My Vampire System Chapter 1321: Relying on the system

At the moment, Logan was being led by the clone through the junkyard to a different area. Cancelling his soul weapon, the giant snakes made from junk soon fell to the floor, and the beasts also seemed to no longer bother them as they continued to howl.

The new Nest crystal that Logan had discovered was still on his body, placed in his special toolbox attached to his trousers. He still had it on him for when Borden came along on journeys. It was also a good place to keep important things.

Honestly, Logan thought that perhaps after getting such a crystal, it would need to be handed back to Richard or the clone, but he had asked for no such thing. Still, he was fascinated about learning everything about it.

“A Nest crystal, in a place like this, so they’re actually real?” Logan asked. He had heard a few things about a rumoured Nest crystal, but that was all it was. Some thought it was a myth. There were reports that some groups had seen them but never managed to get their hands on such a thing.

“You have your answer already.” The clone replied. “Nest crystals are what give the energy to the beasts. It’s a strange phenomenon, to say the least. We believe that the creatures on these planets were just regular animals like we have back on earth at some point in time.

“However, they were drawn to these mystical energies called the Nest crystals. The animals gave birth, laid their eggs next to these crystals, and eventually started to change, going through an evolution. They were born with crystals inside of their body, and they gained great power.

“The Nest crystal itself seems to adapt to the newly found beasts it has created and almost starts replicating them. Spawning them constantly at an incredible rate, and this is what we know as the beasts today.”

Logan was thinking back to his test, how the beasts seemed to constantly be appearing.

“Are you saying the Nest crystals were the cause of all the beasts I fought? The fact that their numbers didn’t dwindle was due to how fast they were being produced?”

“Correct. If you had continued to fight the beasts, it would have been endless, just like the energy in the crystal itself. It is also because of this fact that Nest crystals have been almost impossible for humans to find.

“Fighting countless waves of beasts or even coming across an area would put off most groups. In the first place, the beasts tend to try and hide or cover the nest crystal away from the eyes of others.

“And as you expect, this crystal, or these crystals, are one of the rewards that will help you in your fight. Unfortunately, Nest crystals are unable to be turned into beast weapons, but they have endless amounts of energy.

“A large ship would have to never gather any crystals again, only having to use one of these Nest crystals, but there are more uses than even that for it. To explain, Richard’s ability of equivalent exchange, to use it, there would often be a cost associated with it.

“This cost could sometimes be in the forms of large energy, and when this was the case, Beast crystals could be used, and that includes Nest crystals.”

Logan was figuring out how dangerous such a crystal was in the hands of someone like Richard. A Nest crystal, endless power that could produce beast after beasts.

“It broke the rules of your ability,” Logan answered.

“Correct again, I can see why the original Richard has hope in you.” The clone replied. “With a Nest crystal, one was able to use its energy again and again. It felt as if there was no cost to using the ability. However, there were some things that took even the entire crystal to use our powers.”

Already Logan was learning so much, and with the Nest crystal in his possession, he wondered what could be done with them. He didn’t have the equivalent exchange ability, but through his research, in the Dalki creation, he learnt there were other ways to use crystal energy.

For one, he wouldn’t have had his problem with his blasters, his soul weapon could be used endlessly since it relied on the powers of the crystals, but both of those methods were selfish. Logan was thinking of something else.

He was pretty sure that both Jim and Richard had used these Nest crystals to produce the countless clones they had created. It was probably the same for the vampires. But there was a problem of a short life span with the clones.

That was because they were creating multiple clones with the energy of the crystal. Eventually, that energy would fade as there was no beast crystal in their body.

But what if a clone was created with the Nest crystal in their body, similar to beasts? Wouldn’t they then be able to create a perfect clone?

“It is time for us to get the rest of your rewards.” The clone had moved some scrap from one of the piles, and underneath there was a portal. He had his hand placed forward, offering the way for Logan, but Logan stopped just outside before going in.

“I know, you’re not coming with me. Your duty ends here.” Logan said, having figured out that this clone had been on this planet for a while. It was hard to explain, but he could tell it wasn’t the same one in the room as him.

“I know you’re not the real Richard, but I want to say something. I saw that you did a lot for my family…I want to thank you for helping them and for helping me. Learning about the Nest crystals, thinking about the possibilities that I could create with it, has brought back my passion.”

With that said, the clone smiled, and Logan stepped through the teleporter. Logan was expecting to be returned to the black room and for the doors to open, but instead, he was transported to a lab of all things.

It was filled with giant monitors and countless terminals and servers all over the room.

‘Is this all still on the ship?’

There was only one door in the room, but it remained closed. Logan could have probably opened it with his ability, but he decided to keep it closed for fear that he would be interrupting the others’ tests.

‘He said that I would be taken to a place where all the information is gathered, so is it all here. If I touch these objects, will I learn everything that Eno knew?’

This was somewhat what Logan had been waiting for, but now that he was here, it felt too easy, as if he was almost cheating in a game. He also had no idea what to expect.

‘The Nest crystal was already a big find, but I have to learn more. There has to be more information about how to help out.”

Touching just one of the servers in the room. All the information was downloading into Logan’s head. His ability and mind quickly allowed him to process everything that he was learning. After a few minutes, he had gathered all the information, but he realised when touching it, that it was only a fraction of the information that was there.

‘There is information on each and every one of these servers about different things. The cloning techniques, Magic, vampire history, human history, even information on Pure! Everything, everything is here. Who was Richard Eno?’ We’re all the questions running through Logan’s head right now, but he knew that he was going to find out.


A while ago, Quinn had stepped onto the strange drawing in the room, and he had received a devastating message. He had an idea of what had happened, so immediately, he went to look at his system. The only thing was there was no system to bring up.

Once before he had experienced something similar to this, it was the first time he had met Richard and was what had put a bad taste in his mouth about the man in the first place. There was one thing he was sure about though, Richard could control the system.

“As a clone, I do not have Richards powers.” The clone answered. “Which is why there had been some things that were prepared beforehand. For your test Quinn, Richard has observed that your fast growth in strength could only be really explained by one thing. The system that he and Vincent created together.

“However, the system was only a tool that was to teach a person how to use their vampire powers, to bridge the gap, the years of experience vampires had. Now you must fight with your own strength, without the help of the system.”

Rising from the ground were several platforms, and with them, there were clones. Several clones of Richard himself. In total, six of them.

“Haha, so my test is fighting you, and you’re saying I can go all out? You don’t know how long I have been wanting to do this.” Quinn said.

The test had begun, with one of the clones running towards him, activating the blood drill. Seeing this, Quinn was calm. He closed his eyes, gathering the large Qi energy in his body, and also chose to suppress the red energy.

Combining the red energy and Qi energy inside his body produced a stronger attack than using one energy or the other. Still, they also interfered with each other, not allowing the other one to use its special properties to the fullest. This was also the reason why Quinn had struggled to learn the third stage of Qi.

Now that he had a large amount of Qi, compared to his blood energy, he had figured it out, and to top it off, Qi was perfect against vampires.

The energy gathered in his fist, and the raw energy was almost physically able to be seen in a glowing orange colour. The clone was still a few feet away. With a snap of Quinn’s hand, a loud bang was heard, and the clone had stopped in its tracks, falling to the floor.

It was dead, lying there on the floor.

“I know you by now, you were planning to kill all the clones anyway, and you wouldn’t have let me leave this place until they were dead, but I think you got one thing wrong. I don’t rely on the system.”


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