My Vampire System Chapter 1324: The other kings

The creature stuck in the cage was without a doubt, a horse. The only thing was it didn’t look like a regular horse. It was black in colour but not just black like fur from horses on earth. This was the darkest black that one could see. Not an ounce of light was being reflected off its fur. It was nearly impossible to differentiate from its Maine and hair on its body when together.

If it was nighttime, it would stand out for how dark it was, but that wasn’t the only thing that they would be able to see. For the Horse had red eyes. They were the same shade as vampires.

“That horse, it doesn’t feel like a beast,” Mona said. From her experience of using her ability through the years, she could almost tell in an instant whether this was something her powers could work on.

‘That’s because it is not a beast.’ Vincent said in Quinn’s head. ‘This creature has more signs of it being familiar, but I have never seen one like this before…perhaps…’ Vincent had paused as if he was going to say more, but he didn’t want to shout out baseless theories and worry Quinn or give him wrong information.

It was then that Quinn himself could feel a tingling feeling on his back. Coming from a certain marking. It was Boney. His own familiar was reacting. His marking felt like it was trying to break free from his body, and at the same time, the horse stood up on its rear legs and neighed loudly.

It wasn’t a high pitched neigh like usual horses did. Instead, the sound produced had a low frequency, so low that the ground was shaking from the bass in the horse’s voice.

“That’s kinda creepy, and why is there a horse acting crazy.” Mona wondered.

Quinn knew it had something to do with his familiar, but he didn’t know why. The mist from his back started to appear, floating outward and moving towards the horse’s location.

“What are you doing? Come back!” Quinn ordered. He feared that there might be a confrontation.

At the same time, Oscar moved forward and drew his sword from his back, ready to fight what was about to come his way. Although it might be interesting to see the Dullahan’s strength at the moment, Quinn knew full well how strong the Boneclaw was, and everyone here was meant to be on the same side. They didn’t want to hurt a potential alley soon after receiving one.

“I do not…. I do not wish to hurt them!” Quinn shouted even louder, and this time with anger in his voice.

Before the mist could form, it started to go back to where it was, back to Quinn’s body.

‘Is that the first time the Boneclaw has listened to me? Will it continue to listen to me?’ Quinn had neglected the Boneclaw, because it mostly chose to come out when it wished. He knew it fed on his darkest desire, which most of the time was when he was filled with anger, and it had helped him out in dire situations.

But whenever Quinn had asked for its aids in fights, even when he was on the island, it never seemed to respond. Still, if it listened to this, then maybe the Boneclaw was starting to come around to Quinn.

‘I have a theory about the reaction, but I can not confirm.’ Vincent said. ‘You should know that familiars do not belong to our world. Vampires lure them over with a scent of their blood, or at times there are families that just wish to live near the vampires. It has been like this for the longest time. No matter where the vampires would move to, there would be familiars that would cross over and live in a similar area to ourselves.’

Quinn remembered Leo and the others talking about their experience in the familiar world. It was an interesting tale, to say the least. He also remembered Leo saying that they fed off Qi energy, so it was strange that familiars chose to live near vampires rather than humans, but the vampires hadn’t figured out everything about them. There was one person who had done a lot of research on them though.

‘In the familiar world, there are beings that even other familiars respect. They have great power, and they have been granted the title king. I believe the reason why the horse was reacting and perhaps the Bone claw on your back is due to both of them being kings.’

Hearing the explanation, it sounded like the Horse in front of them was a familiar that was just as great as his Boneclaw. The questions were how Richard was able to catch such a being and what Oscar was planning to do with it.

Once it had reached the cage, Oscar held out his hand and started to stroke the top of its nose a few times. It then lifted its head and placed its forehead against the horses. A few seconds later, the horse’s body started to light up.

It too started to turn into a black coloured mist, and it all began to head towards Oscar’s forehead. Eventually, the horse had disappeared in front of their eyes, and now there was a diamond shape marking on top of Oscar’s forehead.

Now, Oscar turned to look at Quinn and Mona again. They jolted backwards, seeing the creepy smile. Even though they had seen it before, it was still unsettling to them. It walked towards the pair, and they both prepared themselves again.

But it never touched its sword and just stood still in front of them, as if it was waiting for the two of them to do something.

“I guess this thing really won’t attack us. That’s good news.” Mona said.

‘I wonder how he can use that horse.’ Quinn thought. ‘Was the horse similar to his Boneclaw. Since it was a strong familiar, it might even be hard for the Dullahan to use it. Why did it even select the Dullahan and say yes?’

‘Maybe, the special creature has a close connection with horses. I know it is a familiar, but who knows.’

At that moment, the sound of the door opening in the other room was heard. All three ran back into the room where Oscar was originally. They found out that the final door that had yet to open, had been opened.

They all went to take a look, and that’s when they could see that they had entered some type of experiment lab. There were several servers all over the place on the ground and more. Sniffing the air, Quinn could tell that there was a human inside.

He quickly ran to see if Logan was okay, and although he only had light wounds on his body, for some reason, he was lying on the floor with his head staring up to the ceiling, doing nothing.

“Logan, what’s wrong, is everything okay?” Quinn asked. His eyes looked somewhat different. His pupils had shrunken. It felt like he wasn’t even registering that Quinn was there.

“Quinn, I can hear your voice.” Logan said with a smile. It was starting to make Quinn wonder what was with everyone he met today having an unsettling smile. “I did it, I learnt about all the information in all the servers. I learned about them all, and it was my reward.”

Seeing how Logan was and how strange he was reacting, Quinn was slightly worried, but as long as he was in good health, they could help him through whatever they needed to get through.

“You don’t understand Quinn, I learnt about everything. The Nest crystals, how to create clones, the truth of human history. I learnt about what Eno did, what he was trying to do, and I also learnt about….the vampires. I learnt about how the vampires were made and how it all started.”

The last words Logan spoke had caught not only Quinn’s attention but also Vincent’s, for even a great and old vampire like him didn’t know about the vampire’s beginnings.


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