My Vampire System Chapter 1325: Seeing them again

Although Quinn was greatly interested in the information Logan had to share, it seemed like Logan was out of it for the time being. Even he was struggling to process everything that was going through his head. The problem was, this was the last room, and there were no more doors.

The ship was large from the outside, so they knew there had to be more rooms than this. Yet, if they just followed where they had come from, it would only lead them back to where their ship was currently at the moment.

Quinn was hoping with the information Logan had, that he would be able to lead them in the right direction to try and find more hidden gems on the ship.

“Where should we go from here?” Quinn asked.

Hearing these words, Logan stood up on his own from the ground he was on. He was no longer looking at the ceiling and instead started to walk towards one of the large control panels.

“There is nothing else on this ship that is worth using, but before we leave, Le- I mean Richard wanted me to show you this,” Logan said. “This is also part of your reward Quinn. He wanted you to also know his original sin, but I wanted to show you something else before that.”

A strange ball-like device started to drop down from the ceiling. It had several lights and strange components on it. The next second, the entire room had changed, taking them back to a certain point in time. Logan had experienced this before, but the others had not. They were currently in an augmented reality room. When Logan had learned about his family’s history and their past, they had created a video log for him.

One could record words and details of specific events based on one’s memories. Using all this information, the imagery from the mind could be uploaded. One could even create movies easily this way, just with their imagination. The AI would do its best to recreate scenes as if playing a movie to the person they wished to see, only they were in the film themselves.

Suddenly, the room had changed. They looked to be in some type of house. It was empty, mostly filled with grey colours, and there was carpet on the floor with a sofa. The sound of a crying baby was heard. The mother held the baby in its hands as it swung it back and forth, and the father tried to reassure the baby that everything was going to be okay.

“What is this?” Quinn asked, looking at the images, for some reason, he wanted to reach out and touch the two parents looking after the baby. He felt like he knew them, yet at the same time didn’t.

“I would advise you not to move or try to touch anything,” Logan stated. “We are still in the same room, but everything you see is being projected. So although we can’t see it, there are still the servers and other things in this place that you could run into.

“Honestly Quinn, I don’t know how much Eno wanted me to tell you or whether he wanted me to tell you anything about this. I have information with me that I know could be dangerous in the wrong hands. For example, did you know that beasts used to roam Earth in the past? There used to just be several pieces of large contents floating about.

“They had also succeeded in mixing beasts and humans in the past before the Dalki, and the world even had powers such as magic. Yet, all of this information was lost but kept here at the same time. The beasting process, as they called it, was even information that Jim had used to successfully create the Dalki.”

It was hard for Quinn to even keep up with what Logan was saying or imagine just how much he had learned. It was no wonder he seemed to be out of it when they had found him.

“This Quinn, I thought you deserved to know this. This here, are your parents Quinn, and the baby is you.”

When Quinn was a young boy, his parents had died during the first Dalki war. He had found memories of them, but as the years went by, he couldn’t remember what they looked like. For some reason, there were no photos of them either.

Yet now he could see them both cleary.

“Both of them were so beautiful,” Quinn said, with a tear falling down his cheek. “How did they make an ugly baby like me.” Quinn thought, thinking about his appearance before he had become a vampire.

However, there soon was one person who had entered the room.

“I see both of you are doing well.” The man said, sitting down on a sofa opposite them. The person had walked straight through Quinn, and for a second, the particles dispersed and soon reappeared, forming his body. The person was Richard.

‘Richard, Richard knew my parents, what!’ Quinn thought.

“Yes, he is a quick learner. Just this morning, he nearly said, Dad!” His father said.

“Honey, that’s ridiculous. He’s only two weeks old. That would be impossible.” His mother replied.

“A Quick learner is the trait of a certain person I used to know a long time ago. I’m proud to know that his and my blood run through this person’s veins.” Richard said with a smile.

The scene then started to warp and change from there without much being said.

“What, wait!” Quinn called out, running trying to grab his parents, but soon his hand hit something solid and hard. For a second, the blue particles broke up, showing that he had hit one of the giant servers in the room, and then the vision started to change again.

“Quinn, there weren’t many interactions in Eno’s mind that I could show of your parents, but I thought that you deserved to see them again,” Logan explained. “As someone who has recently lost his parents, I can somewhat understand how you feel.

“Still, whenever you and Eno spoke, he always seemed surprised to see you, or it was unexpected, but the more I looked through his memories, I would frequently see him meet with a certain individual. The Bliss person you spoke off, and not only recently, but it seems that the two have known each other for a very, very long time.

“Eno and Bliss worked together in hopes to protect the world. Although we may never understand why Bliss wishes to protect the Earth, I thought that we might be able to find Richards reason, but it never did come to light. The memories he stored here were all from the day he had become a vampire, and there is none past it.

“There are some things, some disastrous things I have seen him do during his time, one of them involved the Blade family, but it all seemed to be due to the words of Bliss. He trusted her every word. Still, it seemed like although they were able to fix current solutions, ironically, it was almost as if they forgot to think far ahead into the future. Their solutions to the problems would sometimes cause even more problems, and Eno felt guilty for that.”

The scene around them changed, and Quinn could be seen as a young boy. Due to the war, children were sent out to a Shelter together. Quinn had his own room, but he didn’t really get on with the other kids, so he stayed in it most of the time.

Young Quinn was sitting in his bed, not doing much.

Quinn didn’t need the video to show him what happened in this scene because this memory was ingrained in his head.

A knock was heard at the door, and young Quinn rushed to open it up. Expecting to see his parents had returned but instead, he saw what looked like a man in a military suit.

“This is the day…I found out my parents died in the war.” Quinn said.

Mona and Logan were watching everything carefully, and they could see the heartbroken young Quinn crying, falling to his knees. Mona was also feeling heartache, remembering a similar situation herself. It was then that the man had handed Quinn a book, the book that started it all.

“Why..why are you showing me this, Logan!” Quinn asked. This was the most painful memory for him, and now he had to relive it.

Logan didn’t say anything and allowed the scene to play out. Instead of following Quinn though, it followed the strange soldier. Eventually, the soldier left the room and quickly ran until it was on the roof of the building they were on. The soldier’s face started to change, warping into another person….Brock.

“I did as you asked. He has received the book.” Brock said.

A man who was looking out turned around, revealing that it was Richard Eno.

“Good, that young boy from now on will live a hard life, but he must survive. I will do everything I can to protect the Talen bloodline. That family, our family, I owe them both too much having raised them in this hell. Make sure everything is taken care of for him.

“Give him a place to live, send him enough money to do as he wishes and make sure he doesn’t find out that it is coming from us,” Richard said.

It was then that Quinn realised that all his suspicions were correct. He had learnt that children who had lost their parents were usually forced to live on the beast planets or those with no money since they were cheaper than on Earth. Yet Quinn had been able to live life on Earth. He thought it was due to the government supplying all children with this benefit. This was what he was told, but now he knew everything was Richard Eno’s doing. He had been looking out for him from the very beginning.

“I know you disliked the person, and honestly, if I had to show you everything he did, it would take years to, and even with everything I know, I can’t tell if he is a good person or a bad, but one thing for sure. He cared about you and your family. Even more so than his own purer Bloodline. He took a deep interest when your mother met your father.” Logan said.

“I don’t fully understand why, but Quinn, I know you know more about your past, so perhaps learning about how Eno came to be a vampire, you will get your answer,” Logan said as the scene started to change once again. Back to when Eno was for a few seconds still a human.


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