My Vampire System Chapter 1318: Passing the test

The message from Richard had ended there, and just like that the three of them were left stunned in place.

“I just don’t understand, can Eno really predict the future, to the point where our names appear above these doors. Maybe what you said was true?” Mona wondered looking towards Logan. 

“Probably not he himself, but you did say that you saw him meeting with Bliss before. It could be possible for it all to be set up beforehand due to her visions, especially if the two of them were close like you stated.” Logan theorised.

“There is also the chance that it’s simply using advanced AI. As long as Richard has information on us, and the AI did say it recognised us because it had scanned our faces. It would be simple to match up faces and names and display them on top of the doors.”

While Logan and Mona were busy speaking volumes about Richards’ genius, Quinn was silent and left to his own thoughts. 

‘What kind of rewards could he have left that could help us in our current situation?’ Quinn wondered. ‘And if he really had something that could give us some sort of power boost, why didn’t he bring it along to Blade Island? Why make it difficult on himself?’ 

‘It’s a hard question to answer Quinn. Perhaps, Richard is just doing the same thing I did when I first met you. Back when I was in the system I also kept testing you.’ Vincent replied. ‘Sometimes, when we realise that we aren’t able to achieve something, we try to help the future by allowing them to learn from our mistakes.’

Quinn knew that the only one who might be able to answer these questions would have been Richard himself, but that wasn’t going to happen now. Still, it would be a lie if the Vampire Lord would claim that he wasn’t interested in the promised rewards. He walked up to the door with his name above and the other two stopped talking to look at Quinn. 

“Let me be the first one to go in.” Quinn said. “You should wait until I’m done, so I can give you an idea what happened to me. I have the Shadow ability, so in case there’s something dangerous in there, I should have no problem getting out. Sure I might not get the reward but at least I’ll still survive. It’s a different story for you two.”

“Do you really think that Richard would put something so dangerous that it could kill us?” Mona asked. 

Quinn nodded, he didn’t even have to think about it. Richard Eno was the type of guy who would do anything to achieve his goal. If he wanted to test their ‘worthiness’, the ancient vampire wouldn’t shy away from using possibly fatal means.

Walking up to the door, Quinn pressed his hand against it to see if it would open.

Unfortunately, it only resulted in another AI announcement.

[One person has accepted the challenge.]

[All three must accept their challenge to proceed.]

“Of course, he wouldn’t let us catch a break.” Quinn chuckled to himself. He was wondering if he should take the test on his own, if he completed it, then he could always just come back and save the others if there was a need to, but it looked like all three of them would have to agree to take the test and do so at the same time for the door to open. 

“I won’t pressure you guys to do anything you don’t want to do.” Quinn said with a smile turning around, but the other two were no longer where they once were. Quinn could hear two beeping sounds almost instantly. 

Turning to his left and right he could see both of them already with their hands against the door.

[All three participants have accepted the test. 

Once all three enter their test room, the doors will be shut and the test will begin. 

WARNING; The tests will have to be taken alone. 

Any interruptions by other participants will result in immediate failure!

Passing the test will open up another door, leading to your respective rewards!]

With the doors open, Quinn lifted up both hands and gave a thumbs up to them both before walking in and now all three of them were in a pitch black room. They were separate from each other.

Quinn thought that perhaps with his heightened senses he would be able to hear the others in their rooms, but he was unable to hear anything.

Until the sound of some electronics were moving in his room, it sounded like a platform was appearing from underneath and he could see a person being lifted up into the room, one that looked identical to Richard himself. 

“You’re not Richard… at least not the real one, right?” Quinn asked. 

“No.” The person shook his head. “I am but a mere clone, who was woken up by your arrival. Although if you’re here, it should mean the original has perished, so I might be as real as I can be. I should have all his memories, at least up to the moment he created me.”

Hearing this, Quinn was looking forward to asking the clone some questions about Eno and his intentions, however he didn’t get the chance.

“It’s time for your test. If you succeed, you might get the answers you seek.”


In the other rooms, both Logan and Mona had been placed in the same situation, each of them meeting with a clone of Eno.

“Mona, I’m elated that you were among those who have come here. Honestly, there was a good chance that you wouldn’t have come.” The clone spoke with a mild smile on his face. Given their age difference, they resembled a grandfather who was looking lovingly over his granddaughter. 

“You’re crucial to humanity’s fate in your own way and I don’t mean just because you created a force that allowed you rise to the position of one of the Big Four.”

“The truth is, I didn’t save your life, it was more of me hiding you. There is someone out there who is looking for your powers more than you might believe and I fear that if they obtain it, then it would mean the human race will once again create another problem for themselves.” 

“You already know them, it’s the group known as Pure. They might not seem like that much of a threat with the war that is going on, but they are dabbling in cross breeding humans with beasts creating something that might even be worse than Dalki. I fear that they will succeed, as history has already seen it happen a long time ago.”. 

“The events that have played out have all been scratched and rewritten, but I’ve watched it happen. Your ancestors played a crucial part in helping save the world back then with their powers, which is why I returned the favour by protecting your family from the shadows.”

“Whatever happens, you must not allow Pure to get their hands on you. I know you care for the people around you, so you will try your best to help them. There seems to be others that hold grudges against Pure as well. Perhaps some day they can aid you in their fight. With all the troubles you and the world will face, I have left you something that you will be able to use in the war.”

Mona looked confused for a second, as she stared at Eno’s clones. She had been listening carefully the whole time. She didn’t know too much about her family, similar to Quinn’s; they had ended up dying in the war, yet they had passed on next to nothing to her. She had heard the rumours that Pure had kidnapped some of her members but what she was concerned about was something else. 

“What about my test? Don’t I have to prove that I am worthy of the reward!” Mona asked. 

“You have passed the test simply by coming here. Humans show a lot of discrimination to what they can’t understand or those that are different to them. They have done this for centuries, but you… you found out what I was and still chose to trust me by coming here, and you have come here with another that is like myself.”

It was then strangely, that the clone lifted both its hands up, covering them with red aura. Mona had a bad feeling of what was about to happen, and using both its arms Clone Eno killed himself on the spot. 

As soon as the clone died and fell to the ground, the door on the other side opened up. Walking towards the door Mona stopped by the dead body which lay on the floor. She turned it over so she could see Richard’s face. 

“I never did get to say goodbye. You might have protected me for your own reasons, but that doesn’t change the fact that you looked after me and for that you have my gratitude.”

She gently placed her hands over his eyelids, shutting them before walking through the door and out of the black room. The door behind had closed, and she now was in some type of strange lab. 

A giant glass tube container could be seen in front of her, and floating inside was a headless man.

“What is this, and who…who is that?” Mona thought. 

Walking up to the glass tube, she could then see a digital name running across the top. 

[Oscar White]


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