My Vampire System Chapter 1327: I Nominate…

Before the events that had occurred on Blade island, Erin and Leo had decided to head back to the vampire world. They did so after receiving their weapons in the hopes to aid Paul and the tenth family in whatever they thought might come.

They were unaware of the situation, but Paul had received their call, giving them hope that not too much could have happened in the week while they were away.

The two found themselves in the familiar tenth castle. Quickly, they both observed the castle area to see if everything was okay. The castle was intact, and the people inside seemed to be fine from sensing thier aura.

“It seems not too much has happened since we left,” Leo commented.

In front of them were Paul, Xander and Timmy. These three as well as Ashley, were the backbone of the tenth castle and its people while everyone else was away. However, after Leo had said these words, they could feel that something was up.

“Unfortunately, things are fine in the castle, but the settlement, the vampires and the pooling area, we can’t say the same for,” Paul replied. “The settlement was attacked. Muka said that he would pass the message of the Dalki being on this planet, but it seems like he was unaware of the strength and threat they possed and hadn’t done it soon enough. For while you guys were away, the settlement had suffered from an attack…”

Paul explained the details, giving them an overview of the situation of what had happened. Muka had been busy trying to see just who they could pull over to their side. They needed to find out two things, what exactly Bryce was doing with the missing people, and when it did come to light, those that would be willing to vote him out of his position.

He needed to be careful about this, for if one of the families found out what Muka was trying to do, his head would be off quicker than any of the leaders in existence.

Days went past, and eventually, the attack from the Dalki had occurred. It was only a force of around fifty of them. Far smaller than any of the attacks that had happened on the planets owned by the humans, but this force was slightly different.

They were filled with three spikes and two spikes, and hardly any one spiked Dalki could be seen. With their great strength and the fact that the vampire settlement was arrogant that nothing would attack them. They were able to leap through the forest and directly land in the settlement itself.

The vampires tried to attack, most of them not noticing what had suddenly appeared. They thought it was some type of beast and used their blood powers. However, for the pooling area, the vampire’s blood powers weren’t strong enough to pierce a three spiked Dalki’s skin, and the two spikes that were injured just grew in strength.

The pooling area was in a panic. Most of the inner castle areas refused to let those in from the pooling area until they fully grasped the situation. All apart from the tenth castle and thirteenth castle.

The thirteenth allowed for all those belonging to their family in the pooling area to enter the inner castle for the time being. The stronger vampires would help them. As for the tenth castle. Their fortifications had done them well.

The towers attacked any Dalki that came their way, and they had strong walls, seeing this. Vampires not only form the tenth family, but also other members from other families begged to be allowed to enter, and in the end, due to the situation. Paul had accepted.

Once those in the castle and from the king’s palace got into action, they were able to somewhat turn the tide, beating a few of the Dalki.

Still, before they could do serious damage to the attacking force forces, they all suddenly retreated back into the forest.

The settlement and the castles weren’t the same after the attack. The vampires were frightened about what happened, filled with questions about what those creatures were, and the worst part was, they hadn’t received any answers.

With the possible ex-leader of the punishers about and now this, the vampires were even scared of leaving their homes for the first time.

“The Dalki really did attack then. Did they really not know what was going on in the human world? At how much we were struggling, were they really that arrogant that they felt they were never a threat in the first place!” Erin complained, remembering the first time she had met with the Dalki.

In a way, the vampire’s situation now was similar to when the Dalki first came to earth. The thing was, humans had no clue about their existence; they had an excuse, but the vampires didn’t. The leaders, the king, they all knew about the Dalki but chose to ignore the problem.

Even Muka, who seemed to be more of a sensible leader, was blinded this time by the news they had brought.

“Does that mean that there are currently other family members in the tenth castle at the moment?” Leo asked.

The two by Paul’s side nodded, and it seemed like there was more to it.

“At the moment, problems are being brought up every day because of the families. Living in the pooling area and mixing in with those from the inner castle, there are daily disputes.” Timmy said. “Due to Quinn’s system of making those that aren’t just strong important members of the tenth family, they have gotten into more scuffles than expected. The other families are not used to our ways.”

There was a lot to think about, and Leo had his own opinions on what the Dalki were planning to do. The attack wasn’t a full on attack, and the attack also seemed to coincide with Arthur’s plan, which made it seem more likely that Arthur was working with the Dalki.

“Actually, there are some people that I would like you to meet,” Paul said. “There was a certain someone that was insistent that you get brought along for the discussions that are about to take place. As for you, Erin, I know your strength and it seems you have brought quite the weapon back with you this time.”

Erin was surprised that even in its new sheath, Paul was able to tell what the weapon was, but since he was one of the few that were close to Oscar when he had the weapon, it made sense.

The sheath that had been made still carried the shape of the demon tier weapon after all.

“I was hoping you could help Timmy and Xander stop whatever is going on in the tenth castle.” Paul requested.

Erin looked at Leo for permission. Of course, she didn’t mind helping out the tenth family, but Paul asked her to fight against other vampires. She had always had Leo by her side in case anything went wrong, but this time she wouldn’t.

“You have shown great improvement. In the end, you are the one that controls you, and now it is time for you to do so.” Leo said, walking off with Paul.

The two of them headed to the throne room in the tenth castle, which came as a surprise because Leo could already tell that there were others on the other side of the door. None of them were weak either.

As the doors opened, one person immediately stood up from their seat at the grand table.

“Leo!” Silver called out, happy to see him. “It seems you have come back in good health.”

There were a few of the vampire leaders in the room, all gathered in the tenth castle. It was hard for any vampire to believe that this would happen a few years ago, yet here they were.

Silver, the thirteenth leader Lee, Jim Talen the fourth leader, the fifth leader Sunny Kent, and the ninth leader Muka were present, all sitting down.

“Remember how I said that Muka had gone to try and gather those that might listen to him? For now, these are the ones he has managed to convince. The new leaders that have come to their position are hard to approach for the time being.” Paul explained.

Muka cleared his throat, insinuating there was something else he wanted to say and stood up.

“There is a reason why we have chosen to gather at the tenth castle as well,” Muka said, walking towards Leo. “Now that both the vampire knights have returned, I think it is safe to tell you our plan. Even if everything goes smoothly, one thing that will be undecided in all of this. It is who is fit to be the next vampire king or queen.

“In order for Bryce to be replaced, there needs to be a replacement. We have discussed this amongst ourselves, who would be fit for the role. At the moment, there is one family that the vampires are growing trust in day by day, a family that had saved the vampire settlement from its doom. The tenth family.

“Our wish and our plan is to make… Quinn Talen, the leader of the Tenth family, the next vampire king.” Muka stated.


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