My Vampire System Chapter 1329: The other Hero

Back in the room, Leo had just learned of the other leader’s plan to apparently make Quinn the next Vampire King. To be honest he had expected a few things, but this was not one of them. Leo went to join the others at the table out of a sign of respect. He also gave a wave to Silver, something he didn’t do to the others and the others didn’t fail to notice that Silver also waved back.

Lee, who was sitting by his side, made note of his daughter’s actions, it certainly was strange. At least he had never seen his uptight daughter act this way with anyone else before. When they finally sat down, Leo spoke his mind.

“I understand the situation you are in. I agree that the next King needs to not only be someone respected but one who has great strength. During my time here, I have learned of your rules that there is also the possibility that a leader can challenge another to win their vote.”

“For this reason the person selected also needs to be strong, and after witnessing what Quinn was able to do against Cindy he would indeed be a good candidate. That being said, don’t you think, all of you are getting ahead of yourselves a little?”

“Let’s not even start how you basically selected someone who isn’t currently present, from what I have seen, being the Vampire King is no simple task. Quinn already has a life outside of the vampire settlement, and if he were to become King, it would mean forfeiting his other life.”

“While this might be the highest honour for a vampire, don’t forget that he was born a human and that his responsibilities in the human world are already far more than someone his age should have to deal with. I would suggest you find another solution.”

There was a serious tone when Leo spoke those words. It was at that moment that the others realised that Leo was perhaps far more loyal to Quinn than they had anticipated. He also had a point. They were so used to their own vampire lifestyle that the possibility of someone not wishing to become the King had never even crossed their minds.

Even then, there would be those that would try and encourage others to take the position it was an honour, but Leo had only cared about Quinn and his well being. After all, this was the person who had agreed to stay behind in the Vampire World for Quinn’s sake.

“I think you are right, we did jump the gun a little.” Sunny was the first to speak up after being chided, trying to make sure the tone was reset. Everyone in this room was meant to be an ally. “Of course, when making plans it is important to have more than one so we can adapt to the situation. Right now, Quinn is not even allowed back due to King Bryce’s order.”

“Still, I suggest we at least pitch the idea to Quinn, though I believe that he might be more interested in the proposition than you might think.”

“Let’s move onto the next subject.” Jin interrupted to avoid a constant back and forth. “At the moment, we still lack any concrete evidence we can present. We only have Kazz’ word that he is doing something. There is a reason why she hasn’t been invited and that’s because if she still hasn’t shared anything with us, she’s unlikely to give us further details or help us obtain the proof we need.”

“What we need to do is find out two things. Why is Arthur going against the other members, and what he is doing with the missing members? Right now, the other castles are in chaos, and as leaders there are those who are more cautious to our movements, but the same can’t be said for you guys”.

“Silver, Leo, since the King is unaware that you have returned, you’re free to investigate. They don’t follow the knights as closely as us. You will be able to move more freely. We need to find out what is going on and our best chance of that is by heading to one of the families that is close to Bryce.”

Hearing this, they waited for Leo to have an answer. It was clear that Silver had already accepted this task. On top of that Leo’s had already proven his ability by not getting caught by others, and there was a chance that they might have to use force.

“Due to the severity of the situation I’m ready to help, but it must not affect the tenth family. I will need a disguise, so no one will be able to recognize me.” Leo stated his demands.

With that done, Leo and Silver went off to prepare a plan, while the other leaders headed back to their castle. They needed to try and find out which family would be the most likely to have the information they required.

The new leaders, although they might be on Bryce’s side, were unlikely to know anything.

Jil was no longer in charge of her castle, and was always kept by Bryce’s side.

“If we’re looking at those closest, then it can only be those two, the Royal Knights. Due to them being part of the other families they often go back. Usually, they do so every three days. So we will have to wait, or we could try to see if the new leaders know anything first, and if not move onto them from there.”

“If we get caught, this could be a tough battle, are you sure you’re ready for this? “Silver asked.

Leo nodded but he had one question he wanted to ask.

“I believe there is one more person that will be suitable for this task, so I would like to bring her along with me.”

“As long as they are strong enough to fend for themselves and are at our level then I do not have any problems.” Silver replied.

“You won’t have to worry about that.” Leo replied with a smile, but Silver was left wondering who this other person was that he wanted to bring.

In the end, Silver decided that the best choice was to start with Prima Killton, the new Royal Knight. This was because they could easily move from the thirteenth castle, to the twelfth castle. If they needed a quick escape or something serious happened they could get some help at least.

However, they also chose to wait a few days, so they could confront Prima himself, rather than the new leader Kim.

While they waited, Erin had continued to deal with disputes and with each passing day, the number of them had lessened. She then later was informed of a message delivered by Leo, that he would call her when needed.

Finally the day arrived.

Led by Muka, Leo, Erin and Silver traveled underneath the tunnels to the thirteenth castle. Here they had been given certain clothes and disguises to use.

It wasn’t anything fancy but it didn’t need to be. They wore black masks that had slits where their eyes and faces were, not that Leo needed this where his eyes were, but they thought it was best that they were all disguised in the same manner.

After changing into their new set of clothes, the three traveled to the bottom floor of the tunnels, planning now to head into the twelfth castle. Muka, who was in charge of the combination for all the locks under the tunnels in the first place, would be ready by the twelfth castle to unlock them.

Alas, while they were travelling through the tunnels, on the day they were planning to infiltrate the twelfth castle, something unexpected had occurred.

A loud bang was heard from above, so loud and strong that dirt was falling from the ceiling of the deep tunnels they were in.

“What is happening?” Silver asked.

The two of them, using their abilities, could see what was above ground. That the settlement was once again being invaded by the Dalki.


Above ground, Dalki had landed in the pooling area. It was at the centre of the settlement. Usually it would be filled with vampires and more roaming the streets, but instead it was deadly quiet. Vampires still lived in their homes here, as not every family had chosen to let in all those from the pooling area. So they had no choice but to remain in their homes.

One of the families in the area peeked through their window, only to see the invading Dalki that had landed. The most prominent one was a particularly large individual with four spikes on its back.

‘Four spikes, but in the last attack, the strongest one that was beating everyone only had three spikes! Does that mean this one is stronger?’ The worried mother thought, as she went over to her young children holding them tightly.

‘Please, anyone, come and save us!’

Last time the castles had been slow to act and send out troops, all of those still in the pooling area believed that their lives were lost, until…

Those watching from their houses noticed that all the Dalki were looking in a certain direction.

Turning their heads, they wondered what they were observing, only to see their hope. Tears filled their eyes as they could see that their own King in the red blood armour had come down personally to save them.

“This threat will be dealt with quickly!” Bryce announced. “By my own hands.”


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