My Vampire System Chapter 1317: The rewards

Other than the four Demi-god tier beasts that had just been dealt with, it didn’t look like anything else was appearing from the strange containers. However, for some reason the saucer ship hadn’t stopped emitting a bright red light that would fade and brighten up like an alarm. Making them believe that maybe they weren’t out of trouble just yet.

They had managed to obtain a new powerful ally, in the form of the Galactic Worm, who at the moment was stuck on the roof of the ship while everyone else was back inside. It was amazing seeing how once a creature was tamed it showed no hostility towards its user, but unlike the Marked it still had a mind of its own. The three Demi-god tier crystals that had been obtained were all given to Quinn to put in his system for the time being.

“Don’t you want to keep this?” Quinn asked since Mona had immediately handed him the crystal she had earned. She looked at him for a few seconds. Although she knew she had some claim to it, seeing as she had had to struggle against the Demi-god tier beast due to her still not being that proficient in piloting her suit, it still wouldn’t have been an easy job for her.

Nevertheless, Mona knew she had only succeeded because Logan had helped her. It also didn’t seem right for her to keep it, seeing as she and Logan had dealt with two together, while Quinn had dealt with two on his own. She had already gotten another Demi-god tier pet out of this, which was more than enough for her.

However, Mona did kind of wish that she had been able to witness what exactly Quinn had done to create two giant holes in their body from the position he had been in.

“Don’t you dare refuse to accept it.” Mona replied. “You give me a Demon tier Amulet, and I can’t even hand you this?” She shoved the crystal away, before Quinn could return it.

“I suggest that we be cautious about entering the place.” Logan said as they drifted closer to the ship. “I don’t like the fact that the ship is still showing signs of an alarm. It should be a sign that it is still in self defence mode. If nothing is coming at us, I can only assume that it must have activated something inside of it.”

Honestly, Logan would very much like to inspect the tubes to see what was the need for them to be inside the containers. Perhaps it was a way to keep the beasts alive while it was trapped there. He also was very interested in finding out how Eno had set it up so it would attack the intruders rather than their own ship.

Nonetheless, it would be best to turn off the safety system first and then explore later, they wouldn’t want to go into one of those strange containers and end up being trapped.

Moving around, the saucer ship didn’t seem to react in any certain way, and Logan was now outside, as it approached one of the landing points on the ship. With his ability, even if the system didn’t want to let them in, he should be able to override its directives.

Touching the door outside, steam left from the ship, as the door slid open. They landed inside the giant saucer ship.

“Carefull.” Logan warned them as the whole group left the ship and were now on the metallic ground inside. “The door itself is a separate system to the whole ship so I was unable to turn off the whole system. Looks like Eno was prepared for someone like me to turn up. Still, if we find the main server, I can turn this thing off and maybe find what we’re trying to look for.”

The group looked around the first area they were in, but there was nothing special about it other than several standard ships inside the landing area. Given its size, they also decided that it was wiser to leave the Galactic Worm to guard the ship, just in case they had any more visitors. Although the pet was strong, now that Mona was on the ground she was confident in her skills again.

While walking around, there were several doors that they could go through. After all, the place was large in size and they had no clue what led to what, but then something unexpected happened. One of the doors suddenly opened up.

“Logan, I’m guessing you weren’t the one that did that, right?” Quinn asked.

Logan shook his head, and found it interesting to say the least.

“My family created an AI system that we used to control the house. Wouldn’t surprise me if Richard has something like that and it’s leading us somewhere. That or he planned it this way.”

“Well, should we check out where we’re being led to, or should we pick our own route?” Mona asked.

Quinn thought about it for a while, maybe it wasn’t even an AI system, maybe Richard was alive and still watching them.

“I think that this is Richard’s doing, so let’s just play his stupid little game.” Quinn decided and the three walked through the just opened door. As soon as all of them had passed through, it immediately shut behind them.

It wasn’t really a problem for Quinn, since he could just use Shadow travel to get out again. Nevertheless, it was annoying and just stressed the part that they were being forced to go a certain way.

The three of them were expecting to enter a large hall, but instead they were now in a corridor that could barely fit the three of them, only allowing for minimum movement. There was nothing but a long hallway.

“This reminds me of those trials.” Logan commented.

Quinn was thinking the same thing. When they had entered the Vampire World for the first time, they had entered what they suspected to be Richard Eno’s lab, where he had been running certain experiments.

The group remained on guard while walking through the hall and at the end they entered a large square room. Here there were three operating doors.

“Seriously, what is wrong with him? He was the one who wanted us here, so why the need for these games?” Quinn asked in frustration.

As if reacting to his little outburst, a screen came out from the ceiling. They waited for a few seconds until they heard a message.

[Face reorganization has been completed.]

[Welcome, Mona, Logan and Quinn.]

[Prerecorded video message will now play.]

“Welcome all to what I guess you could call my home, or more accurately speaking what has been my base of operations for the longest time.” Richard Eno said as he appeared on the screen. “If you’re seeing this particular message being played, it means that the ones who have arrived are Mona, Logan, and Quinn. However, you being here most likely means that my life has come to an end.”

“Our relationship must have been close if I told you about this place, and for you to have trusted me enough to travel all this way here, so don’t be saddened by my death.”

Quinn almost let out a laugh after hearing this phrase, but just in time he realised how disrespectful that would be. Despite all his faults, it was undeniable that Richard had helped them.

“The fact that you’re here must mean that you either have some unanswered questions, or, and I hope this won’t be the case, that even after my death you are in need of my help. I have helped save the human race for the longest time now, yet I guess even after my death I won’t be allowed to rest. To be honest, I worry what will happen without me.”

‘Man, the way he talks it’s really hard to like this guy.’ Quinn thought.

“This is why, I have prepared things for you and only you.”

After saying these words, names appeared above each of the doors, each one corresponding to those in the room.

“I have prepared many things that should be able to help you out in your journey going forward, however, since I can’t predict when exactly you will see this, I have prepared a test that will analyse your abilities and find the things most compatible with you. I hope you will be worthy of it, otherwise it might be best to save it for someone else that may be of more use in the future.”

“Some of you may have powers that can cheat the system, or you might be thinking of taking more than just your own reward, but I advise against doing anything of the sort. If any one of you attempts to cheat my system, all three of you will receive nothing.”

“Should all three of you pass the trials that are in front of you, you will also be granted access to the main ship’s server, which will allow you to access all the information I have gathered over my lifetime.”

“After all, this is knowledge that can not be lost. There is a need for this information and it must be passed on so we keep learning from our mistakes and improve. Now, it’s time for you to start your trials.” Richard declared with the largest smile on his face.


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