My Vampire System Chapter 1310: Hesitation

After the defeat of the five spiked Dalki, the Graylash group managed to fend off the remaining Dalki army that was advancing towards them. It was a complete victory for the Graylash group. Of course, they had their losses, but the Dalki was unable to set foot in the Shelter, which was a hopeful sign for the rest of the world.

However, their duties weren’t over yet. There were still plenty of Dalki motherships occupying the rest of the Graylash planets. The other two planets that the rest of the Graylash faction were on were still in the middle of their battles.

Still, the Cursed faction was in high spirits, and everyone was in a good mood, apart from those who knew the reality of the situation they were currently going against. The Cursed leaders decided that there was no need to reveal that. Not while everyone was still fighting and for once seemed to be carrying the momentum. In war, it was a strong thing to have the motivation and momentum on one’s side.

Currently, Quinn had been patiently waiting for news in the vampire world of what was going on, but Paul, Leo, nor Erin had given them a reply. It was worrying, but certain things kept Quinn from bursting through the teleporter and heading over to the other side.

One was the order that Quinn had received, that he was not to return to the vampire world. He didn’t want to cause trouble for his family if he didn’t have to. The second reason was that Quinn could tell from the connections that they were safe.

‘Damn that Bliss girl, her words are messing with my head, and now I can’t choose whether to stay or go. I think she just made things worse.’ Quinn thought, who was currently in his own personal training room.

Rather than thinking about what he couldn’t do, Quinn decided to think about what he could do for now. First, he was to figure out what exactly he would do with the items from blade island. In his dimensional space at the moment, he had a tablet.

Not just any tablet, but the tablet that held his long last ancestor that used to be a dragon and one that held all the abilities of the world.

‘Unlike the shadow lock, I can’t enter my dimensional space. So there is no way for me to try and communicate with Ray again and try to get some answers from him. I could place it somewhere, but where? Should I place it somewhere on earth, or maybe somewhere on the Cursed ship.’

Thinking about it, Quinn imagined the tablet on the Cursed ship. There wasn’t exactly a good place for it, and he didn’t think it was safe on the ship nor any of the planets, and that included earth.

‘I guess I don’t desperately need to ask Ray questions, so for now, the safest place is for it to stay in my dimensional space. I just hope it doesn’t affect the cycle of abilities he was talking about either.’

There was one more item that was in Quinn’s dimensional space that he could take out, and he did so, bringing out the Demon tier shield. Quinn held it in his hands and used his inspect skill.

His guess was right. The Demon tier shield had been made using the Demon tier crystal that Arthur had taken from him. It was the confirmation that Arthur and Jim were working together. Even though Quinn was already a hundred percent sure.

Looking at the active skill, it was strong. It was able to reflect any damage taken on the shield itself and repel it back at twice the strength. Now he understood why the Dalki were so afraid to hit it.

Still holding the shield, Quinn closed his eyes and opened them again. He imagined his opponents and how he would use the shield while fighting, blocking certain attacks and using his Gauntlet to attack.

‘It feels so unnatural and even more so than the sword. Besides, I already gave the blood crystal to Alex to work on.’

Taking on board Vincent’s suggestion, Quinn decided to use the crystal he had received from Jim’s body to create another gauntlet. Unlike with beast crystals, blood weapons could be formed into anything, so Quinn didn’t have to worry.

At the moment, Alex was with Andrew at the Earthborn base, helping them craft weapons for support, but with his shadow link skill, Quinn was easily able to go there and ask for this request.

‘Well, if the Shield doesn’t suit me, then I guess it means one of the others can use it, but who?’ Quinn started to wonder.

There were many candidates, and of course, Quinn wanted to give it to one of the leaders close to him, preferably someone who had recently gone to the island with them. They were those that were already plenty strong and that it didn’t suit. But finally, Quinn had made his decision.

Heading to one of the training rooms, not too far from his own, he saw the person he was looking for doing a good job teaching the rest of the Cursed faction.

“Hey Nate, it looks like you recovered well. I heard you got blasted by a five Spiked Dalki.” Quinn said in an upbeat tone.

“Ah, I would have to have a monster amount of Qi like Layla to be able to block a hit like that,” Nate said, a little annoyed. With his skills, he felt like he just needed something a bit more to push him further.

What he didn’t know was that Quinn had a gift ready for him that would do just that. Taking it out from his dimensional space, Quinn had a shield in his hand and handed it over.

“This is yours, take it.”

Nate looked at the shield oddly at first. He didn’t use weapons and only used his fist, but a shield was quite versatile in its use, and there were certainly ways he could learn to use it. However, the second Nate touched it and activated the beast weapon. He could feel the immense power in the shield itself, powering him up.

The defensive and natural stats he gained from it were amazing. He could tell his body had improved just on that alone. Even before Quinn had told him what the active skill was, he was pleased.

“Quinn seriously, I can’t believe it. Ever since the day I met you, I thought that if I were around you, big things were going to happen. I had grand ambition, but lately, I felt like I had hit some type of stalemate. I thought I could improve myself, and I disliked using beast weapons, but I realize now that I was stubborn.

“Because this thing is too good to pass up. I won’t be stubborn. I will accept this gift, Quinn!” Nate said, thanking Quinn over again and again. Eventually, Quinn had to threaten to take the shield away if Nate didn’t stop thanking him.

When leaving the room, Quinn had a big smile on his face. He wished he could make more people just as happy as that.

On his way out, he had unexpectedly bumped into someone else who was looking for him, Fex.

“Quinn, do you have the time to talk?” Fex asked.

The look on his face looked quite serious, and Quinn always had time for his blood brother. Walking together around the ship, Fex expressed what was on his mind.

“Quinn, I know you’re waiting for a reply from the vampire world on what to do, and it’s why you haven’t decided to go to the Cursed faction planets or the place Mona mentioned, but I think you should just go with Mona.”

Quinn was quite surprised at how upfront Fex was being and was interested to know the reason.

“I have a suggestion to make. I want to go to the vampire world. Technically I am in the tenth family, but the order was only for you not to return Quinn, and I’m worried, I’m concerned about my family in all of this.

“If I go, I thought maybe we could take one of the Cursed with me. Linda seems to have a lot on her mind recently, and maybe a change of scenery would be better for her. Then if anything was to happen and we needed your help, you could come to us. Bryce doesn’t know who in the Cursed faction has the shadow ability, so as long as she doesn’t use it, she won’t get found out.

“This way, you can head to Eno’s place with Mona, without any worry. It’s better than you sitting here. After what you told us, I kept thinking that maybe Eno knew something, maybe he knew more. I think we, no I think you need to head to Eno’s place as soon as possible, and stop worrying about the others. All this hesitation is just making things worse.”

Fex quickly wanted to apologize, thinking that he might have overstepped his position, but Quinn replied sooner than he thought.

“You’re right, Fex. You’re very right. I think your suggestion is a good one. I’ll head to Eno’s place, and you guys can head to the vampire world.”


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