My Vampire System Chapter 1309: Graylash duo

Inside the Cursed ship, nearly everyone was watching the fight taking place on the Graylash planet. They had, after all, experienced the strength of a five spike. Quinn and a few of the leaders were in one of the break rooms watching the match together.

“Do you think Owen will be able to beat it?” Nate asked.

Quinn hadn’t seen Owen fight in a while, but…

“There was one thing I remember Richard said to me. The Graylash family never needed his support. They were always able to figure things out themselves. If he believed in them. There had to be a reason.”


It was rare for anyone to see Owen with a serious expression on his face. He would often have his fan covering his mouth, but they only needed to see his moon-shaped eyes to know that he was smiling.

Whenever they did see a serious expression on his face, they knew it would be a tale to tell. The last time the Graylash family had witnessed such a thing was when a battle for the next leadership had taken place.

Between Owen’s own father and himself.

It was the first time they had also learned he had been hiding his talented skills away from the eyes of the rest of the family. Seeing the serious look once more was giving hope out to the others, including Hermes.

Immediately, Owen placed both of his hands together and activated his soul weapon. Creating the strange orb of lightning he had done from before.

“Haha, you think I’m just going to stand here and let you use the same thing you did last time?” Green Horn shouted. This time rather than winding up his punch, Green Horn just threw out a punch with his full strength, and still, the orange energy could be seen leaving from his fists.

It was smaller than the last one but left his hand just as fast. As long as Green Horn could interrupt what Owen was doing, he thought that would be enough.

The spectators were nervous as they saw this, but Owen still concentrated on creating his soul weapon. Hermes knew he must have had a plan.

The orange energy was getting closer and closer, yet Owen was doing nothing.

“He does have a plan, right?” Bonny asked nervously.

“I hope so”, Hermes replied. At this point, he wasn’t sure anymore, until once again, a large bolt of lightning came striking down from the clouds above. Smashing the energy blast into the ground, only this time it had gone deeper, causing a rumbling underneath but none of the ground to be destroyed apart from a hole where the Dalki’s energy had gone.

Now standing a little ahead of Owen, was a man at least twice the age of Owen, but his body hardly showed it. In fact, the person didn’t even look human. If one was to think that Owen was the god of thunder, they would be wrong, for this man was covered head to do with a lightning body.

His whole body was emitting blue light. It looked similar to how the Dalki looked when all the Graylash members had struck it simultaneously.

“Grim Graylash!” Bonny excitedly said. “Grim Graylash has appeared on the field everyone! The ex-leader of the Graylash family and one of the ones who had fought against One Horn in the past with the previous leaders. With the two of them, it looks like the Graylash family have hope to deal with the five spiked Dalki.”

Seeing this, Green Horn seemed enraged as he started throwing out punches one after another, each time letting out the small blasts of energy. As they came towards Grim, his natural lightening body tried to electrify them as if he had a barrier around his body.

Although they looked to have done nothing to the energy blasts, others knew that if it was an ordinary person, those simple lightning strikes coming from Grim’s body would kill a person.

Still, Grim used his arms to knock the energy blasts away. They simply bounced off his body as if he was hitting balls away. When reaching a certain point in the sky, they dispersed into explosions of energy.

“Fine, I guess I’ll just have to hit you myself!” Green Horn said, charging in, and it was at that point that Owen was ready. He threw the lightning ball into the air, and when it reached the clouds, he threw his little fan after it, striking it with a lightning bolt. Soon the cloud started to grow in size, and lightning strikes struck from it.

Immediately, Green Horn was struck by lightning from the clouds. He was unafraid, knowing that the lightning wouldn’t hurt him. Or at least he thought it wouldn’t. When it touched his skin, he felt no pain. However, he was unable to move his body.

‘It still…affects me.’

The realisation was setting in, and Grim was already throwing out a powerful lightning punch towards his head. When it hit, Green Horn was surprised to taste its blood in its mouth.

‘How is this old man’s lightning powers still hurting me!’ Green Horn thought.

“It looks like you haven’t noticed. He had already noticed by now.” Grim said as he already threw out another punch. Green Horn was fast as well, and although he had been hurt by the punch, it wasn’t much.

Even if Grim’s punch could hit him before he could hit Grim, he wouldn’t take life threatening damage and could finish the old man. However, just before his punch would reach, he was hit by Owen’s soul weapon once again, freezing him for a few mini seconds.

“My grandson is special, right!” Grim said, spiralling upwards using his whole body and lightning powers to deliver a punch from below, knocking the Dalki’s chin and flinging its head back.

Green Horn felt like his head was going to detach from his body, but with him being more damaged, his energy was rising.

“Everyone, attack!” Green Horn ordered, and the second he said those words. The three hundred Dalki started to run forward.

Hermes, seeing this, immediately retaliated.

“Everyone, we have to support our leaders, make sure they don’t disturb the fight. If we beat the five spiked Dalki, we win this fight!”

Before, they might have been hesitant, but seeing how well both Owen and Grim were doing against the Five spike, they immediately started to head towards the battle as quickly as possible. All five hundred of the Graylash ability users were the fastest. They used their powers to enter the battlefield as quickly as possible. The good thing was, as soon as the other Dalki entered the battle, Owen’s soul weapon worked in a wide area, so it struck the Dalki, paralysing them, and they were able to use this to their advantage.

“Where are you looking!” Grim said to Green Horn as he struck down, hitting his head again and slamming it to the ground while he was being struck from the clouds above.

The use of two strong soul weapons just seemed like it was too much for Green Horn to handle, but Grim’s body was soon fading. For a powerful soul weapon also often meant that its power would also quickly be used up.

Grim now had his regular body and could no longer perform his lightning abilities. Seeing this, and beyond angry from being hurt, Green Horn threw out a punch towards the old man’s face, hoping to pay him back tenfold.

Until an almost physical lightning bolt had struck right into the Dalki’s forearm. It had gone right through pricing its skin and was visible from the top and bottom of the arm. It looked like the lightning bolt had the same effect as Owen’s soul weapon.

“I will leave the rest to you”, Grim said, as he ran past Green Horn to join the others in their fight. Although he didn’t have Mc points left, he could still fight well with his bare hands.

Looking at why the old man suddenly left, he could see Owen standing in front of him, with a physical lightning bolt held in his hands. It looked to be a condensed solid form of lightning, in the shape of lightning itself.

“You Dalki seem to be growing more spikes every time I see you, and I am not a fool to think that it wouldn’t have happened to you, but just like you, we can also evolve with our powers.”

The Dalki ran forward, but the lightning bolt came out again, this time sticking through the Dalki’s thigh. Paralysing the muscles in that area for a second. Green Horn tried to carry on moving but only tumbled, falling to the ground.

Before he could even move again, Graylash formed another lightning bolt, throwing it in another part of its body and doing the same thing repeatedly. The physical lightning bolts not only could pierce the Dalki’s hard scale skin, but it also seemed to have the same applied effect as his soul weapon and were as fast as them as well.

Eventually, Green Horn was stuck in the ground with over thirty physical lightning bolts stuck in his body.

“It looks like you didn’t evolve enough this time, and I grew quicker than you”, Owen said, and the usual smile on his face appeared again. The clouds above were no longer blacks and the lightning orb he had initially thrown into the clouds began falling ever so slowly like a snowflake.

While the battle was going on, no one seemed to be aware until the orb finally dropped on the Green Horn, and all the lightning bolts lit up simultaneously. A defining bang resonated through the whole field. It was a single loud shock and a flash.

Almost blinding anyone looking directly at it, but if they were to look at the spot where the Dalki once was, there was nothing there but the scorched ground.

Witnessing this on camera, people worldwide cheered as they saw the Graylash family achieve a victory over the five spikes. This was twice now that the world knew they had obtained a victory over their strongest.

Quinn, watching it, was left in awe.

‘Owen, it looks like you also have been trying your best to get stronger and stronger this whole time, and…you really have done. I’m not the only one that’s in this fight. I’m not the only one fighting for the human race.’ Quinn thought when seeing this.

However, another thought entered his mind, as there was something the world didn’t know. At the moment, the Dalki had obtained one half of the Demon tier dragon used to create them. Before, when defeating the Dalki, with each kill, it felt like they were almost accomplishing their goal little by little, getting rid of them, but now….

Did it matter that they had killed a five spiked Dalki, because who knew how long it would take them before they created more?

‘I need to stop them from getting the other half.’


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