My Vampire System Chapter 1316: Space Battle

After coming all this way, what seemed to be the last hurdle that had stopped them from progressing…was a password.

‘That senile old man, did he just forget, or is he playing with us!?’ Quinn thought, but that didn’t matter because they had to prepare for what was about to happen to them next.

A red light could be seen around the edge of the giant saucer ship, which indicated this was no joke.

“I’m preparing defences on the ship!” Logan placed both hands on the command centre and was prepared to use his ability to somehow get them out of this station. He was, after all, the best when it came to things like this.

Quinn strangely had his eyes closed because he could hear something. Due to it being muffled, he wasn’t quite sure what it was. Tracking the strange noise led his eyes to the peculiar giant containers linked to the main ship, which were slowly opening up.

No laser blasts were being fired from the ship. Instead, the four containers attached to the ship were the only things moving. When the doors were fully opened, multiple tentacles immediately grabbed onto the outside of the container, gripping tightly. Soon it used the container to push itself off and leapt through the open space, catapulting and revealing its whole body.

It was a living creature, but not one like they had seen before. Usually, beasts on the beast planets had a resemblance to those animals that they had on earth. Although there could be those vastly different at times, there was always a base for the beasts.

This however, was something that looked to have come straight out of a nightmare. The tentacles on its body were the only thing remotely recognisable. It had several mouths all over its body, opening and closing, bearing its razor-sharp teeth while also emitting a strange slime that would fall from them.

Its head was an odd shape, almost hammer-like, and as for its eyes. It was anyone’s best guess where they were.


[A Demi-god tier beast known as the Galactic Worm]

“There are Demi-god tier beasts. They’ll be powerful, so we have to be careful!” Quinn warned.

“Did you say Demi-god tier, but there’s four of them!” Mona counted just to make sure.

Although Demi-god tier beasts were considered considerably weaker than Demon tier beasts. Usuelly it meant they only needed to deal with one beast, groups of people could work together, or in the worst case, they could run away.

However, fighting against four strong beasts at once. Even a powerful ability user would struggle, but Quinn, faced with this situation, smiled.

“This has to be a blessing. If we kill these beasts, we will obtain four powerful crystals we can use and create another item.” Quinn was already running over to exit from the ship. Since he had his space suit on, he could easily go out to fight.

Leaping off from the ship, Quinn drifted into space and used the thrusters to propel him forward. In space, he was unable to rely on one thing, and that was his footwork and speed. He could still move his arms and legs just as fast to attack, but moving around the beast or getting in a good position would be difficult.

Because of this, Quinn soon found himself in front of only two of the Demi-god tier beasts. The worms were able to freely move in space somehow, and it was then that they avoided a confrontation with Quinn and decided to go straight for the ship.

“Mona! I can probably deal or hold one of them, but I’m gonna need you to try your best to handle another, or at least protect the ship!” Logan said.

Although Mona was reluctant to go out outside, she knew how dire the situation was and did so. She still had the spider legs with her, but she also decided that it would be best for her to stay on the ship, rather than trying to manoeuvre in space like a certain someone.

“So I can’t fight the way I usually do. This might be quite difficult.” Mona thought, for at the same time, Logan was widely moving the ship, trying to get away from the worm beasts. The only thing keeping her on at the moment was the spider legs.

Lazers fired out from the ship, hitting the strange worms once in a while, but eventually, one of the worms was able to latch onto the ship with its tentacle, sticking to it like glue. It pulled itself over and opened its largemouths, spitting out the strange green sludge.

Mona quickly avoided the attacks, jumping and moving out of the way, seeing the weird slime hit the ship.

“Oh, I thought it was acid, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything to the ship?” Mona said.

She ran up to the beast avoiding all the green slime and attempted to punch it with her fist. When she did, she soon saw that where her fist was going to hit wasn’t a hard part of the flesh, but it was just one of its several mouths on its body that was closed. It opened up wide, ready to chomp down at her, but Mona was fast and quickly spun her body, aiming to hit another area with a kick.

Before she could hit it, she found herself struck by the strange green slime. She tried to quickly wipe it off, but it just stuck to her other arm.

‘This is annoying, it doesn’t seem to do anything, but it looks like I can’t get it off either. If I keep getting hit by this slime, it will keep adding up. What a pain in the ar- ‘

Out from the side, she had been whacked by the tentacle, it was a strong blow, stronger than what the spider legs could handle, and soon she could be seen drifting in space.

Activating the thrusters, she tried to correct her body position but overused them, spinning her top half forward looking like she was doing a front flip. She tried activating them again and started to spin back in the other direction. If she didn’t get a hold of how to use this thing, then she would soon become food for the Demi-god tier beats

“I thought that something like this might happen.” Logan moved the ship close to mona. Converting the top half into a claw, grabbing her in space.

It was an embarrassing situation for Mona ,but she was thankful and paid close attention to the whole situation. One of the Worms was still on the ship, while the other had been hit quite a few times by Logan’s lasers. It was more hurt than the one she was fighting. In fact, she had done no damage at all to the beast.

Seeing this a plan came into her head.

“Hey, chuck me over to that one. You can do that right!” Mona shouted through the receiver.

“I can, but I don’t think you’ll reach that far,” Logan replied.

“Don’t worry, I can use the thrusters. I may not be good at this thing, but I know how to just go forward at least.”

Even though Mona claimed she knew how to go forward, Logan wasn’t too sure from what he had seen so far. He was worried that throwing her to the other beast would mean he took part in her death. Still, he listened as the ship charged forward and threw Mona. She activated her thrusters, giving her a boost, and she latched onto the strange hand on top of the beasts.

Immediately, several mouths all over its body started to bite Mona while also emptying the strange green sludge onto her body. Still, she had a smile on her face.

“I wasn’t trying to kill you in the first place. If I couldn’t do anything about an injured demi-god tier beast, it would be an embarrassment to say I was one of the big four!” Pressing her hand against the beast’s head, it only took a few moments before she was in control.

Now she had her very own space beasts that could perfectly move well in space. “Now, let’s get rid of your brother, or sister, or whatever relation you guys have.”

After taking control of one of the beasts, it was easy for Mona and the beasts to take care of the one attached to the ship. First, the mouths that made the strange green slime could also eat it back up off of Mona’s body, so she was free to move, and Logan had learned something else.

It could understand Mona’s intentions. When fighting with her, the beast moved the way she wanted to. Logan was also able to aid with his blasters. Eventually, they successfully defeated the Worm, obtaining its crystal letting it float in space.

That’s when the two of them finally had the time to see how much trouble Quinn was having.

Only there wasn’t much for them to see. He had already defeated the two of them. The beasts were dead with gigantic holes in the centre of their body. He had two Demi-god tier crystals in his hand, but he just floated in place there.

‘This is it, I finally did, I did it without the help of Leo or others. This is the power of the third stage of Qi.’ Quinn smiled to himself, having finally made a breakthrough. These days spent on the ship didn’t seem useless, and with the beasts dealt with, they could finally enter the ship and find out just what Eno had in store for them.


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