My Vampire System Chapter 1314: The unknown space station

Usually, they should have long since received a transmission from those inside, either asking them what they wanted or just to warn them against approaching any closer. Since there was no such thing, it was safe to assume that it was abandoned. If the group wanted to find out what Richard Eno had left them, they had no choice but to enter the space station itself.

It was unclear whether whatever they were supposed to find was on the space station, or it was wherever it led to. Either way, before just recklessly turning it on and jumping through it, the trio decided to explore it in hopes of finding some hint at just what they had in store.

The two large buildings were at either side of the giant floating ring, and the bridge was what connected all three parts together which would run underneath the ring. The ship landed on top of the building which was as large as a hotel. They weren’t too sure if all equipment was working on the space station so all three of them had to wear specially designed military space suits.

The special suits were quite fitting to one’s body, but they were designed so there was a minimal loss of movement. Still, there was noticeable loss on the user’s end. There were also thrusters on the suites which would allow them temporarily fly through space, but not for any significant distance.

“I don’t really know how to use this.” Mona admitted.

Both Logan and Quinn looked at each other as they found it strange. Both of them had been forced to practice using something similar to the suites during their time at school. That was regular school, not even the military one.

“You guys should know that I’m older than you, I went to school before the first Dalki war.” Mona understood what they were thinking. “Of course, the military did put us through some training when the war started, but since I created my own faction I never really had to bother with that stuff.”

Because of this, Logan put a special backpack that he would normally use for himself. It was what the spider legs he used came out of, and Mona was now wearing it. When leaving the ship, the spider legs dug in the ground and moved along with her, and it made sure that she stayed more grounded even if anything was to accidentally hit her and she was to drift off.

It was a good thing they had done as well, because due to the whole space station seemingly being offline, it looked like none of the live support systems were online.

“Alright, so we’ll go through this half of the building first and see if we can find anything. There should be a control centre here and another one on the other side as well.” Logan explained. “The space stations are set up like that, so it requires two people at the same time at both ends to activate the space station simultaneously. However, with me here we don’t really need that so there will be no need for us to split up.”

Entering from the top, the group decided to tread carefully through the floors. The other two didn’t have super speed like Quinn and he wanted to stay and protect them. The first floor seemed to be filled with nothing but empty beds.

It looked like none of them had been used for a while, and the pattern continued as the whole place felt a little soulless.

“So, what was it like, before the war I mean?” Quinn asked.

“I would love to say that everything was much better, but if I’m being honest, although a lot of things changed before and after, some things remained the same.” Mona replied. “Have you ever heard of the ‘No Lethal Weapons Act’?'”

Quinn shook his head, and so did Logan as he was interested in world history. They were only taught up to a certain point in time, and even across the internet it seemed like beyond a certain date all records just vanished. Perhaps a lot of it was destroyed during the first Dalki war, which was why Logan was unable to access it. 1000s of years of history lost in servers somewhere, unable to be recovered.

“I’m not surprised, if there are still any people from my grandfather’s generation alive they might still remember it, though it got scrapped around my father’s generation and the only way we have of learning of old history is stories passed down. Anyway, it was introduced at a time when the world was so scared that it would destroy itself that all of the countries at the time had to agree to no longer use lethal weapons. This included basic things like guns.”

“On the surface level the world was peaceful for a long while, but even then there was still corruption in every country. Then of course, one of the countries broke this act, and war started as if the act never existed in the first place.”

“When I was a kid, it honestly felt like the world was soon going to destroy each other. Everyone was predicting the end. Yet, what probably saved us from that fate was the attack from the Dalki. Humanity was suddenly forced to band together.”

“The concept of countries was no longer important, it was just the human race against them. Honestly, it seems like whatever you do, you can’t fix the whole world. History just repeats itself again and again. Which is why I made my own family. Although I can’t control others, I am in control of myself. So I made sure that I could look after my family. I just never expected my family to grow so big.” Mona replied.

Although Mona didn’t seem too fond of the world before the war, Quinn still wondered what it was like before everyone had been made aware of abilities. Ray, his ancestor must have also fought through some crazy times.

‘What about you Vincent, you were alive before the war, right?’ Quinn asked.

‘The vampires always tried to live a quiet life before the others. But you lived part of my life when I was on Earth, although there were bad times there were good times as well. I’m sure after this war is over you will be able to celebrate these good times with your friends and family, Quinn.’ Vincent replied.

Just as expected, after going through every floor, they found no signs of life, but Quinn’s nose did manage to find something a little strange. That was when they entered the kitchen. There was a storage room at the very back. Opening it, it was ice cold and it reminded Quinn of another place he had been to a long time ago.

However, there was no food inside. Searching he was trying to find if there was anything there, Quinn pulled some of the frozen draws that were frozen shut. The ice cracked from them and that’s when Quinn could see it. There were blood packs. Hundreds and hundreds of blood packs.

Using his Inspect skill, Quinn found that the blood here, similar to the one in the Vampire World, all belonged to one person. They were cloning blood.

“This place was a space station for the vampires to use.” Quinn declared quite confidently.

‘I’ve never heard of such a thing. The vampires had the advanced technology to use teleporters.’ Vincent commented. ‘We had already figured out a way to use one teleporter to go wherever we wished so the use of space stations seems redundant.’

‘Well the teleporters have their disadvantages, right?’ Quinn countered. ‘For one’s ending a large group takes a long time, and you aren’t able to send ships through either.’

Essentially, the perfect use for space stations was to send out a large group of ships, and there were only a few reasons why someone might have wanted to do that. The group eventually continued looking through the station but there was no other sign that vampires used to work in the place.

Seeing as they had come here following Richard’s instructions, the likeliest scenario was that it had been used by him and his clones. Entering the command centre in one room, Logan placed one hand on the terminal activating his ability.

He was trying to find out any information he could, it didn’t take long for him to take it off again.

“That’s strange.” Logan said. “The terminal works fine, and I can link up with the other one to open the space station, but it seems that whoever had been here, all the information about where it goes to, its logs, pretty much everything else has been cleared.”

“Not just deleted but wiped to the point where I can’t see, much less restore it. Everything but one thing. An input of a single destination, that doesn’t exactly make sense. If I was to take a guess, its coordinates to go to once we get through this place.”

Hearing these words, all three of them had goosebumps. Logan was the only one that would have been able to access certain information from a space station like so, the original coordinates to the space station was given to Mona.

Did this mean Richard knew from the beginning what they would do and who they would bring? Had he really been able to see that far ahead? It was almost as if the ancient vampire had the ability to predict the future.

After figuring this out, the group went to the other building through the bridge but they found that it only contained the same thing. So it was time for Logan to open up the space station. Activating it, it would take a few hours for the energy to start up and the space station to turn on so they decided to wait outside in the ship they had come in.

Eventually the space station was active and it was time for them to see what was on the other side. The group decided to keep the space suits on, just in case something happened to the ship on the other side.

Quinn, also made sure to have his Shadow ability ready to use at any point and time.

“Here we go.” Logan said, activating the ship’s thrusters and propelling them forward through the teleporter, in mere seconds they found themselves on the other side. In a new section of space.

In the distance they could see a large sun, and several planets that were floating about, Logan immediately went to the controls, to scan what was up ahead but it was as he thought.

“We have no information on any of these planets. They don’t belong to the Beast solar system or Earth’s. We are in a completely unknown area to humans at the moment, so where are we?”

As for Quinn he had an idea. The Vampire Planet that they would regularly visit, also wasn’t part of the Beast planets solar system or Earth’s.

“Maybe, we’ve just found a new way to the Vampire World?” He mused.


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