My Vampire System Chapter 1323: The Headless

As soon Quinn saw Oscar’s apparent body, he knew something was wrong. The last time he had seen Oscar, it felt like there was no chance for him to come back, nor any wish for him to come back either. So it made him wonder just what had happened, so his body had gotten in the hands of Richard Eno.

‘What have you done….’ Quinn thought.

Using his inspect skill, he could see that his hunch was correct. Oscar was no longer a human. Instead, his inspect skill told him he was something known as a Dullahan. However, this was a word or a creature Quinn was unfamiliar with.

“It looks like you know a little more than I do,” Mona said, standing by Quinn’s side. She had made the assumption due to his shocked expression, but perhaps that was just the fact that he had seen Oscar in such a state.

The two of them were looking at the head rather than the body. It looked like Quinn’s entrance had grabbed his attention since it was no longer staring at Mona but just Quinn.

Seeing this, Quinn moved his hand from side to side, but the eyes didn’t follow, but taking a step to the left and right, it did.

“What is he looking at?” Quinn wondered.

“Maybe it wants another head buddy?” Mona joked.

It was then that Quinn started to move just his head, rather than his body, even bending forward. The joke that Mona made didn’t seem so funny anymore. Since its eyes had just followed Quinn’s head.

‘Vincent, do you know what it is?’ Quinn asked, hoping to answer Mona’s question. Even though he knew the name of the subject, since it wasn’t created by Quinn himself, he was unable to see information like when he would create a subclass.

‘The headless horseman or woman.’ Vincent answered. ‘It was a legend told, or a story that was told when I was very young. However, even to vampires, such a creature is more mythical than anything. I’m not sure if it’s a vampire subclass. At least one hadn’t been created during my time, and there were no records of such a thing.

“However, we have learnt that even Dragons exist, which I would have thought was mythical as well. For as long as vampires have lived, we have never seen such creatures as Dragons, yet we are.

‘It makes me wonder if Eno tried to create an entirely new creature, similar to what Jim did, or if what we are seeing here is a legendary creature being reborn. Perhaps just like dragons, they had died out, and Richard had found a way to bring one back or create one through Oscar.’

Although Quinn had learnt a little more about the Dullahan, he didn’t learn about its nature, powers or ability. Quinn had repeated to Mona what he knew, and she didn’t seem to have any knowledge of the creature either.

“So what do we do now? It’s Oscar, we should take him out, right? After all, Richard said he had prepared rewards that would help us, and this should be my reward.”

Hearing this, Quinn wanted to ask Mona what her trial was, but decided against it, in case it was something personal. Maybe he would ask once he learnt about Logan’s who they had yet to see.

“I’m not sure if he’s friendly or not. The way he’s looking at me is giving me goosebumps. Let’s just try to figure out how to get out first. We won’t leave without him, don’t worry.” Quinn answered.

The two of them looked for a way out, but just like Mona, they could only find the other doors that neither of them had come through from. There were two more, which was strange in itself.

“When I completed my task, I came through this door, so maybe Logan is still doing him, and then he will come through one of the others. If we wait for him, maybe he will eventually come through one of the doors.” Quinn suggested.

Mona agreed that the logic was sound, so they waited and waited, but there was no sign of Logan, and neither of the doors were opening. Since both of their tests were so quick, they were wondering if Logan was struggling to make it or if he had completed his task or not.

As time went on, Quinn was tempted to use his shadow abilities and enter the room.

“Maybe it’s because I haven’t accepted my reward.” Mona eventually said, making Quinn forget about his previous urge.

Since they might leave the room anyway and with nothing else for them to do, Quinn thought that they could try to free Oscar regardless. In the first place, Quinn had gotten a boost from his reward, so he was sure that Richard wasn’t lying about these rewards helping them. On top of that, if a fight was to break out, was the Dullahan a creature capable of stopping him, even with his stat boost?

Oscar was strong, but a lot of his strength came from his soul weapon and Demon tier weapon, both with which he no longer had.

Out of the two parts in separate containers, Mona and Quinn agreed to free the body first. The head just felt creepy. On one of the computers, there was a clear button to open the two glass containers.

One on the left and one on the right. Assuming the one on the left was connected to the left container, they pressed down on the button. The glass container immediately started to drain. Once it did, the glass began to sink down below into the ground. And the wires connected to the body were ejected.

‘Okay, gotta be ready for anything.’ Quinn thought, activating his shadow and keeping it hovering by his back.

When the body was free, it started to move around and stretched a couple of times. It looked like someone who had been stuck or asleep in the same potion for a long time. The body was muscular and completely naked, so they could see everything in the flesh, but something strange happened.

From its neck upwards, a bright blue mist started to show. It looked like a flame, yet they could also tell that it wasn’t a flame. A few seconds later and it snapped its fingers. The light blue mist spread to its body and started to materialise an armour set on itself and a sword behind its back.

‘What is this? Is it something similar to my shadow ability? Where I can keep items in my dimensional space. Did Eno also prepare all this for him?’

Using his inspect skill again, Quinn wanted to see the stats of the armour and the weapon he had just summoned. Still, he was in for a surprise as the items themselves were not beast armour.

‘Is this possible? Is Oscar now some type of god?’ Was Quinn’s thought. After learning of the gods, and dragons, it wasn’t something that he would put past him. Maybe Richard had captured one of the gods’ dormant souls and placed it into Oscar.

“Oscar, can you hear us? Are you friendly?” Mona shouted out to the body.

However, instead of answering them or walking over to where they were, it turned around and looked towards its head. It walked up to the glass, and the head’s eyes looked at its own body.

“What’s it goi-“

A smashing sound was heard. The glass container broke with the Dullahan, pushing it. It then grabbed its own head by the top of its hair and pulled it towards itself.

“Is it going to wear it? Or put it back on, I mean.” Quinn thought, carefully watching its every move. Strangely, it didn’t attempt to put its head back on the mist. Instead, it just grabbed the head and tucked it in by its side.

“Can you speak?” Quinn asked.

Lifting up the head, it shook it, indicating that it couldn’t. Even though the head had a mouth, with the creepy smile still there.

“Are you going to hurt us?” Mona asked.

Using the head again, it shook it, indicating it was a no. Both of them looked at each other and were thankful that this was the case. They wanted to ask it more questions since it seemed to understand them but thought it would be hard to talk this way.

“Maybe we can get it a pen and paper, and we can see if it can talk properly to us, or a tablet or something,” Quinn said.

While making this suggestion, they could see that Oscar was walking towards one of the doors, and unlike with them, the door had started to open.

“Huh, what wait let’s follow him. Maybe that’s where Logan will be,” Quinn said, and the two quickly followed but also made sure not to get too close to the headless person, just in case he would turn on them.

When they entered the room, though, there was no sign of Logan. Instead, it was something they both didn’t expect to see. A creature of some sort that was trapped in a cage.

“A horse?” Mona said.

That’s when it clicked in Quinn’s head from what Vincent had told them.

“The headless horseman.”


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