him to do, was to leave Linda here all on her own.

“Let’s wait until the communication channels are open again.” Fex finally said. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m sure my family is doing okay. If we’re this close, I should feel something if they were hurt, right?”

When Quinn was in a tough situation, all of those that he had turned could feel a small part of his pain, but for Fex, he wasn’t part of the Cursed family, he belonged to the thirteenth family, and right now, he felt no such thing.

He thought it might be due to how far away he was from them, but even now, it didn’t seem like they were having much trouble.

“How…how were the Dalki expecting to kill such a thing anyway? “Agent 11 asked.

“They have their ways, and there is always me.” A voice said from behind.

All three of them turned around, and almost instantly, Fex’s legs had turned to jelly. Linda and agent 11 were unaware of who exactly this man was, for they had never seen him before, but they had never seen Fex act like this.

Noticing the shadows on his back, Linda now understood who it was.


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