My Vampire System Chapter 1312: Is Fate Real?

After their little talk, Quinn decided that Fex was right and it was time for them to act. The only problem was, without any reply from Leo and the others, it also meant that the Cursed group could not use the secret way to the Vampire World like before. Right now, they were all in the middle of another discussion to decide what to do about that.

“Linda, are you absolutely sure you’re okay heading to the Vampire World with Fex?” Sam asked, having noticed the heavy bags under her eyes. The last time the group had seen her in such a miserable state had been when her brother Blip had died.

“Yes I am. Wevil gave his life to protect me and the Cursed faction, so I can’t just stay here and mope around. He wouldn’t have wanted that. I still want to help where I can and I think I’m still the best candidate to keep their head on and not use the Shadow ability in front of others, even in a desperate situation.” Linda stated.

Sam started to nod, but the others were wondering what she exactly meant by those words. Among the Cursed faction members, apart from Wevil who had passed, those that could use the Shadow ability were Sam, Nate, Dennis and Alex who was away at the moment.

“Right now, with what’s going on, maybe we don’t need the strongest person but the most sensible one.” Layla explained to the guys who looked confused. “No offense, but you guys can be a bit too… hot headed?”

Sam was happy that Layla had been the one to say these words. At least coming from her it had still been nice. Putting it more simply, the other three could be described as musclebrained idiots.

“Unfortunately, that still doesn’t solve our main problem. We haven’t received a reply from Paul yet and we need him to activate the teleporter in the tenth castle to let you guys in. We’ll have no choice but to wait… unless you happen to have a solution, Logan?” Sam asked the inventor.

“We could always try the teleporter we originally used to travel to the Vampire World.” Logan suggested. “It doesn’t seem to have been destroyed, so it’s still active, but I can’t say for sure they haven’t found out about it. For all we know, they might have placed a bunch of guards around it, waiting for us to use it. There is also the situation of what state it was left in last time.”

“We’ll do it.” Fex stated immediately. “As long as I am the first one to come out, it should be fine. I’ll find a way to explain myself out of the situation somehow. While we are there we can also try and locate the Dragon. It’s not too far from the lab, and that’s our main worry, right?”

Logan seemed to have predicted Fex’s answer, as he pulled out three bottles of spray and slid them across the table to the vampire.

“These are for your toy. You did plan to bring him along, right? Or have you decided to turn him perhaps?” Logan asked. He was naturally referring to Agent 11, who had proven useful and had returned with them on the Cursed ship.

“No, he seems more useful as a human than a vampire. I can use his blood for my string abilities as well as my blood weapon, and having someone who can use Qi might prove useful if he have to fight any vampires.”

“Besides, I have a feeling that turning him would not make him spill any of his secrets. Whatever mind block he has, or perhaps they have used an ability on him, but there is a chance that it will still block out our direct control even then.”

Now that the others knew that Truedream was working for the other side, they knew that they also had strong ability users that had been gathered under his name, including Jack Truedream himself.

“Alright. Quinn, you’re happy with just having Mona and Logan accompany you to Eno’s base? We have the coordinates, and it looks like the ride there will take a few days, the place is pretty far.” Sam asked for confirmation.

“If it’s just the two of them, then I’m confident in my ability to protect them. I can always use my Shadow lock and Shadow link out of there, if this turns out to be some sort of trap.” As soon as Quinn said these words, he was reminded of a certain person that had managed to block his Shadow lock for the first time, which made him lose confidence a little, but realised that there would be no reason for the skill not to work on his fellow teammates.

Mona had her own reasons for wanting to go and see the base. In the first place, she had been the one who Richard had for some reason entrusted with this information, so Quinn felt like it would be unfair of him to exclude her. She had also massively helped them out on Blade island, and without her ability having tamed the Kraken, another life might have been lost among the Cursed group.

Since Richard was a great mind, there was a good chance that there would be plenty of information they could gather, and with Jim and Richard possibly dead, Logan wanted confirmation that Jim was the one that had decided to kill his parents.

Even if Richard said it was Jim, words alone just weren’t enough to satisfy Logan’s curiosity.

“Then it’s settled, before you all set off I would like a word with Mona.” Sam said.

Quinn went off with Fex and Logan, who was setting up the teleporter, making sure everything was as safe as it could be on their side. Quinn wanted to at least see them off before they left, as he was a little worried about Linda. It was an odd pairing, Linda had mostly always been with Wevil, and now she would be partnered up with someone who was a bit extra at times.

Mona, had done as she was told and stayed behind as the others left the room, she thought that maybe Sam had some questions about her ability or information she had seen. Since their return, Sam had been writing up reports and taking recordings of each of the members’ encounters they had on the island.

It had helped build a bigger picture of what the situation was like, and if anything ever happened to them, they could pass this on.

“Mona, I hope you don’t act rashly to what I’m about to ask you, and I told the others to go away because I want you to know that I’m not suspecting you of anything….”

Hearing this, Mona started to pull a face because this was not the tone or the conversation she had been expecting to have.

“You see, I looked back at the video in the recording room, and when speaking to Megan she told me something interesting. You arrived before everyone else that day and had met up with Bliss. The two of you said nothing, despite her being a person who should not have had any clearance to be there at that point in time. Instead, you simply decided to sit by the side.”

“You…You met Bliss before, haven’t you?” Sam asked, preparing himself for her to attack him at any moment, for revealing her secret or finding something out about her.

“Do I really look that scary to you?” Mona sighed and put up her hands as a sign of good faith that she wasn’t going to do anything. “Well of all the people to find out, I guess it’s good that it was you. To answer your question, yes, I have indeed met Bliss before. The person who Quinn called a god.”

“And that’s why I want to go and see what Richard left behind. When he saved my life, he took me to a place. I don’t know where that place was, but I wasn’t the only one there. While I was there, that was where I met Bliss.”

“You were there when she had the conversation with Quinn. I imagined she said something along these lines, that she was able to see what would happen in the future. Now I wasn’t involved in the rest of the conversation between the two of them, and it seemed like she and Richard had met more than once. To me, they seemed like old acquaintances.”

“But you tell me, if what she said was true. Then did Bliss tell Richard what was going to happen on the island? The way he acted when he told me these coordinates, Sam, it was as if he knew he was going to die, and he still decided to go to Blade Island!”

“Before, I would have never believed that whatever happened was meant to happen, but if that’s the case can we really change what is meant to happen to us? From the little I’ve known Richard, I don’t believe he was a man that didn’t think he could change things, otherwise he wouldn’t have tried so hard for so long.”

“So there has to be something there waiting for us!”


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