My Vampire System Chapter 1328: Out of the tenth castle!

Erin, along with Timmy and Xander, got to work immediately. While the others had left the room to discuss whatever needed to be done, the three of them had left the castle to make rounds in the inner castle area.

“So tell me, what exactly do we need to do?” Erin asked.

During the walk, Timmy couldn’t help but stare at Erin. She was a beauty in every sense of the word, and now that she was in the Vampire World her hair was jet black, rather than the usual blonde, crossing off every checkmark for his ideal girl.

She was straightforward, strong and independent, yet given his timid self it was nearly impossible for Timmy to approach her. He and Xander had both already worked with Erin in the past, during the time she had stayed at the tenth family’s castle when Leo had been training the vampires.

Still, despite this, Timmy had never really found a way to really get close to her.

“Honestly, it’s kind of a hard thing to report on. The disputes are so frequent that even if we started to resolve them one by one, by the time we would be done, new ones would have already started.” Timmy replied with a sigh.

“We have started to make regular rounds to at least curb their numbers, but we aren’t exactly Vampire Knights. The members of the tenth family show us some respect for what we have done, but the other family members only regard us as henchmen as best, so they refuse to listen to us.” Xander explained their situation.

It didn’t take long for Erin to see an example of what he meant.

One of the mansions had been converted into a feeding station for the refugee vampires. A special token was being handed out to each of the vampires on a daily basis and then these tokens could be traded to get a blood pack. There was more than more than this one station set up, so this was to stop vampires from claiming more than one blood pack.

It was a solution that Timmy had to come up with since vampires were quickly disregarding the rules. They had believed that most vampires would listen to orders and do what they had been told, but they had quickly come to realise that unless the order was coming from within their own family or the King himself, those vampires would act only in their own best interest.

It was then that they saw a group of vampires walk up in the line, cutting in front of other members.

“Hey, make way! We belong to the first family, which means we should get served first! Don’t you know that King Bryce came from the first family?” The one that seemed to be talking a lot was a middle aged vampire with a thin frame named Pin. Xander recognised him immediately, because he and his group had already been a troublesome bunch of vampires when he had still been in the first castle.

Pin had a real talent to gather like-minded vampires that would have his back no matter what. Not even some of the higher inner castle vampires or vampires that were on the rise wanted to mess with them. Still, Xander was no longer a vampire from the first family, he was now living in the castle and working for the tenth family.

“Have you forgotten that this is not the first family area? Right now, you’re in the tenth family area, so you better follow our rules!” Xander spoke up, as he walked up to them. “All those people have been waiting their turn, so head to the back and do the same, if you want your blood pack!”

Pin took one look at Xander and scoffed.

“Do you see anyone else make a big deal out of this? You talk about fairness, but they all know their place! They also know that my place is right here! How dare someone who was kicked out of the first family think that they can just talk to anyone how they wish? If we were in the first castle I would-“

“Are you deaf AND stupid? He just reminded you that this isn’t the first castle!” Timmy interrupted Pin, to back up his friend. “If the first castle area is so great, why aren’t you there? Nobody forced you to come here, yet for some reason, you chose to come to us after the Dalki attacked. If you don’t like it, nobody is stopping you. Feel free to bring anyone who agrees with you to the first family!”

The others soon stayed silent about this, but they still refused to move. Recognising this stalemate for what it was, Erin walked right past Xander and Timmy. She didn’t place her hand on either of the weapons nor the chains that were still wrapped around her hands.

“What is this? What’s with that look on your face? Are you really trying to use force on a first family member? You know what will happen if you do?” Pin threatened her, while his buddies were ready to back him up. It wasn’t just them, either, there were other members in the first family standing in the line that were getting ready to fight.

Meanwhile, those from the tenth family pooling area who knew her, were praying that Erin didn’t attack them.

Timmy wanted to warn Erin, to not attack because of this very reason. Right now they had members form all sorts of families, and they were very loyal to their own family. The problem was, if they intervened too much with force, it could cause an entire fight to break out in the tenth castle.

“Get your hands off me, b*tch!” Pin shouted out, going for the attack. For him in the pooling area and from the first family he knew that others were unlikely to attack him. He could see the fear in the tenth family’s eyes but his arm was too slow.

In mere seconds, Erin had gone past that slow punch from Pin, and placed her hand on his face, slamming it down to the ground. The next moment, the chains left her hands and wrapped around his two colleagues.

“If you don’t appreciate our hospitality, then you don’t deserve it. Either follow our rules or get ready for me to drag you out of this place!” Erin shouted, as she ran across the floor with the two vampire bodies scrappin along the ground. Using all her strength, she swung them out letting the chains let go at the right moment, for them to go flying off somewhere in the distance.

Their bodies were heard crashing in the ground, somewhere in the tenth area. When Erin turned around to look for any other volunteers, most of those who had wanted to act, had already moved back to their position. Only a small minority, seemed to still be debating if they should take on Erin or not, after all some of their fellow first family members not only got hurt but also disgraced. It wasn’t done by a vampire knight.

Timmy and Xander seeing this, also decided to prepare themselves in case chaos was about to break out, but before anyone else moved, Erin did so first.

She noticed that Pin was still on the floor and hadn’t recovered. Wrapping in chains, she swung his body towards herself, and grabbed him in the air.

“This person did not listen, and tried to attack a member of the tenth family. For those who do not listen…”

Erin then started to spin, swinging Pin’s body holding him with the chains. round and round again. As his body went past those that were watching they could feel the wind, blowing their hair up. They had no choice but to stand back, for fear of what would happen if the body was to hit them.

Then letting go at the right time, as if hurling a heavy disk, Pin’s body went up far higher in the air than the others, and from where they were they could see him being hurled over the large castle walls.

“Anyone else feeling unruly?” Erin asked, yet the whole place remained silent.

“Come on, let’s head to the other areas.”

Both Timmy and Xander could only watch in awe.


At the same time, a certain individual from a distance could see the body flying through the air, eventually crashing in the market place destroying several stands that had been left behind.

‘So it looks like they have decided to all hold up in their castle areas. Do they really think they’re safe? It’s time to go for the next one… only this time, we attack together.’


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