My Vampire System Chapter 1326: Eno's Sin

The scenery in the room was drastically changing, but unlike what they could see before this time, everything in it was almost unrecognisable. The walls looked to be made of an old stone. A wooden table appeared, and the room was a mess filled with scrolls all over the place.

It was clear they were not in a period that wasn’t close to their current one.

Even more so, there were strange drawings all over the room, patterns of circles with weird characters and more illustrations.

‘That looks similar to what took my system powers away.’ Quinn thought, looking at it.

While the machine made the room, Vincent, who was able to witness everything Quinn could, was even more excited than him. If he had a body, he would be shaking head to toe. This was because they were about to witness a time when Richard Eno wasn’t a vampire.

Richard Eno was one of the Original vampires. The start of the families and the beginning of everything for the vampire race. Their history had never been told or passed on for how they came to be. It was something that Vincent thought he would never be able to find out or know about in his lifetime, which was why he also chose to never pursue such a thing.

Soon though, they could see two people created by the simulation program, and they were those they had recently come to know. The people who had been projected into the room were Bliss and Richard. It was strange because Richard actually looked like an older version than what he knew him as today.

Thinking back, Quinn remembered that it was the same with Leo. After he had been turned, his appearance was younger than before.

While Bliss appeared to be far younger, someone who was barely an adult. There was something about the air around her… that annoyed Quinn nearly as much as when he saw Richard. However, as soon as the scene started to play out, there was something that shocked both Quinn and Mona.

“Lenny, I need to speak to you. The beasting process you went through. It will not be enough for you to be able to do anything.” Bliss said. “I know you want to go out and fight against the shadow plague, but if you do, there is a good chance that you will end up dead.”

This was a shocking fact, not that his name wasn’t Richard. Quinn had somewhat guessed that perhaps Eno had gone through many different names during his time, but he thought at least his real name would be what the vampires knew him by as well. Just what was real about him in the first place, Quinn wondered, and what was going on in the past.

“Are you sure that Ray can deal with them? Even in your visions, he doesn’t turn up! Which means we have to do something that not even you can predict.” Lenny then went ahead and grabbed a crystal. It was a crystal Quinn had never seen before, but Logan had recently learned of it, as one of the Nest Crystals.

At the same time, Quinn had heard a familiar name, the name of his ancestor, who was Ray, in the tablet.

‘Wait, Richard knew who Ray was, but he didn’t seem to have any idea he was in the tablet. Did Ray do that without telling anyone in his past?’

Not being able to understand the actions or what was going on with his ancestor at the time, he decided to continue watching.

“Remember what you told me,” Lenny said, placing the crystal down on the floor in one of the strange circles Quinn had recognised. “That there are different types of gods. Some lay in human bodies, but there are also those that belong to the world of the dead.

“We need strong power. When I saw the shadow summon that Dragon. I have an idea of what they are trying to do. They are trying to contact the other side and bring them back.

If we can contact one of the gods from the land of the dead, then maybe we can win this war.” Lenny said.

Bliss was absolutely stunned, but she could tell that she was unable to stop him. Lenny had already placed his hands on the Nest crystal, connecting with the other side. The circle started to light up, and the image from there started to change once again.

“For some reason, it seems like Richard’s memories are unable to be accessed from there. It seems like whatever he saw on the other side has been wiped from his head.” Logan explained. “But there is one thing that we can be sure about. He succeeded that day, he had obtained great power from one of the gods, and that was what had turned him into what he was… a vampire.

“You see, Richard wasn’t just an original. He was the first Original. Knowing this later on, he had decided to change his name to Eno, which spelt backwards was One. As in the first vampire. It was only later that Richard found out that gaining such a power he had brought a plague into this world.”

Listening to Logan’s explanation, that had explained how Richard had become a vampire, but what about the other Originals?

“I have no footage to show you, but I can answer the question you are probably thinking, for Richard had eventually found out the answer himself. When connecting with the other world, he had opened a gate, and Richard wasn’t the only one affected at the time. There were others as well.

“After learning what he had done, and how he had summoned a curse upon the others, he journeyed to gather the rest that had been affected. Finding them and trying to help them, grouping them together.”

It was here that Quinn realised why Eno always tried to protect the humans from the vampires. Because the creation of the vampires in the first place was his fault, but he couldn’t just get rid of them. Still, knowing what they had eventually become, Richard could never rest, always looking over them.

“Wait, Logan, but what about Arthur? He had become original at another time. How did that happen?” Quinn asked.

“That…” Logan said. “The whole thing, it was something that was orchestrated by Bliss. She had seen a future where the vampires rampage and rule over the humans. In order to stop this, she came to Eno for help. As I said, they always created solutions for the current problem, always to create more for the future.

“With her powers and the powers of the Nest crystal, learning from their past mistakes, they were able to open the path to the other side, without it leaking out into the world. Making Arthur into an original, someone who was meant to keep all of the vampires in check for the rest of eternity, but you know how all of that went.”

Now Quinn was starting to understand why even his ancestor had such a disliking for this Bliss character. Always meddling into things and, in a way, forcing others to act to her will. He wondered if she had done something similar to Ray, and perhaps one day, Quinn could hear the tale from him himself.

“And that is Richard’s tale of how the original vampires came to be. I’m not sure if you know why Richard wished to help you and your family so much. Even when learning about the vampire’s past, there were things that seemed to be missing. It seemed even Richard didn’t want everything about the world recorded.” Logan said.

Logan could have gone into more detail into specific points. When the world forgot about magic, how to create clones and more, but this was the information he needed to protect now. Saying too much would just put others in unseen danger for no reason. He now knew why his test was a test of strength and where he needed to improve and continue his family’s legacy of continually learning more.

Thinking about everything. Quinn thought of one thing. Ray Talen, his ancestor, must have saved them during their time, and that was what Richard was in debt to him for. At some point, his family line and Ray’s family line must have mixed with his mother and father. Giving him both the Eno blood and the Talen blood in his veins.

What Quinn didn’t know, and he wished to know, was about Richard’s or Lenny’s past. What drove him so much to seek out such power in the first place. When looking at the image before he had contacted the other side, it seemed like there was pure hatred and a desire for revenge.

Thinking about this, Quinn soon felt the mask that he would attach to his side vibrate. It was a new one since he gave the last one to Alex for emergency situations. It had the same design but didn’t come with the benefits.

Placing it over his face, Quinn could tell that the one calling him was Sam.

“Quinn, you answered, thankfully you did. I have news, I finally received word back from Paul and Leo, but it’s not good news…” Sam reported.


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