My Vampire System Chapter 1315: The sun blocker

Each solar system was a little different, starting with the size of its respective sun, over the number of planets, their rotation speed, number of respective moons and a whole lot more. However, that was unique about the Beast planets solar system and Earth’s was that they were the only known ones to have signs of life.

In the first place, the only reason humanity had been able to travel to the Beast solar system was due to the technology that had been created by Richard Eno. At the time, everyone had believed that the scientist had somehow managed to reverse engineer the teleporters the Dalki had on their ships. Of course, these days Quinn didn’t know how much to believe in those stories and achievements of his ancestors.

“This is amazing! I wonder if the planets here also have signs of life. Could you imagine what it would mean for humanity if we found a solar system, away from all the Dalki?” Logan asked in excitement. He allowed their ship to continue going towards the destination that had been left at the space station, but if possible he would love nothing more than to land on one of the planets nearby and explore.

“If that was true, then there are resources here that are untapped by the Dalki and the humans. It could solve our crystal problem if we were able to hunt on these secretly.” Mona also quickly grasped the strategic importance of such a place.

“You two seem to be forgetting something.” Quinn found it odd that he had to be the one to point this out, but most likely his companions were just too excited at this revelation. “We didn’t discover this place. We followed Eno’s instructions to what we can only assume to have been his space station that led us here. What’s more we came out of another space station, which means this place has already been discovered. Keep that in mind.”

Through this realization the others were on guard now.

Eventually, the ship started to head towards one planet in particular, but there were no signs of a civilization that could be seen on this planet. Using his soul weapon. Logan decided to modify the upper part of the ship and create a new type of telescope device that could zoom to the point where they could see what was on the surface of the planet. This would link up with his monitor and record information for himself.

He then zoomed in on the planet to see if he could find anything, and that’s when he could see it. On one of the dark purple coloured planets there were strange blob-like creatures. There were signs of life. Whether they were like beasts or not they did not know. Perhaps the crystals were a unique trait to the beasts that were found in the beasts solar system. After all, standard animals from earth did not have any crystals of energy inside their body.

Looking past a few planets, they eventually came across a strange one. The planet itself wasn’t what was strange but it was what was next to it. A little far from the planet itself, they could see a large metallic object. It was a distance away from the planet, and stayed in front of the sun. What was strange about it was that it looked like the object wasn’t orbiting around the planet and stayed in place.

‘That…I have an idea what that is. It looks like your hypothesis was correct Quinn.’ Vincent said. ‘What you guys are looking at in front of you should be the Vampire World.’

Although Vincent himself had been on Earth when the vampires had decided to move planets, he recognized the device because it was something that the vampires had been trying to create for the longest time. The blueprints to such a device had already appeared during his time, but the finished version differed slightly to what he remembered. Nevertheless, it was clear enough that this device could block out the sunlight.

Vincent had found it strange that the vampires had found a planet that had allowed them to avoid the sunlight, while also not having it freeze over, eradicating all signs of life. It looked like they were successful but Vincent wasn’t exactly pleased about this.

The only reason the device hadn’t been constructed during his era, had been because they were afraid the vampires would use it to their advantage, for a way for them to block out the sunlight on Earth as well.

‘Maybe it is a good thing that they moved.’ Vincent thought.

“Logan, scan that planet over there, but do so from a distance. It will be for the best if they don’t see us.” Quinn requested. Moving the ship further away, Logan zoomed into the planet. On one side it looked to be completely dark and he could see forests and mountains, there didn’t seem to be much.

They didn’t see what Quinn was expecting but they were only able to look at part of the planet in the first place, and the settlement could have been anywhere, but just seeing the way the planet looked itself, it definitely reminded Quinn of the place.

“Is that our destination?” Quinn wondered if Richard had set up some base on the vampire planet. It would make sense for him to want to keep an eye on them.

“No it looks like it’s quite far again, just like the space station we found it doesn’t seem to be close to the other planets.” Logan answered.

What this also meant, was another few days of travel. As more time passed Quinn was getting more anxious about the possible situation on the Cursed ship, the Cursed faction planets and Vampire World.

It might have only been days, but anything could have happened. However, the good news was, that even while in this section their communication devices back to the Cursed ship were still working, so they were happy to know that everything was still okay on their end.

Quinn continued to practice his third stage of Qi, while Mona was now using her spare time to test out the thrusters on the suit. It was something one had to get used to, but it was one of those things similar to swimming or riding a bike, that once you got the hang of the feeling it was easy to do. Becoming an expert or using it efficiently was of course a different story.

Finally it looked like they had reached their destination and once again they were in for a surprise. After discovering a whole solar system full of planets they thought their destination would be one of the planets. Instead it looked like they had come across a large stationery ship.

It was large in size, almost as big as the Bertha ships, but was flat like a giant saucer. However the center of it there was a large dome. Ship might have also been the wrong word to describe it, since it looked like it had no thrusters and wouldn’t move in place, but it was definitely man made.

“Well it looks like this was Eno’s secret little base. It’s pretty big. I’m guessing he would have had a lab here as well. If we’re lucky and the information hasn’t been scrapped, I might even be able to find out the secret behind how he created those clones.” Logan claimed.

If that was the case, perhaps they could create one for Vincent to use as well.

“I think it’s safe to assume that Eno must have left something here. I don’t believe he would lead us to this place if it didn’t have anything that could help us in this war.” Mona mused.

This was why Quinn wanted to come here as well, but more so he was hoping he would find out the reason for why Eno had done so much. “I want to know why Eno wanted to save the human race. Why did he have such a will and determination to risk his life, and is he even…dead.”

Surrounding the strange giant saucer ship, they could see several large square containers as well. They looked like giant storage containers but were made of metal and were attached to the giant saucer like some type of tube.

“What do you think they are?” Logan asked.

It was at that moment that Logan received a message coming from the computer terminal.

“Unidentified ship has entered the area. Please state the password.”

The voice was robotic, and Logan could tell this was bad news.

“Password? What password? Mona, did Eno mention anything about a password you forgot to mention?” Logan asked, looking over to the woman. The others looked at each other, because if they didn’t figure out the password they were afraid that something could happen soon.

Logan quickly typed in the coordinates that he had been given both times into the machine, but both of them came up with a wrong answer.

“Quinn, this is your crazy grandpa do you have any ideas?” Logan asked.

His mind was drawing a blank. It wasn’t as if he and Richard had shared a particularly intimate relationship, so how was he supposed to know? “Uhm, try his own name maybe?”


“My name?”


“I love humans?”


“Equivalent exchange!”

Quinn and Mona kept throwing out suggestions and none of them worked eventually.

“Too many wrong attempts! Activating emergency defensive measures! “


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