My Vampire System Chapter 1311: No Longer Needed

Losing Green Horn was a significant loss to the Dalki. After all, it was one of their leaders and one of the ones that were growing quicker than the others. They had the potential to grow even stronger and were rare among the Dalki. Losing Slicer and Green Horn so quickly was not in their plan.

However, despite this, Graham smiled as he looked out from the strange mountain like a castle on the planet like ship they resided on. He could see what they had achieved at that cost. The great Dragon was being flown in towards the castle.

It was still being restrained by the strange black strings, but it looked like it had no energy to fight back in the first place. Eventually, the ships ended up going to a large facility that was at the base of the strange castle.

The facility was large in size, and there was one large building in particular that was the size of a football field. As they got close, the giant metallic doors were seen splitting open. Large volumes of green liquid were floating inside. Similar to what Graham had kept the Dalki in.

The ships slowly decided to place the Dragon in the strange liquid carefully. When dropped in, the doors started to shut again, keeping the Dragon in place.

With a leap, Graham had jumped from the top of the castle down to the facility. Landing, he caused a big bang, but the ground didn’t break. The ground where the facility and the Dalki castle were on was taken from a planet with a substance known to be as hard as diamond.

Not that the Dalki were unable to break it, but it at least limited the amount of damage an area would receive. Especially since there would be conflicts just outside the castle more often than not. This was due to other Dalki challenging for the leader’s seat.

Entering the facility, the doors automatically opened as Graham walked past. Inside, there weren’t other Dalki working away, but Humans instead. They didn’t look like fighters as they had no beast gear on, only lab coats, and someone else looked familiar in the facility as Graham walked around.

The clones of Jim Eno. They were maintaining the place, looking at computer terminals running tests on Dalki and different solutions. Eventually, Graham had reached the landing room where the other ships had docked away from the Dragon.

Straight away, he could see a few Dalki leaving from the ship, and with them, they were dragging a pair of Dalki along the floor and on their back they had six spikes.

“Unfortunately, they died on the way here.” One of the three spiked Dalki reported. “I know you said it was best if we kept them alive, but the Dragon seemed to be stronger than we thought.”

Graham bent down and looked at the pair of six spikes. They were covered in wounds, but they didn’t look bad enough for them to die from.

“We are strong, so I at least expect our ancestor to be this strong. It would be strange if it was easy for us to overpower it with just one of us, even if it’s only at half its strength. You guys did a good job.”

It was then from another ship that Graham could see the Dalki pulling out someone else, someone he didn’t expect to see.

Walking over, he looked at the person just to make sure, and seeing that he had a specific pair of beast crystals embedded into his hands, Graham knew this was the real one.

“You often acted like you knew how everything was going to play out, but it seems like something exceeded even outside your expectations,” Graham said, lifting up the body, throwing it over his shoulder.

“I want a full report of what happened on that island, how many of them there were and who else was there. Also, bring those two with you.” Graham ordered leaving the room.

Eventually, he had reached a lab of sorts with hundreds of large human-sized glass containers. At the front of two large terminals were glass containers bigger than the others that remained empty.

Typing a few things in the terminal, a large claw machine grabbed Jim’s body and placed it into the container. Its body strapped and floating inside.

‘It was a good thing your mind wasn’t damaged. At least it looks that way.” Graham said as he pushed down on a leaver.

Both of the Crystals inside of Jim’s hands started to light up. The energy levels in front of Graham’s screen started to rise up, and something could be seen forming in the other container. Small particles could be seen gathering making a circle.

Then the circle started to shift and change as more blobs were forming until someone who looked identical to Jim was made. It opened its eyes, and the claw machine once again pulled out Jim, only this time from the other container.

The claw machine soon let him go, dropping him to the ground, and with how wrinkled his forehead looked, he was beyond angry.

“Damn it, that Cursed faction, that kid killed me! He killed the real me!” Jim continued to shout.

“If he had gone for your head, I would not have been able to make you again. I think that we should be pleased with the result. We have obtained the Dragon.” Graham replied.

“Do you not understand!” Jim said, rushing forward. “My body is dead. My real body is dead!”

“Weren’t you looking for a way to create a perfect body anyway?” Graham replied like he really didn’t care. Hearing this, Jim turned around, throwing out his arm in a claw shape, going for an attack, but the second he did, Graham grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up in the air. Holding him just tight enough so he couldn’t speak and was struggling for air.

“Did you really forget? You just said it yourself, you are no longer in your body anymore. There is no way for you to use your abilities like before. Even the clones you create with your Nest Crystals are not perfect, so right now, you are useless to us.” Graham said.

Jim started to move his leg and arms in a way as if he wanted to say something, desperately struggling. Listening, Graham let go but grabbed him by the top of his head before he could touch the ground.

“Remember, I was the one that created you. You guys need my knowledge to create more of you from that Dragon, and when we have the whole Dragon, I can fix all of you! You can live forever, just like the originals can!” Jim said with a smile on his face. “This body might not be able to learn the ability again, but all my knowledge is still up here.”

Graham looked at Jim for a second as if he was still in the middle of making up his mind.

“Jim, did you ever think that I might have surpassed you. I have created a solution that naturally aids us in our own evolution. There is no ability behind that. Our lives don’t shrivel down to a mere ten minutes just because you made us six spikes. Or maybe you never stopped to think about that.”

“I see the way you look at us, Jim,” Graham replied. “You are the worst person I have met by far. You were never doing this for us in the first place. You were just doing this to prove something to them. We are just tools to you.

“Don’t worry, as long as I have your real body and your brain. We will figure something out, and I will be happy to bring you back once again when I need to, but for now, I won’t let you go about freely doing whatever you want again. See you later, Jim.’ Graham said, as squeezed his giant hand, and Jim’s head exploded on the spot.”

Graham didn’t look back, leaving his body in place and exited from the room, while Jim’s real dead body continued to float in the other container. No signs of life, and perhaps his mind would never be woken in another body again.

“A Dalki should be the one to lead the Dalki, and we will come out superior to the others. We do not need to rely on a vampire for our troubles. Let’s see what we can do with this Dragon.”


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