My Vampire System Chapter 1337: BEEP

“Don’t turn off your light crystal!” Fex immediately shouted.

He did this for two reasons, one of them hoping to attract the beast to him, and the other was seeing how Agent 11 reacted.

Agent 11 had turned off the crystal because he was unable to see the beast even though others could. The light was almost too bright on him, and the beast was constantly moving as he turned.

Turning off the light, he thought he had done the right thing. Now, he could see glowing red eyes, but seeing how high up they were in the tunnel just gave him goosebumps.

“If the creature comes from this tunnel or has always lived in a dark place, there is a good chance it’s-” Before Fex could finish what he was saying, the strange creature leapt up and headed straight towards Agent 11 out of all the others.

Taking the advice, he turned his light crystal back on in time and now could see the beast in the air and what its entire body looked like. It was something that Agent 11 could only imagine in his nightmares. Its outside flesh looked like a beast that had no skin or fur. As if its muscles were fully on display, even through that, he could see parts of its bones sticking out.

The creature was incredibly large, almost four times the size of a human, but what was terrifying about it was the long hair it had on its head, making it seem almost human and the multiple heads and skulls that looked to be sticking out from its body in different areas.

“What the hell is this beast!” Agent 11 said, rolling out of the way, causing it to hit the ground. He was used to being in tough combat situations, so he didn’t freeze up and managed to slash it with his sword hitting its back leg.

‘It looks like bringing agent 11 was good for more reasons than one. His ability with Qi helps block the regeneration even with the subclasses, but what the hell was this creature again?’ Fex thought, trying to look at it, thinking back to his studying days.

As a student who wasn’t the best at studying, he drew a blank at its name. This also meant he didn’t exactly know the dangers of the creature, but judging by the fact it attacked them on sight, it did mean one thing. That the creature was something similar to a Wendigo, aggressive on sight.

Quickly, Fex tied up its back legs with strings pulling it to the ground, causing it to fall on its belly, and then Linda, lifting up the club type weapon, had whacked it on the top of its head. It was a strong, powerful blow, so much that it didn’t move again after a single hit, and its head was spattered on the ground.

Agent 11, who had thought about escaping thinking that maybe the girl that had been brought along with them was weak, suddenly was happy that he had changed his mind.

“What the hell was that? Was that a Wendigo you were talking about or a beast?” Agent 11 asked, moving the light crystal to see if he could get a closer look. He even stabbed it with his sword a couple of times, using his Qi to make sure that it really was dead.

“No, it’s not a beast,” Fex replied. “I think it was something called a mouth splitter or something. It’s not one of the code red subclasses, but still, something that doesn’t really add up, but how did it get in here?” Fex was wondering.

Looking around, Linda eventually found a tunnel in the large room. Although this tunnel looked unnatural, as if it had been dug out, rather than once created by Eno or the vampires.

“Well, maybe we can take a small detour,” Fex said, sticking his head in the thing and seeing how far it went. He was unable to see the end.

“I mean, if we go into the lab, maybe more of them will come out from here. It might be best to close it up or something.”

The group decided to go in. The tunnel entrance was quite large since it was able to fit the creature that had just attacked them. However, Agent 11 was trying to walk towards the back of the group, so he could make a quick getaway, but Fex wouldn’t let him. Nudging him in between the two of them while Linda led the way.

They walked for a couple of hours, finding nothing, and also found some branches of the tunnels that led to nowhere. Regardless, they did discover a few bones here and there, but the bones looked too long to belong to a human.

Some of them seemed to be from beasts and other things.

Eventually, they noticed that the tunnel led to outside. Before they even went to the very top, they had decided to tread carefully and lightly because the group could hear sounds from above. Crawling through the tunnel, they eventually crept up to the opening and could finally see where they were.

It was another facility, but not one linked to the mountains or such. They had been travelling too long for it to be close. It was however, a place that Fex had knowledge of but never learnt about its location. Seeing what was in front of them, Agent 11’s whole body was shaking. For the strange creature they had seen and fought against, there were thousands of them in this very room.

It looked almost like a giant greenhouse, too large to see the end, and each of the sections looked to have different types of creatures in them. Each section was divided by different creatures with glass, and there seemed to be a system in place to feed the creatures, at least the ones that needed feeding.

“What is this place? Are they like growing creatures here?” Linda whispered and made sure so the beasts nearby wouldn’t hear.

The three of them noticed that a lot of creatures weren’t near the tunnel. The one section they were in was huge and looked more like a fake environment built for the creatures. They now realised what they were in was more of a hole.

“I learnt about this. It’s a place for the dangerous subclasses they can kinda control. The vampires kept them for attacks, but I never knew there were this many.” Fex replied.

The sheer number was frightening, to say the least. There were more creatures here than vampires, which just didn’t seem right.

There weren’t ever many situations where the vampires could use these creatures to help them, so in a way it made no sense to harbour this many creatures.

“Couldn’t we use these to fight against the Dalki?” Linda thought.

Fex scoffed at the idea.

“I mean, sure. I guess an army of beings that attack anything on sight would be a great help. The question is, how do you get the vampires to agree to use such a thing. Most vampires don’t even know about the Dalki, so I doubt Bryce, or anyone, sees them as a threat and would be the last person to help the humans.

“I experienced their strength first hand, so. I’m a bit different from the other vampires. What I want to know is what war were they planning to have keeping this many?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Agent 11 replied. “I mean, aren’t vampires and humans different races? And if they don’t care about the Dalki, then they have to be gathering these to fight against the humans.”

Usually, Fex would have thought such a thought was ridiculous, but with the current king in charge and the number of creatures he could see, Fex was thinking along the same lines.

“Come on, let’s get out of here, there is nothing we can do anyway, and it’s not like the vampires would help out the humans. It looks like the hole was just made by one of our little Mouth spitters.” Fex said.

The group took one peek at the creatures, as they wanted to make a note to see if they could find this place in the future. At least Linda did, and they were on their way to do what they had initially intended.


When they had entered the tunnel, a certain agent’s wristwatch had been set to go off as a reminder. Only the tunnels had echoed the sound of his watch, causing it all to be heard from the Mouth spitters above.

“Run!” Fex shouted.


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