My Vampire System Chapter 1313: Eno's Surprise

At the moment, Quinn along with Mona and Logan, were riding together in a spaceship, and it was only the three of them. No one else had been brought along just because of the fear that more dangers for the Cursed faction and other groups could be lurking around the corner.

During this time, Mona had left with a lot on her mind and was busy sitting at the table staring off deep into space. In fact, all three of them were busy thinking about things.

Space travel was quite advanced, and the power of beast crystals allowed one to travel at a fast speed. For something to take three days to get to, it was similar to having one person go from one planet in the beast solar system, all the way around the sun, and back again. Which was why they had plenty of time to think about things.

The ship they were travelling in was one that Logan had personally modified himself. Giving it a more aerodynamic design, but the inside was quite comfortable. It almost looked like a studio apartment with how nicely finished the inside was. There was even a workbench for Logan to work away as he wished on.

For Quinn, he was sitting at the dining table as well and grabbed the Demon tier amulet that he still had around his neck.

‘I used up all four of the Dalki, draining them again.’ Because of this, it ultimately meant the Amulet was useless since it didn’t give any stats, and Quinn would have to gain slots for the Amulet all over again.

The problem was, what could he do with it at the moment that would help him? If he was going to go to the vampire world, would it be any help there? Quinn wasn’t quite sure if vampires even could be marked in the first place, and even if he was to use it on the weaker ones, they wouldn’t exactly help him out much.

The Dalki were able to evolve, and with each evolution, he gained a considerable amount of energy. Vampires could evolve, but the evolution couldn’t be forced through battle like with the Dalki.

While trying to figure out what to do with it, Quinn had done something even he hadn’t expected as he looked at Mona, who was sitting opposite him.

Giving it a tug, the Demon tier amulet chain broke. He placed it on the table, moving it over to Mona.

“Mona, you helped us out a lot on Blade island back there. You even brought Linda back, so I thought maybe you could do with this.” Quinn said.

Looking at the Amulet and picking it up, she could instantly tell the item’s level, and she was at a loss for words.

“Quinn, have you gone crazy?” She asked. “I know I have been helping out the Cursed faction, but I ultimately plan to bring back the Bree family at some point. If you give this to me and people found out…”

“What would they think?” Quinn asked. “That I’m just helping out someone that is helping me? Or were you going to say that I was favouring another faction? Tipping the scales of balance, or my own faction would be annoyed at me.

“Look, I don’t see things that way. Maybe it’s because all of these groups tried to hold power for themselves rather than share it with who was best to use them. We ended up in this situation in the first place. I keep thinking if the humans actually worked together. Instead of the originals keeping their abilities and such, maybe we could have had a better chance in the first war. Besides, it’s still mine.” Quinn smiled.

“Think of it as borrowing the item. That Amulet will suit you well, and when I need it back, I think you will realise that really you were doing me a favour.”

Mona still couldn’t quite believe that Quinn had just given her a Demon tier item of all things. It would have been unheard of from any of the leaders or the military to do something like this in the past, and yet Quinn had just done it on a whim while travelling on the ship.

‘This boy…really is different from the others.’ Mona thought.

After accepting the item, Quinn went into the details of explaining what it could do, rather than letting her figure out how to use it herself. She understood how much of an amazing item it was, and also had learnt how Quinn was able to take down the other Dalki mother ships.

However, she also understood why it would still benefit Quinn when he gave it back to him.

Quinn was often in tough situations, so he had to often drain those that he had marked, but after visiting Richard’s place. If she went at her pace, she could gather many Marked essentially on behalf of Quinn, and when he needed it, he could use all of their power.

As long as Mona didn’t use it, of course.

Although she didn’t say it, just because of Quinn’s gesture, she vowed that she would try to collect as many Marked as she could possible for him. Unless absolutely necessary, she wouldn’t use the power, giving him the Amulet in the future.

During the rest of the time spent on the ship, Logan was tinkering with a few new gadgets of his, but once in a while, they would hear Logan fumble or mess up. With how often he was making mistakes, Quinn could tell he had something on his mind as well.

The only problem was, Quinn couldn’t help with Logan’s problem, but hopefully, wherever they were going and whatever they would find, Logan could find the answer to what was troubling him.

Not wasting time, Quinn was trying to focus on something else. His Qi still was vastly greater than the blood aura he had in his body at the moment. He had learnt to control himself so he could better use one or the other in certain situations. If he was going to the vampire world and possibly was having to go against Arthur, there was one thing Quinn needed to learn.

‘The third stage of Qi. This is what Lucy and agent 2 were able to use against my shadow. My shadow was useless at blocking it. If I have to go up against Arthur again, this is what I can use against his shadow.’ Quinn thought.

During the next couple of days, Quinn was trying his best on figuring it out. He had asked for pointers from Layla before leaving, but it turns out she wasn’t the best of teachers either, only able to explain things as clearly as Fex could.

Eventually, the two days passed, and the group were wondering just where they were.

“It certainly is strange. We are now in unmarked space at the moment.” Logan said. It meant that the group was currently in an area that humanity had yet to explore in the beast solar system. However, that was because they deemed there were no other planets in the nearby area.

They would have to travel as far as another solar system to find any planets of significance. Still, checking the coordinates, Logan was sure they had come to the right area.

“It could be a ship?” Quinn said, taking a guess. “Maybe he left everything on a big ship and left it out here. It’s far enough to not be affected by the sun’s gravity, right or is that impossible. Damn, I should have paid more attention in science class.”

However, there was no need for guesses because they could eventually see something, and it was not what any of them had suspected.

It was a giant metallic ring that was larger than the Bertha ship. Next to the ring were almost two buildings attached to it. Letting them know what it was straight away.

“What is a space station doing all the way out here?” Quinn asked.

Checking the computer and scanning for information. Logan quickly accessed the military’s databases, including all of the other groups.

“This space station. It’s not registered. There are no records of it. It isn’t one belonging to the military or any factions of the past.” Logan answered.

“So that means…we don’t even know where this space station goes,” Mona replied. “It might not even go back to Earth’s solar system.”

The question after that was, where did it go then. Of course, Quinn and the others were going to find out.


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