My Vampire System Chapter 1322: A new….

It was a strange feeling not being able to use the system for Quinn’s skills. Before he would use the shadow, and even activate the blood abilities through the system. Now he could access none of it. Even when Eno had messed around with his system before he had only limited his skills, but this was more like the system was offline.

However, fighting against the clones there was no need for Quinn to use any of the skills in the system, he could beat them all just with the power of his Qi. Even Quinn didn’t expect the third stage of Qi to work this well against Eno.

In a way, with Quinn’s strength and power, there was virtually no way for them to counter the attack, unless they had an ability, skills or strong beast armour. Still, as the next clones came from behind Quinn raised a shadow, blocking their attacks, and then with the two in front of him, Quinn started to spin Blood drills, swinging a punch and hitting both of the clones who had performed Blood drills of their own.

What was unsurprising was that Quinn’s power had won out against the Clone Enos, with the hands of both of them ripped to shreds. However, Quinn didn’t stop his attack there, as he used his speed to get close to them. Lifting his leg he performed a kick with the power of Qi directly to their heads, finishing them both off.

It had been less than a minute, yet the number of clones had already dropped in half. When the shadow dropped down, the clones were ready to pile up on the Vampire Lord, yet they could see nothing… until Quinn appeared directly behind them, already with his hands through both of their chests.

This time he had used the second stage of Qi, to sharpen his finger tips so they were like claws, while also covering it with the third stage. It had allowed him to bypass any type of defence they might have mustered.

Quinn didn’t go on the attack against the sole remaining survivor, because the clone itself just stood there, as if it was frozen or something in its body had short circuited.

“Will the test be over once I kill you or is there another part to it?” Quinn asked with a smirk on his face.

Hearing this question had managed to snap the clone back to its duty.

“The test…is over.” The clone spoke as if it couldn’t even believe it was saying those words. In reality, it wasn’t that Clone Eno had never thought that Quinn would pass the test, he had just never thought that without the system Quinn was still this deadly.

“It seems like you don’t really understand what just happened.” Quinn spoke calmly, enjoying the feeling of stumping Richard Eno, even though it was just a clone of his. “Ever since I got the system, I had been afraid that there might come a time when I won’t be able to use it. After the first time that Richard altered it, I knew that my fears weren’t unfounded. If he could alter it, as its creator, it only seemed natural that he might have a way to do something worse.”

“It was from then on that I chose to try to learn all the skills without using the system. There are still times and certain skills that I use for the system, but as you saw yourself, I’m far from useless, even without it!”

In a way, Quinn had also decided to test himself during the fight. He knew he could beat all the Eno clones, and he could have done so just using the third stage of Qi he had recently learned, but while fighting, he had chosen to use all of his skills without the system, to check on his progress in a real fight.

“We clones only have the memories up until the point that Richard chose to create us. That being said, I have a feeling that the original would also have been surprised how easy you have passed.” The clone said. “No matter what, you always seemed to be an anomaly that we failed to predict. We didn’t know what you would do, what path you would take or your emotions, and it wasn’t just him.”

“Anyway enough of that, it is now time for your reward for completing your task. Please step back into the marking once again.”

Quinn did as he was asked, and soon he received a message from the system.

[System has been activated again]

Checking everything was okay, Quinn was happy to get it back. Although he had just proven that he didn’t have to rely on the system, he had already gotten so used to it, that it had felt strange with it being absent.

“Although this test was to see how you did without the system it doesn’t mean the system doesn’t offer you certain benefits. When creating the system, the original Eno did put a hope in it. He wasn’t sure how much it would help, but Eno was always a person with many plans more than one.”

“Which is why he decided if you passed the test, this should be your reward.” The clone stated as he held out his hands.

“It’s a hidden feature, that will only activate once the system hears this phrase from his voice. The phrase is; ‘System unlock.'”

As if reacting to those words, Quinn had received a new system message that appeared bright green but he didn’t quite understand the words he was seeing.

[The System has been fully unlocked.]

[Tht system grants you power]

[All available stats have been boosted to their maximum]

[Your body can feel the energy through you]

The system was right, Quinn could feel his body changing, as if it was breaking down and regenerating on the spot.

‘What, just what did Richard do to the system for it to allow to do this?’ Quinn thought.

[Strength 100]

[Agility 100]

[Stamina 100]

[Charm 100]

The reward was a max out of all of his base stats. Quinn couldn’t believe it, with a few simple words he had achieved what might have taken him years, but he did realise it hadn’t improved everything.

For example, Quinn’s blood control was at 184, although it was above a hundred for blood control he gathered this was quite a low number. At the same time Quinn could see that his level was still at 70 and it looked like there was still an exp bar. Part of him had been hoping that upon reaching level 70 that it would allow him to reach the next evolution, but sadly nothing exceptional had happened.

“Wait, if I can still level up, can these stats be further improved?” Quinn asked out loud, as he realised the possibility.

“No.” The clone instantly shattered his hopes in that regards. “For your stats themselves this is the highest they will go. The number in the first place is based on your potential and the system has made it so your body is now the best it can be.

“However, you can still improve your shadow skills and blood skills, I am not able to help in that department, maybe there are still more things to their system for it to grow. As you know, the system itself is something that has surpassed our expectations.”

With that done, it was time for Quinn to leave the black room. A light lit up in the room revealing a door. Sliding down Quinn was free to exit and so he did, without turning back or looking at the clone.

He had already said his goodbyes to Richard, it was time for him to do what he needed to do. After going through the door, he had entered another hallway. After a short walk the door at the end opened and Quinn had entered the room.

“Quinn, you passed.” Mona congratulated him, just thankful that finally someone else was in the room with her.

Quinn was about to reply, when he saw what else was in the room.

“Is that…Oscar!?” Quinn asked, seeing the strange drifting body. He could tell instantly something was up. Although it had Oscar’s body it just didn’t quite feel like it was actually him.

Seeing that it was in eno’s lab, and Quinn knew that Oscar was already on the bridge of death when he posed to him through Shrio last time, he used the Inspect skill.

[A Dullahan]


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