My Vampire System Chapter 1336: Walking snack

The pair had arrived in the Vampire World, but they didn’t do so through conventional means, they had done so using the secret teleporter that they had discovered long ago, which led to a certain lab that was assumed to belong to Richard Eno.

Fex took a look around the place, it was quite different from the last time he had seen it since it was intact before but now with what had happened the whole place was a mess. Broken machines blood over certain equipment that had been dried up.

In a way they were lucky the teleporter was still intact, a few seconds later and sparks started to appear again, and the final member had come through. As he landed, he scratched the back of his head not really knowing what to do, or why he was in the situation he had been put in.

“How the hell do I keep getting dragged into all of this? Now I’m off to the home planet of those V, but nobody explains anything to me clearly.” Agent 11 started to complain.

“How many times do you want to go through this? Just accept your fate, there’s no way you’re getting rescued, so you’ll be by my side until… well I wanted to say until one of us dies, but if that happens, we probably will both croak, so realistically… until you break? Wait, that doesn’t sound too nice either. Anyway, you know how good of a combo the two of us make, so let’s just enjoy the time.” Fex replied while throwing him a small little spray bottle.

Agent 11 looked at it and noticed that it was the same bottle that he had sprayed himself with before coming over to this place, but as usual, they didn’t really explain anything to him and just sprayed him.

Quickly, Agent 11 was looking to see if there was any chance he could escape. Fighting together, he already knew string boy’s strength, but he had no idea about the strength of the other girl next to him. Although she looked to be staring into space with black bags under her eyes, so he didn’t think she would put up much of a fight.

‘Maybe, this is my chance while the other Cursed faction members aren’t around?’

“Remember to spray yourself every three hours.” Fex reminded him, imitating spraying himself in three areas. “I’m serious, without that stuff you’re basically a walking meal. Vampires will be able to sniff you out in seconds. Also, they’re not the only things to worry about in this place. There’s Wendigo’s that eat human flesh and all sorts of other things like Linda.”

Hearing her name, Linda lifted her head but she hadn’t heard what Fex had said.

‘She.. eats flesh?!’ Agent 11 gulped hard. ‘I guess no one is normal in the Cursed faction. Maybe it’s a better idea to listen and follow them for now.’ Thinking this, he placed the bottle in a type of small bag that was attached around his waist. Then with the watch on his wrist, he made sure to set a timer so it would beep in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Agent 11 wasn’t willing to test how accurate that 3 hour time limit was.

Before deciding which direction to go, they needed to decide as a group what to do.

“Logan gave us a layout of the cave tunnels from last time.” Linda reported, opening up a hologram that allowed them a rough idea of where they currently were and what the place looked like.

The map wouldn’t update as they moved, but at least they knew where they were now and could plan for the rest.

“Our current location puts us closer to the Dragon than the vampire settlement so it would make sense if we head there first. There shouldn’t be any trouble there either. You’re sure that the vampires don’t know about this place?” Linda asked for confirmation.

She had visited the Vampire World before, but it was under very different circumstances, and last time, there was also another person here that was there to support her. She had come here to escape some of her memories with Wevil, but no matter what she did, it seemed like everything was reminding her of him.

“Yes, that’s true,” Fex answered. “From what we learned, the lab was something that was created by Jim when he worked on the Dalki for them. They knew about the Dragon, but this lab and the current Dragon’s position are unknown to the vampire settlement.

“Maybe the vampires believed Jim took it with him, or perhaps it was Richard who decided to move it with that ability of his, making it so the lab stayed hidden from their eyes? Anyway, it should be safe. All of the Wendigos that were here last time have been defeated.”

“I can’t get into contact with the tenth castle at the moment. I didn’t have too much hope, but it’s still a shame. Oh well, we’ll be here for a while, so let’s just check up on what’s closest.”

With that said, the group decided to head through one of the large broken metal doors and following the map that Logan had made they soon entered a few tunnels.

“So, about what you said earlier?” Agent 11 asked. “You mentioned those Wendigo creatures that eat human flesh. Were they also here in the tunnels?”

“Indeed.” Fex nodded, actually happy to have a conversation partner. Linda was clearly not over her deceased boyfriend yet, so it was hard to talk to her. If it was just the two of them, Fex didn’t know how he would be able to face the current situation.

“You should have seen it, a whole army was practically running after us. It was crazy, but we managed to escape in the end. I don’t know what happened to all of them though.”

“Yeh, that was going to be my next question, if you guys killed a bunch of them, then where are their bodies? I mean they have bones and stuff right? So shouldn’t their bodies still be back in the lab, or someplace?” Agent 11 asked.

Fex started a nervous laugh, but that was it, he didn’t answer after that because he didn’t have an answer for that.

“Well, there are creatures other than the Wendigos on the planet. The Wendigos can also evolve.” Fex eventually said once the tunnel got silent again.

“That doesn’t exactly make me feel better about the question I asked earlier.” Agent 11 murmured, and it was because of that that he pulled out his weapon from his scabbard and was now in carefully moving forward.

He also looked back at the others, who were able to walk through the tunnel perfectly fine, while Agent 11 had to use a light crystal to allow him to see.

‘Yeah it might allow me to see, but then what about the creatures? Isn’t this practically the same as asking them to come over and make me into their meal?’

“I mean most of those creatures are locked up.” Fex revealed. “The Wendigos were here because of the lab. Sometimes Wendigos, or sub class vampires escape into the forest but that’s incredibly rare.”

“And if that does happen, the vampires send out a subjugation team. I know because my family, the thirteenth family, was sent out on these missions most of the time due to our ability. As you can attest, it’s perfect to capturing someone alive, making it easy enough to hand them over to the King. In turn, he would use them for his forces.”

An example of what Fex was talking about, was when Paul and the others had first attacked. The vampires had sent out an army of Wendigos at the time, to help weaken the human forces before the others arrived.

Eventually, they had reached their destination. The other lab was on site and the door could be seen in front of them already opened. The others weren’t sure if the door was meant to be open, especially since Logan had stated that he had been able to open it solely due to the connection to his family.

Taking a step forward though, Linda suddenly stopped and so did Fex. Agent 11 quickly tapped his light crystal, turning it off. Since he was unsure what had happened, he could just see two red eyes staring at them in the distance.

“I was afraid the moment I mentioned it that I might have jinxed us. I guess you’re going to see what one of these other creatures looks like live.”


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